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Hilton eBay Auction to Be Stopped?

8/1/2006 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonThe Paris Hilton items -- that TMZ reported yesterday are up for sale on eBay -- may not be available for much longer.

David Hans Schmidt, who claims he has the contractual rights to the items, was outraged to find that several of the items from Paris Hilton's storage locker are being over offered up on eBay for sale.

Schmidt's attorney, James Bell, is firing off a cease and desist letter to eBay, demanding them to stop any sale or retailing of the items in the Paris Hilton locker.

Schmidt is in negotiations with several major US corps, including a major health and fitness organization, to trade the items for promotional services to be rendered by Paris Hilton.

Schmidt declined comment on whom he is in talks with, but added that talks are fruitful and he has been laboring on this project since it first broke on TMZ earlier this year.


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that picture is awesome, the lazy eye is out in full force. god, she's a stupid tramp.

2982 days ago

blah blah blah    

loved #2's comment
that picture goes to show how URGLY she really is

2982 days ago


This human pushole's possessions are not what we care about. This sotry sucked earlier and it still sucks!

2982 days ago


World's biggest wonky eye!

2982 days ago


Whats up with that nose - can't she afford a nose job?? By the way, who would want to buy her crap from a storage unit - give me a break - enough stories about this no talent nobody.

2982 days ago


I too would prefer to see less of her. I already make a point of NOT purchasing any magazine with her on the cover, but damn if she isn't inside of most of them!

2982 days ago


Wonky eye! LMAO! Goes with her long hook nose! No one want's any of this tramp's stuff anyway.

2982 days ago


eww her nose is so looks like a birds and it hooks down like one too! sick!!!!! why the fuck do ppl think she is soo hot. and she cannot sing at all! she sounds like a 5 yr. old girl singing twinkle twinkley little star. she is so stupid. i hope nicole richie kicks her ass.

2982 days ago


I love Paris....I love her wonky eye...its much sexier than Shannen Dougherty's wonky eye...

2982 days ago


Paris is not all that bad as people say she is. I mean seriously you've got to have a talent to become so famous. How many super wealthy girls are outthere? ANd how many of them we've heard of? Not many, hah?
Besides I know a guy who is welcomed to all these parties at Marquee and hangs out with celebrities so when I told him once that Paris was stupied he got even mad , he told me "You don't know her, you've never met her, how can you say stuff like that? She is actually smart . I mean she does think she is the most beautiful girl wich she is not, but she is a good person".
As for her looks, well, her extensions at first drove me out of my mind (that's why I actaully made that comment ), but at least she does not pretend it's her real hair like BEYONCE who just f-d every one with her fake hair wich we are supposed to believe is all hers.

2981 days ago


Schmidt is in for a big payday...

2981 days ago


I just do not understand why you people are so judgemental of Paris. she is a human being ,are you all that shallow? do you walk along the streets and pick people out to judge so harshley? or are you all just so insecure and jealous of Paris, because she was borne with a silver spoon. Leave her alone and focus on your own lives.


2981 days ago



2981 days ago


I know the guy that's selling the Paris Hiltons jewerly in Burbank, and over half the stuff is not what it seems. He is putting some of his own stuff on with the lot saying its part of the collection. He is a crossdresser, and dresses up trying to be Paris, but he's 80 years old, and had breast implants 30 years ago. He says he smells the jewerly everyday.

2980 days ago
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