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Mel Gibson: Malibu's Finest

7/31/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonAmid rumblings that Mel Gibson received preferential treatment from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a public service announcement that Gibson taped on their behalf has surfaced.

The PSA was recorded back in 2002 on behalf of a sheriff's charity, The Los Angeles Sheriff's Star Organization (LASSO).

In the spot, Gibson, dressed in a sheriff's uniform, pulls over Scott Baio to thank him for supporting LASSO. He implores viewers, "Give back to those who give so much."


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doug melville    

he just said what a lot of people think and say, he can say what he wants, i do. no big deal.

3007 days ago

Kelly Phillips    

Posted at 5:48PM on Jul 31st 2006 by jj

JJ Do you believe that Gays are Legitimate and should be treated with respect and excepted within your congregation?

Do you truely believe that your Satan has any power over my destiny or destination. Your sadly mistaken for I will travel to Valhalla a warrior and Family Man. But if you truely believe in your religion you have made the gravest of sins, you've spoken poorly against my Son. Shame on you Snapper Head. I hope your child make better followers of your faith than you.

3007 days ago


I'm sorry about my bigoted, racist and intolerant child. They only let him out once in awhile on a day pass - my bad for letting him have access to the computer.

3007 days ago

Kelly Phillips    

Post Number 100:

To the Authur - now that was about the funniest thing put on this forum yet. thanks for the laugh......

No this is not my mother folks, even though some of you probably was hoping so..... Thank you all for the stimulating discussions and future research material.

Odin be with you.

3007 days ago


I will never ever give Mel Gibson's work the time of day. To say the things that he said and think that he can get away with it......well eventually he won't and I hope the movie making community completely does away with him. What a complete IDIOT!!! He must have only two f***ing brain cells. How sad for his family though. I can't imagine having to live with a guy like that. oh by the way MEL DUHHHHHH! Jesus was Jewish..... You know the guy you made a movie about.....once again you only have two brain cells!!!!!!!

3007 days ago

Brian Workman    

We all know about a politician who drove off a bridge while drunk driving and drowned his female passenger and this politician swam ashore and left his drowned date in the car under water and walked home to sober up and call the police over twelve hours later to report the accident while sober and for this he never went to jail or was prosecuted for the crime and is still looks like a drunkin Senator to this day! How can we get so upset over an inebriated movie star that didn't hurt anyone while driving inebriated?

3007 days ago

Barb S    

I just sat down to read any worldly updates, Lo and Behold, Mel Gibson is still right up there.....I would like it to be over, let the Hollywood big wigs handle him.
I was raised in a jewish home and had to listen to all my classmate put down jews, blacks, asians and gays...even in the 60's. Ignorance will never stop.
I myself don't give a damn what Mel Gibson says, I think he is a drunk and will always be one, apparently he can't remain sober, he readily admits to being an alcoholic. If he stayed and believed in his program I don't think he would even feel the way he does about non-christians, gays etc. Walk the walk, talk the talk.
His words, are from his father, which he also admitted on an interview before
the Passion was released. Asked if he believed the indignities of WW11, he would not comment, when faced with the facts that his own father didnt believe
about the Holocost ( forgive the spelling) he replied that his father never lied to him...making me feel he meant he didnt believe in it either. Was Hitler a dream?
I ask Mel Gibson to speak to Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg, they produced a very moving and great program shown on HBO "Band of Brothers" about WW11.
Included in this program were the actual men who were at the locations depicted in the different episodes. I believe he would have a rude awakening. I have always liked the movies that Gibson was in I think he is a talented actor and director, but, for now I dont feel I want to see anything else he has to show or say.
Straighten Up Mel, your life depends on it!

3007 days ago


The problem is that he believes in one religion so intently that, of course, other religions must be wrong (oh, and by the way, the people who believe in the other religions intently believe that he is wrong or evil or however you want to phrase it). When people believe they have found the absolute answers, they are willing to believe anything about anyone else.

That's when they are dangerous. Here or in the Middle East.

Then, of course, you can just make fun of them all ...

3007 days ago


Well Mel Gibson should have not been driving drunk........But his remarks about being a jew is reasonable death toll in lebanon is rising Isreal says it stills needs 2 more weeks so that means in 2 weeks from now the death toll may rise to 2000+ Wow.......ur saying u wont be mad when third of that number of civilians that already have died are children one of which was only one day old.........Palestinians in Gaza are living in the darkness for a very long time and not getting any food for several weeks.....Are we just gonna wait till the war gets even worse while we are being manipulated by the media and George W bush..........The Mistakenly attack on Qana that killed roughly about 35 children in one building and isreals reaction we r deeply saddened ..the missles that we recieved were from that location.......uh huh? Evidence???? So are we going to listen to their excuses for killing innocent people ......

3007 days ago


I think what Mel did was totally inappropriate. But I want to remind those people that are judging him, the next time you think that you are perfect, "try walking on water!".

3006 days ago


What Mel Gibson did was Right!

3006 days ago

Movie fan's critic    

Did any of you actually hear Mel's comments it just the press fanning the flames to create controversy. Please, let's give "Braveheart" a break.

3006 days ago


O.K. !! Already !! He made a mistake . How many of us are perfect ? NONE !!! Stop harping on it and move on !! The press are like leeches !! All I see are a bunch of hypocrites name calling and pointing fingers . I don't see why so many people "Get Off" on kicking others when they are down . You may be there yourselves one day. Never say never !!!

3006 days ago


"ASH'" you are a load of TRASH. You probably hate JEWS, BLACKS, CATHOLICS, ARABS and anyone who does not meet your crtieria of what constitutes a snowy-white Aryan. You hide behind the Internet to spew your venom, you coward!!!

3006 days ago



3006 days ago
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