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Flavor's First Fight of Round 2

8/1/2006 6:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comWith another 20 catty women fighting for Flavor Flav's attention on the second season of VH1's "Flavor of Love," it doesn't take long for the first fight to break out. In the season opener, two women dubbed H-town & Saaphyri go to blows over the clock wearing rapper.

Though the physical fight is sure to be memorable, it's the war of words that takes place after that really makes it interesting.

Exchanging quips like "I don't associate myself with trash" and "you're a white frail girl," the two get into it as only soon-to-be-reality stars can.

One woman even gets on her knees to pray, only to blurt out, "you better quit interruptin' my prayers before God directs me to whoop your ass."

"Flavor of Love 2" premieres on VH1 this Sunday at 10:00pm.


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This show is just as bad as Maury. making blacks, whites, etc look like idiots on TV. BUT i can't not lie or deny, it is funny.

2966 days ago

Tanya S    

The demeaning portrayl of black women has to stop. Black women acting like animals. I loved Public Enemy. Fight the power and get this off TV now. Flavor Flav doesn't know how bad he looks personally and what he is doing to his race. .....
Black women on reality tv need to start showing some restraint and self respect.
Please write Viacom and get this trash off TV.....

2964 days ago


the only comments that i have is what the web site that toasty posted nude in what the maginzine and or the web site

2942 days ago

Debbie Cairns    

I am so sick of Flav and that big mouth bitch New York. She needs her ass kicked and I'm just the one to do it. She is just trying to be somebody but she is just a has been like Flav. And yes I do believe he's back on the pipe. Yes I said it and what! Get that big mouth bitch of my TV.

2927 days ago


That could be one of THE greatest lines of all time.

2972 days ago


WHY does this ugly guy have his own reality show? Does he really think any women truly want him? Flavor Flav is a pimp-like disgusting pig of a man and it is sad that VH1 is spending any air time on this disgusting dude. There are some real talent out there and more great personalities. Why this pimp?

VH1, get it together!!

2972 days ago


Just curious... What happened to him and the lady he chose from the last show?

2972 days ago

get a life people    

he is so nasty looking.......guess they like that grill and his big clock

2972 days ago


Two stupid girls fighting over a stupid guy. Great TV.

2972 days ago


the only thing that made me laugh out loud over and over again all day long!

2972 days ago


Anyone know how much VH1 paying him for this...are those girls paid to come on and make such fool of themselves? It sure makes for some great entertainment on a boring TV night!!!!!!!

2972 days ago


I just love this crap!!!

2972 days ago

Big Momma    

Flav picked HOOPS, one of the prettiest women in his first group. However, on his "reunion" show, they revealed that they "did not make it" and decided to remain "close friends". Since then HOOPS has been seen on the town with other "hot" celebs ranging in categories from athletes, r&b singers and rappers. Yep, we all know Flav is ugly......but if these women are stupid enuf to be on national t.v. showing their iggnant' behinds..........a pimp's gotta do what a pimp's gotta do! These women are looking for quick fame, quick bucks and a quick f#*$!

Big Momma............................................I Holla!

2972 days ago

Sam Doe    

This reminds me of the "Windy Moore Show"

2972 days ago

Sweet Pea    

Please...please...tell me there is someone else out there who believes that Flav is back on the pipe? It is so obvious! I actually had to change the channel because I was just completely embarrassed for him.

2972 days ago
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