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EXCLUSIVE: Gibson Skated Twice Before

7/31/2006 2:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Mel Gibson has been stopped for reckless driving two other times in Malibu but he was allowed to leave without a ticket or arrest.

As TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested on Friday for suspicion of driving under the influence on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu -- driving 87 miles an hour. As we reported, the deputy who arrested Gibson was ordered to sanitize his arrest report to make it appear that Gibson's arrest was "without incident." In fact, The report states Gibson was abusive, violent and vulgar, and even attempted to escape.

TMZ has confirmed that approximately three years ago, Gibson was driving 74 miles per hour on Pacific Coast Highway, one mile from his house, when he was pulled over by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy. Sources say Gibson avoided eye contact with the deputy during the stop and even though the deputy was suspicious of Gibson's sobriety, he let him go.

Approximately one year ago Gibson was stopped again, after driving 64 miles an hour on Pacific Coast Highway -- where the speed limit is 45. Sources say that Gibson was so cocky that he was on his cell phone the entire time he was detained by the deputy. Ultimately, the deputy decided to let him go without giving him a citation.

And there's new information about Friday's arrest.

As TMZ reported, the deputy who arrested Gibson was ordered by superiors to re-write his report and eliminate all references to Gibson's bad conduct and anti-Semitic remarks. Sources tell TMZ that Lt. Crystal Miranda told the arresting deputy that Captain Tom Martin talked to Sheriff Lee Baca who expressed concern that the explosive report might leak to the media and that it needed to be re-written in a sanitized form.

Sources say Gibson, who was pulled over early Friday morning for allegedly crossing lanes at a high speed, told the arresting deputy that he was leaving home just after 2 a.m. and heading to his brother's house. The arresting deputy found a bottle of tequila in the car, 3/4 full, in a brown paper bag. We're told that Gibson told the deputy that the bottle wasn't his but, "I've had a little bit."

We're also told that Gibson, who issued a statement over the weekend, suggesting he was not of sound mind when he uttered the anti-Semitic tirade and engaged in abusive behavior, was not in fact "out of it." Sources connected with the case tell TMZ that Gibson was drunk but was in control of his senses. At one point at the Sheriff's station, sources say Gibson was "jumping like a monkey" on a steel cage and told the arresting deputy, "I'm not going to hurt you physically. I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna make you lose."

We're also told that deputies at the Sheriff's station were star struck by Gibson and a number of them went to Gibson's holding cell to get a look of the star. The problem for the Sheriff's department -- there's a mounted camera in the station and the deputies can be seen fawning over the actor. Sheriff's officials have called some of the officers who were caught on tape in and warned them they might be subject to discipline.

As TMZ reported, the arresting deputy was ordered by officials to take out references to Gibson's bad behavior. We're told the altered report makes no mention of the fact that Gibson attempted to flee the scene by running to his car to escape. We're also told that the officer checked a box on the report that Gibson was "belligerent." Ironically, even though officials did not order the deputy to remove that reference, they did order him to re-write the report to eliminate all references to the supporting evidence leading the officer to believe Gibson was indeed "belligerent."

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A Tequila Night, who hasn't had one of those?

2821 days ago


Any deputy, in fact, any employee of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept., up to, and including, Sheriff Lee Baca, should be held accountable and punished for providing favoritism to Mel Gibson and attempting to cover up his behavior. Each and every person, famous or not, should be treated with the same set of standards.

2821 days ago


Compassion my ass. The guy only had a .12 blood alcohol level, so it's not as if he was falling down drunk. No, old Mel has a well documented history, as does his father, of anti-Semitism and now here it is from his own hooch-loosened piehole. What a hypocritical piece of shit. I'm just glad it finally caught up to him.

2821 days ago

Kevin Lamb    

Hard to say how this will wash in town. Gibson has gone out of the studio system and been quite successful. He is one of a handful that finace his own projects. Question is whether powerful people in distrubution, et. al., who now are conscientiously, or morally obliged to not take Gibson's money, will, in fact go for the money and morals be damned.
Those drinks Gibson took are going to take quite a toll on some in thirty-mile-zone.
I hope he does not do a sit down with B. Walter's. He'll just embarass himself and make matters worse.
His new film won't be affected if the reviews are good. The destruction will be to his relationships.
Alcoholism is a bitch. It's destructive power is total...Hey Mel, there's a good meeting in Laurel Canyon.....

2821 days ago


Quoted from Tandy: "No, old Mel has a well documented history..." -- really? And you can produce these articles? These quotes? What? What are you basing this on and before you say that you don't need to prove anything, I'm just asking since you seem to have made your statement with absolute certainty. As far as what I know, Mel Gibson DOESN'T have a history of anti-semetism and if you cite "The Passion of the Christ" as proof, then I simply don't agree. It's the story of the Gospels. Anyway, I'm very interested in what sort of "documented" proof you'll be able to produce to support your comment.

