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Gibson: Downcast, Outcast, But Not Uncastable?

7/31/2006 10:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonOne of the interesting things about the industry's reaction to Mel Gibson's PR nightmare is that it highlights exactly how far outside Hollywood the actor been gone in recent years, and how comfortable he is being a pariah.

Even before the "The Passion of the Christ" made him a very, very very wealthy man, Gibson had made many millions more for himself as a producer: Rather than take a specific paycheck, Gibson formed Icon Prods., a company that would distribute films he starred in overseas. Gibson often accepted the monies from territories like Italy or Scandinavia in lieu of a fee, gambling that he could do better than by just taking a flat salary.

More often than not, Mel was right. And so, when "The Passion" hit big, Gibson's gains were enormous, because he wasn't just the producer - he owned the film and distributed it.

Which brings us this weekend's events: Normally, when an actor of Gibson's stature gets caught accusing the Jews of starting every war throughout history, he's committed career suicide. Not just because Hollywood finds such bigotry repellent, but because American audiences do, too. Unable to work, he usually goes kind of "Howard Hughes" and spends his final years locked away at home, peeing in milk bottles and not bathing all that much.

But Gibson is a special sort of case. For one thing, he doesn't need Hollywood's money to make movies. He can afford to finance almost any film of his choice, and (at least overseas) distribute it. The studio and network chiefs may find Gibson's views and behavior repugnant, but after the spurning he got in trying to make "The Passion," Gibson hasn't exactly been speed-dialing Paramount's Gail Berman or Stacy Snider looking for work, probably because because both sides aren't interested. Gibson's tired of being a gun-for-hire, and many studio execs think he's an aging actor who's alienated half his audience.

As one studio chief told TMZ, "He'd already been kind of hard to cast [because of 'The Passion,'] because he was so polarizing. But this is off the charts."

More, although I applaud Ari Emanuel's call for a boycott of Gibson, in the end, his comments are mostly rhetorical. They reflect one agent's opinion - not an entire agency's. An Endeavor spokesman put it to me "Ari's blog reflects his personal opinion, not the agency's. It's our clients who determine who they want to work with."

In other words, agents can't boycott Mel Gibson anymore than they can force their clients to work a director or actor they do love.

Amusingly, Arianna Huffington today recommended that Gibson's agent Ed Limato, should "immediately drop him as a client..." Well, he may not need to: Are clients who can't get work from studios really clients?

Says one top talent agent at a rival agency: "I believe his career will be very seriously, negatively impacted. Directors and other actors will be legitimately uneasy about working with this guy. Studios will have to ask, 'At what point does the publicity from the celebrity overwhelm the project?' I mean, Tom Cruise is already having significant problems for his position on certain topics, and that's far less painful [that this incident.]"

The agent stops to add, "Of course, he can continue to make movies by financing them himself. But who's going to star in them?"

Another manager disagrees, predicting that in two months, all will be forgotten.

In the meantime, however, Disney is forced to issue tight-lipped statements about Gibson's new film, "Apocalypto." For now, the studios is only saying that it is being released on December 8th and that it's declining to explicate on what if any role Gibson will play in marketing the picture.

And no wonder: With no bankable stars and shot entirely in a Yucatan dialect, the film desperately needs the luster of a Gibson to attract press. Unfortunately, Gibson's star is decidedly tarnished, leaving Disney without much of a game plan for now.

Calls to ABC about the future of Icon's "Flory" - a TV miniseries about a Dutch Jew hidden from the Nazis by her non-Jewish boyfriend during the Holocaust - were not returned at deadline. But our guess is, anyone expecting to see that hit the airwaves of ABC anytime this year is tilting at windmills.

Despite Mel's "mea culpa," Hollywood seems to be fixated on a different Latin phrase: "In vino veritas."

Or as a talent manager pal of mine put it more succinctly: "The truth comes out when your drunk, not when you're sober, dude."


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This is when Mel when find out who his friends are. I'm not saying he was right.
I wish him well.

3008 days ago


Mel revealed his hate for Jews when he released his 'Jesus is killed a bloodly, gorey death by the Jews' movie.

With the recent news, he reveals his hate for the Jews quite openly.

He is living his own private and now public hell. With all the hate in his heart, he will surely live for eternity in hell as well. Perhaps that is why he drinks?

3008 days ago

Lloyd Rodemeyer    

You know enough about the bible. In the second book which is the Exodus in the Old Testament, MOSES brought down the 10 COMMANDMENTS which GOD told him to write. The jews do not believe in them as you can see by the actions they are taking. They thought they were the CHOSEN PEOPLE, but the book of Milachi shows where they lost being the CHOSEN PEOPLE. And they also do not believe in the SON of GOD, JESUS who came to fulfill the Old Testament to ALL NATIONS.

3008 days ago


Mel Gibson is a dusgusting pig who will never as long as I live will see any of my hard earned dollars. I hope most of us have enough guts to react the same to his escapades and comments.

3008 days ago


OMG, Please get over this story TMZ.

Leave Mel Gibson ALONE. This is pathetic TMZ.

Also, are you guys going to be THIS outraged everytime Hollywood produces racist trash against any other ethnic group? Are you going to support a boycott of producers/writers of those that make Anti-Arab stereotypes on screen?

And Gibson the hypocrite? Give me a break.

