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Wesley Snipes Sued by Talent Agency

7/31/2006 9:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley SnipesUnited Talent Agency, the representatives for Wesley Snipes, have sued the actor for breach of contract after the agency claims Snipes did not pay them their commission.

UTA claims, in a lawsuit filed today, that Snipes did not pay them for "Blade III," "Chaos," "Middle Man" and "The Shooter." UTA alleges they are owed $1,493,309.10 in commission for those movies.

According to the lawsuit, UTA entered into and oral Agent/Performer talent agency agreement with Snipes in or about November 2002. They claim Snipes agreed to pay "10% commission on any gross sums or any other consideration received by" Snipes.

UTA claims that on or about February 22, 2006, Snipes discharged UTA as his talent representatives. From that point on, the suit alleges, Snipes has "failed and refused" pay the commissions that UTA claims they are owed.


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Lee Peterson    

Unfortunately actors egos sometimes get out of tilt and they think they got there all by themselves. I hope UTA gets every dime of their dime.

2969 days ago


I thought he had dropped off the face of the earth.

2969 days ago

Natalie Rosen    

Mel Gibson comes from an anti-Semitic father and is, in fact, OBVIOUSLY an anti-Semite himself ! The Passion was nothing more than a sado-mashchistic attempt which very clearly used that particular part of the New Testament that has been the rationale used for centuries to perpetrate harrassment and killing of Jews. It is alive and well to this very day. The purpose of Gibson's film was to show the most horrific disgusting torture and murder of a man claimed God by some and indict the Jews for it. Face reality it's not the alcohol talking. It's Mel Gibson himself! End of story. I will NEVER see his movies EVER.

2968 days ago

janice slay    

Mel Gibson Is first and foremost a man and a frail human being.You cannot escape the fact that if we have lived any kind of life, we have a ton of bagage.It does not just disappear because we belive in Jesus Christ .It is a daily battle to stay on that path to righteous, he never said he was Jesus Christ.Let us allow him the dignity to work out his problems the way if it were us.

2968 days ago


a commission would imply that those movies actually made money. what is 15% of 0?

2968 days ago

Nixon Omolodun    

Mel Gibson is a human being that must be pitied. When "they" become stars, it goes into "their" subconscious minds that they get there by "their" own attributes. I am deeply sorry for Mel. He may be caught with his guard down with respect to anti-semitic comments, but believe me, who is not a racist in America. The public statements by authority figures in news media always commonly run counter to their true beliefs in their private lives. Perhaps we should all remember that there is only one race on this earth, "The Human Race" and the Jews are a part of this race. There are good Jews and bad Jews just as in other sub-races but to lump people together in one fell swoop is wrong and evil. I as a black man has suffered racism everyday of my life, and it will continue until I pass on. I live with it and may be the Jews must learn to bear their own cross stoichally too. The Jews should always remember that for each good comment on them by other people, there is the "other comment" these people truly adhere to in their minds. Good luck to all of us until we run this planet down with hate.

2968 days ago


Mel Gibson is a very simple person with limited brain capacity.
He also is a prick. He uses so many excuses to justify his dumb being. Enough already with the dumb ass.

2968 days ago


What is he being sued for, having no talent?

2968 days ago


Forget all the haters. we love you Wesley.

2967 days ago


1. Unfortunately actors egos sometimes get out of tilt and they think they got there all by themselves. I hope UTA gets every dime of their dime.

Posted at 12:02AM on Aug 1st 2006 by lee

He is a jerk anyways...karma is something else...I'm in agreement with you...I hope UTA receive every penny.

2967 days ago


Black people have been is is still being subjected to so much in justice in this country and around the world...but, guess what we move on. We don't condone it, but we move on. We are for the most part praying people, AND WE MOVE ON!!!!
I will like someone to explain to me, why, when something is said about a Jew, the statement becomes ANTISEMETIC. What makes them so special? Give me a break and MOVE ON. Haven't they learned that when they expose themselves to being so thin skinned, they are likely to be rediculed even more. MOVE ON.
If I was to walk through an all white neighborhood and, someone was to shout out, "hey nigger!!" I will not respond, because that is not my name. Enough already. I am tired of the ANTISEMETIC bullshit. MOVE ON!!!!

2967 days ago


Ok, so Mel Gibson got drunk, sat himself BEHIND the wheel of a car, got stopped. said some absolutely horrible things, not only about Jews, but, denigrating comments to a female officer, but, is neone upset by THAT????All we are hearing is what he said about the Jews.......who were NOT the only people persecuted in this world.....African-Americans have always, and WILL always be judged merely by the color of their skin, so, i say GET OVER YOURSELVES and move on, the man was drunk, and THAT is the REAL issue, that he could have killed someone while driving under the influence....Native-Americans were cheated out of their land, but, do you hear them ALWAYS shouting about it, and a lot of them are stuck on reservations, living pathetically with sub-standard one has ever denied that the Holocaust was one of the world's worst travesty, but, so was human bondage(slavery), but, no one wants to even sit down and discuss THAT period of time, which i might add, lasted SEVERAL hundreds of YEARS, so get over it!

2967 days ago


Those people at UTA are a bunch of douchebags!!! What kind of REAL business operates using oral agreements??!! Those idiots should've put their contract with Wesley IN WRITING!!! Therefore, he shouldnt have to give them a penny!!!.. lol

2967 days ago

the blackman    

god is good>>>>>the devil's a liar satan's a bitch>>>>>.the

2967 days ago


I hope he gets burned by the court... He is way too arrogant to be human... He's the one who hit halle berry so hard that she, to this day, only has 80% hearing in one of her ears... He's such a pussy!

2967 days ago
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