2821 days ago


Finally some sanity and compassion surfaces here. Most DUI's rant and act deranged, but it is not included in arrest report. Likely sheriff embellished somewhat too, as they always do. Most DUI's are alike..."smell of alcohol"...
and always use of "belligerent." So what if he'd been pulled over a few times?
Most people have for whatever reasons. .12 is not that high, but alcohol affects people differently, and the theory Mel was speaking from his soul is ridiculous. People often say or do things as if they were another person entirely. Mel has already confessed that he is a self-destructive monster on alcohol, not himself.
As for TMZ, well it would seem Mr. Levin is on a witch hunt and looking for high ratings (yes he has TV shows, luckily air around 3am here in LA) I predict sheriff and some media will research Levin's professional history, and I happen to know it's not very professional. He will rush to air stories with no research at all.
How do I know? First hand. And many of his colleagues through the years (I wont' use names) have commented about his desire for the spotlight. I commend many other news media for not exploiting this DUI arrest and simply
covering the basics. There are 100's of DUI's on any weekend in LA, and likely 100's of ranting babbling deranged suspects shouting all kind of tasteless and yes, racist or sexist remarks unfortunately. None of Mel's behavior is really that unusual when someone is smashed and being arrested. And he has apologized and is suffering a lot now. PS I did see The Passion (unlike many who claim it is anti-semitic) and found none of that in the film.

2821 days ago

Julie Ann Brown    

Incredible, incredible, incredible... This latest post on Mr. Gibson is a marvelously makeshift tactic to initiate and massage our emotions. The goal of the marketer(s) is for the reader to be controlled by the bullets (words) or the writer(s). It will work if you are not careful to illuminate your innate intellectual stomach..The goal is not "empowerment and mutual entertainmenent," but rather a strategy that will divide and conquer your emotions so you will become addicted to the website and its contents. This is done through heart rendering "disconnect language." It allows others to manipulate us by stimulating our thoughts and ultimately, behavior. Why? Economic gain through subliminal methods such as data mining, or selling your information.. If you are going to become a "fan" of this website, remember to chose to be stimulated, engaged and civil, and you will have PR power as the reader, not the writer. Julie Ann Brown, Profesor of Marketing, Santa Barbara

2821 days ago

Jimmy Dean    

Sorry #8 but it has never been proven that Hitler was Jewish. It's a rumor.

2821 days ago


Mel Gibson deserves the same treatment we would give anyone else caught in his situation- Jail time.
If anyone here reading this were to get pulled over and booked for drunk driving while being threatening to the degree alleged here we'd still be in the slammer. Bottom line.

2821 days ago


Harvey Levin is Jewish, and this is a very personal thing for him. I can almost hear him licking his chops over this story. And the righteous indignation is deafening!

No one denies what Gibson said and did. No one condones it. Not even him. But now this grotesque salivating over the is just as disgusting.

And now hearing that now there are calls from a Jewish group to investigate Gibson for hate crimes is crossing the line. Why isn't there as much zeal in going after Jews who wish the death and eradication of Muslims and Christians? No way in hell has no Jew in Hollywood ever said something against Muslims and Catholics.

I have heard comments like that over and over. And hey, guess what? None of the Jews who said it at the time even bothered to get drunk first! And neither did I call the cops on them to investigate them for anti-Muslim and anti-Catholic hate crimes.

Get over it.....there are Catholics who dislike Jews and there are Jews who dislike Catholics. Nothing new, nothing special, it will never change.

2821 days ago


A top PR guy in Hollywood today stated Gibson's career is over, no hope.
I had to laugh. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Last time I saw this guy was at a born-again Christian church w/his wife and kids. Last time before that I saw him regularly at swing parties while wife was out of town....for several years in fact. Yeah, you know who you are! So don't be so quick to judge, you've got skeletons in your closet. Talk about hypocrisy.

2821 days ago

Brian Deagon    

Poor little Melvin,
Being a celebrity sure can suck sometimes.
The nice thing about events like Mel's DUI is it reminds us that these people are not unique. They are like us. They just have a different kind of job.
It's curious to see some people here come to his defense, as if poor Melvin needs your help. Don't be a celebrity whore.
The facts speak wonders.
Melvin was an asshole. In real life, he probably really is an asshole. This event exposed Melvin for who he really is: A spoiled little punk who thinks he owns Malibu.
Sweet Mel, weep and reap, you idiot.

2821 days ago



"Days before "Passion" was released, Gibson's father Hutton Gibson was quoted saying the Holocaust was mostly "fiction." The younger Gibson has said that he will not speak against his father."

Do your own research if you want more proof.

And for the people who say drinking alcohol makes you a "monster" and say things you don't mean: B.S. We all know that alcohol simply loosens the tongue. It's the poor man's truth serum. It will never make you say things you don't believe, because that would require a higher brain function that at the time doesn't exist. Why are you defending him?

2821 days ago


So Mel's a F****ed-up human !!
Ya Gotta Love him!

You just go right ahead and own Mailbu, Mel ... I got to own it for a bit in my life too!

2821 days ago


"Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said deputies clocked him doing 87 mph in a 45 mph zone."

I thought it was a 65mph zone. He was doing almost double the limit. (A Lexus LS 430 is a V8 with almost 300hp, make no mistake that he was going faster than 87 at some moment before the cop clocked him). People have been killed for far less. This is serious.

2821 days ago
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