3008 days ago

coco puff    

I will say this, California is the most whacked out state in the union. What other state elects not one but two actors, to the office of governor. Who's next? O.J. or Mel Gibson? Given those choices, I believe the voting public would prefer the latter. One question, is Arnold a Nazi? Oh, that's right, he's governor! I rest my case.

3008 days ago

David Abraham    

Mel's got some nerve. He does things that no law abiding citizen does when he gets pulled over by the police. He did the following during his arrest Friday morning:
He refused to follow the "request" of the police officer to get in the patrol car.
When asked to sit in the patrol car, he attempted to escape and ran to his car where he was subdued and hand-cuffed.
He told the police officer "your fucked" and "You mother fucker. I'm going to fuck you."
He asked the arresting officer "Are you a Jew?" and made other (weird) anti-Semitic statements.
He threatened the police officer by stating that he was going to spend all his money to get even with him.
He continued to curse throughout the arrest and made anti-Semitic comments (all tape recorded by the arresting officer).
He saw the sergeant of the arresting officer videotaping him at the station and said to him "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"
He saw a female sergeant and said to her "What do you think you're looking at sugar tits?"
He attempted to urinate in his jail cell while hand-cuffed.
When given the opportunity to make a phone call at the police station he angrily hit the receiver against the phone and had to be warned to stop or face additional charges.
All of this happened between 2:46 AM and 9:45 AM Friday morning 7/28/06.

Who acts this way with the police? People I know say "Yes sir" and "No sir".

Great "apology" --- but he forgot to apologize for his:
Sexist remarks to the female sergeant.
Threats to "fuck" the arresting officer.
Anti-Semitic statements against all Jews.
Resisting arrest.
Can't wait for his next movie. What can we expect from Mel?
Mad Drunk Anti-Semitic Stupid Max.
Lethal Mel Behind The Wheel.
What Anti-Semites Like.
Signs of Drunkenness.
Forever Drunk.
The Man Without A Drink.
Braveheart Bigmouth.
Tequila Sunrise II.
Apocalypto Drunko.
Do us all a favor Mel, take the next flight to southern Lebanon.

3008 days ago


the guy's a drunk give him a break?

3008 days ago


TMZ, you're pathetic. This Mel Gibson bullying makes you look bad, not him. He apologized, get over it. There are far worse things going on in the world than a drunk actor's statements. Also, show me ONE person who hasn't said something politically incorrect during this mid east conflict. just one. Hollywood is not even capable of making a favorable portrayal of other minority and religious groups so who the fuck are you to judge Mel Gibson? get off his back already

3008 days ago


Mr. Gibson should have a very long time in Hell right next to his hero Mr. Hitler.
I hear the voices of 6 million souls crying out for vengence.
I am removing his movies from my collection and I will NEVER see another
one of his hateful pictures.

3008 days ago

Frank Roman    

Don’t worry about it Mr. Gibson. You’re remarks were right on the money. In spite of their small numbers Jews have been at the forefront of every major social and political upheaval especially in the latter part of the last century. The mainstreaming of pornography, feminism, and homosexuality, open borders, the NAACP was founded and run by Jews, the communist movement before during and after the second world war, their lobbying arm in Washington AIPAC, Atheism, Liberalism the neoconservative movement, you name: they can be found at the bottom of all these nation killing movements. So don’t sweat it Mr. Gibson. History doesn’t lie and facts cannot be changed. You nailed it. If this makes me an anti semite, then so be it. Now what are they gonna do?

3008 days ago


This is to address Getty, the previous poster. Mel Gibson has to be more scrutinized than other celebraties since he is capable of influencing a far greater audience due to his ability to make widely seen movies such as "The passion ( to discredit the Jews)." He therefore has a greater responsibility towards projecting decency, law abiding behavior and upstanding morals.

3008 days ago


This is in regards to Frank Roman's comments. The Jews brought righteous behavior, dignity, compassion and humanity to this world. It is because you are judged as an evil person by the Jewish and nonJewish righteous that motivates you to spread your filth and lies.

3008 days ago


I must have fallen asleep somewhere along the way to today because now everyone is tryig to police how we feel. So, Mel Gibson feels a certain way, who am I tell him he is a bad person. When did one's own feelings about something become so taboo? So what if I have a different opinion than my neighbor, friend or co-worker whether it is P.C. or not, it is how I "feel" and when the day comes that one cannot utter their "feelings" that is the day I would rather move to another country. Check the history books and find out why our own personal freedoms are so important in this country, I don't mean just the US history books either, I mean history books from around the World...

3008 days ago

Ryan Jager    

I agree with Frank Roman's post. Don't worry Mr. Gibson, the truth is coming out faster than ever. There is a reason the Jews have been kicked out of the German states 6 times, Italy 5 times, France 4 times, England 3 times, and the Americas twice, and it's not anti-Semitism. It's also not, as the previous poster Barbara said, that the Jews brought "behavior, dignity, compassion and humanity to this world." On the contrary, the International Jew and his henchmen were kicked out of the aforementioned countries because of their brutal and savage Stalinist tactics. In modern times, all one has to do is look at what is happening in Lebanon to see what the Jews do in every country where they gain a foothold. The difference is, this time, nearly every country in the world is chastising the Jewish-state of Israel for excessive and disproportionate force. Where will the Jews go when they are kicked out of Israel and America? I certainly won't shed a tear when we discover that no country will take them this time.

3008 days ago
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