Flavor's First Fight of Round 2

8/1/2006 6:33 PM PDT

Flavor's First Fight of Round 2

With another 20 catty women fighting for Flavor Flav's attention on the second season of VH1's "Flavor of Love," it doesn't take long for the first fight to break out. In the season opener, two women dubbed H-town & Saaphyri go to blows over the clock wearing rapper.

Though the physical fight is sure to be memorable, it's the war of words that takes place after that really makes it interesting.

Exchanging quips like "I don't associate myself with trash" and "you're a white frail girl," the two get into it as only soon-to-be-reality stars can.

One woman even gets on her knees to pray, only to blurt out, "you better quit interruptin' my prayers before God directs me to whoop your ass."

"Flavor of Love 2" premieres on VH1 this Sunday at 10:00pm.