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Axl Rose Goes Down Skid Row, Bach to the Rescue

8/1/2006 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guns N' Roses star Axl Rose fell ill during the final show of the band's European tour after a doctor had advised the singer not to perform. Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, who earlier joined the band on stage for a version of "My Michelle," took Rose's place and completed the concert at London's Wembley Arena.
Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach
Axl had been diagnosed with low blood pressure and low blood sugar earlier that day after performing at Wembley Arena, followed by a surprise show at the city's Cuckoo Club. He succumbed to illness during the band's last performance of the night after being advised by doctors not to do the show -- his response to that suggestion was "f*** that."

"I approached this last show with equal parts determination, obligation, responsibility and insanity," he said. "It was an amazing night." The singer said afterwards that the band had "an amazing tour."

Rose managed two hours of the show, with Bach filling in on the mic for part of the final two songs: Night Train" and "Paradise City."

"I want to thank everyone in Europe and the UK for inspiring us and for giving us the opportunity to play for them," Axl said after the show.

GNR hits the U.S. beginning in September.


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Saka Zulu    

Here ye Here ye...

Attention all you clueless faggot GNR whores: GNR was a frankenstinian creation of the Labels, cynically designed to extract milk-money from wastoid high-school losers. Yes, they put out one album of rocking party-music. It was a "good" album, but let's not get carried away shall we?

Axl Rose is a medium-tier singer (screamer, really) who was lucky enough to hook up with robotic-lead-guitarist and industry-connected pal, Slash. (actually Slash's parents were the connected ones, but who's counting? / who cares?)

Career / legacy wise, GNR has more in common with the Sex Pistols than any other band. And when compared to the latter, GNR comes up short.

Enjoy GNR for what they were... a band of calculating scene junkies, who managed to get an A&R guys attention, and parlayed that into a whirlwind 3-4 year "career" and one studio album of original material. Anything more than that is fantasy.

Try not to abuse your illusion.

2933 days ago

seattle slew    

i agree wholeheartedly with #24. except that they were mediocre live. live like a suiciide indeed.

2933 days ago


Axl was one of the best singers to ever grace the stage, not to mention a rock god in his time, and to his legions of fans still is. His music brought feeling to so many there is no need to speak ill of the man who brings so much to so many

2920 days ago


Axl, you were the best, all I can say now is why why why????? What happened?
The cornrows have "got" to go.

2883 days ago


axl really is one unfortunate looking human

2944 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Too bad GG Allin isn't still alive. I would have loved to see him beat up Axel and then take a big turd on him.

2944 days ago


Being that Axl Rose is a musical genius, you would THINK he could get himself back in the game? Because I may love Sebastian...but his talent? lacks! He has an AMAZING voice and all, but Axl has the voice and the creativity to match, sorry!

2944 days ago


OK I have loved GNR since high school and I just have to say one thing- GET RID OF THE FREAKIN CORN ROWS YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT...ok I feel better...I always thought his gorgeous hair was one of the things that made him attractive-and he looks like an idiot with them in

2944 days ago

Travis Bickle    

#4 Axl likes the corn rolls cuz it allows his boyfriend to hold on to them while he gets corn holed.

GNR was/is over rated. Can you say PAYOLA and lucky participant of the BANDWAGON effect?

2944 days ago

U Know Who    

Peter Goesinya, aka clueless.

You cannot be serious? Apetite for destruction was NEVER over rated you've gotta get off the gold spray paint man.

The original GnR deserved every bit of praise/cash they ever got. Payola pffft that record woulda done Platinum plus without a SINGLE radio spin.

Jealous much?

I saw your band hopping around on stage like a buncha wounded ducks........


2944 days ago


Sebastian, I love you!!

Take care,

2944 days ago

coco puff    

I think AXL should cut in and have a dance with Mr. Brownstone in order to get his blood pumping.

2944 days ago

Travis Bickle    


GNR's Appetite For Destruction debuted in July 21st of 87 but didn't catch on until much later--almost a year later-- and didn't become #1 until July 23 88. Sure, they toured and word of mouth caught on but it wasn't until they were pushed big on MTV etc that they caught on and the bandwagon started to roll. And where is their new album that is 12 years in the making? The only good thing Axl did was hire Tommy Stinson of The Replacements ( a true rock band) to play base. I'll give him credit for that.

2944 days ago


Any one who doubts GN'R's genius was lonely during the late eighties and early nineties. Peter Goesinya, don't blame Axl that you spent your teens watching Webster and jerking off to the JC Penney Catalog before it was cancelled.

Axl is a musical genius. His only mistake is that he gave himself over to drugs. Others have dabbled but returned from the edge. He just went too far.
But don't blame his sorry current state for your wasted youth.

2944 days ago


G-n-R will always have fans, no matter what. They represent an era in music that was, until they showed up, pretty retarded. Having celebrity and money blow up in your face is probably a tough way to learn about life... I'm just glad Axl is doing what he does best and screw the haters!

2944 days ago
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