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Moonshadows Madness

8/1/2006 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned when an allegedly inebriated Mel Gibson left Malibu's Moonshadows restaurant in the wee hours of Friday morning, he walked past the valet attendant with his head down, hands behind his back and uttered "I'm f****d up."

Gibson, who had not valeted, then crossed the street to his car, pulled out, made a u-turn and proceeded to step on the gas, driving past Moonshadows at a fast speed.

Shortly thereafter, as TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested for driving 87 mph in a 45-mph zone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 (the state limit is 0.08).

The valet says the deputy who pulled Gibson over was actually driving in the opposite direction as the actor, but made a u-turn when Gibson flew by.

In Touch Weekly obtained pictures of Gibson partying with fans at Moonshadows hours before being arrested. 



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Listen, Mel Gibson has brought so much talent, laughter, sadness and excitement and joy into some many peoples life, he, to me and my entire family...........the man is a wonderful person 'in real life" he touches me with every move and word that comes out of his mouth. I think any one who can pass judgement on this person should look in the mirror. What have you accomplished in your life that has touched so many. Did he hurt anyone? ......a feeling??? so what. Get over it, god. This man as accomplished more in his career and in his personal life than many millions ever will. I wish I could spend a week with him. Hey maybe I will take him out for a drink.........................

3001 days ago


again everyone making comments im not worried about his comments he said what he said but drinking and driving isnt ok people die that way but oh its ok he was just having a good time lucky for him he got pulled over and didnt hit anyone hes an asshole

3001 days ago


Everything has been blown out of proportion. The man made a mistake and he apologized for it. I hope the jewish community would also show such LOUD and
(self-righteous?)indignation whenever they see people of other faith/race/creed fall victim to bigotry or oppression. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Haven't you heard how they treat illegal workers in Israel? Their police pound on doors after midnight and drag out the cowering gits. These are usually female
domestic workers from third world countries and not terrorists. Ha! and we are talking about treating people with dignity and respect. I guess no one, not even the Jews,are immune from utilizing Gestapo-like tactics.

3001 days ago


The only thing I see here is that we have a man who fell. He fell for a reason. He
has apologized and has seeked help. He must face God now. That is the only one he must face now.

3001 days ago


I can't believe the people here. I am not Jewish, and still can't believe the hatred spoken here about Jewish people in general. All this Gibson garbage show is that there are people who hate people for being a certain race or religion, not based on who they are as a person. I feel sorry for them. This goes for blanket hatred of any group including Moslem, Hispanic, white and black (racist hatred is not reserverd for the Anglo white people).

3001 days ago

M Sekelsky    

Mel's apology isn't enough. A non-racist person would not even think those things on his drunkest day. Perhaps he should take his salary and the proceeds from his next film and give it to a Jewish Charity.
That's the only way I'd pay to see a Mel Gibson film again. And I'm Catholic!

3001 days ago


Forget about the Jews, and about Drunk Driving for a minute. The bigger story here is just like what happened to Paul Rueben's (Pee Wee Herman), The Preachers (Swaggert & Baker), not to mention the coach years ago who talked about Black Men being built for football. They loose their jobs or get sent to prison, and we're suppose to just let it go as 'their just people too? Rueben's fame and fortune came by marketing himself to children's television. Then he got busted for masturbating in an adult movie house. If he had wanted to destroy his own career, he couldn't have scripted it any better. The preachers; preaching family values and commitment to relationships by day, and paying prostitutes by night. They couldn't have picked a better way to discredit themselves.

So Mel Gibson's father is an Anti-Semite, and Mel tells us he isn't his father. He makes movies about Jesus Christ, and was of current working on a mini-series about the 'Holocaust. When the cop first approached Mel's car window, the first thing Gibson was heard muttering was 'My life is F---ck'd!

At that moment; he was merely going to end up with a drunk driving charge at the end of the day, and but for the fact that he didn't kill anyone, it wouldn't have hurt his career at all.

But he must have had a 'Crystal Ball; and he must have known what he was going to say next, by ranting about the 'Jews? His life wasn't F---ck'd until he did, and he F---ck'd himself real good when he did.

Yes his life really is F---ck'd, and he did it to himself. If only he would have kept his mouth shut, and waited for his one phone call and a ride home?

Like just after 'state of the union addresses; when the pundants say, 'well at least he didn't pass wind, pick his nose, or dance around the room with a lamp-shade on his head. So he'll be fine; you either agree with him or you don't, and life goes on.

Basically; Mel Gibson is dumber than any of us could have dreamt, and we didn't see it coming. In that respect; yes he's human, but to say our opinions of him at this point are unfair is simply 'false logic.

If Janet Jackson came out tomorrow and said she's against the public display of nudity, would you believe her? If Pee Wee Herman came out and said he's against Pornography, would you think anybody would take him seriously? And Mel Gibson says he's not his father, and that he's not an Anti-Semite? He's apologized over and over for saying what he did, but is yet to explain why he said the things he did? If you believe (as he said) that the Jews start all wars, what does that tell you about World War 2? Hitler a Jew? That's a new one! Oh wait a minute! His father said the 'Holocaust never happened, and Mel would have to agree with it to assert such a thing...

You F---ck'd yourself Mel, and you didn't require any assistance. Maybe you didn't know that your license, registration and proof of insurance was all you were required to produce. They'd have made you do those little roadside tests, and you'd probably have failed, and had to say how sorry you are for your actions to a greater public at the end of the 'proverbial day so all the soccer moms wouldn't have reservations about letting little johnny watch your movies, and all would have been right with your world again.

Yep! You should have just kept your mouth shut!

I've loved his movies since 'Mad Max, but would never have guessed that he was so stupid? Didn't see it coming, and can only wonder who the next hollywood (or celebrity) will be, and how they'll manage to shoot themselves? Maybe we'll see it coming, in that maybe they'll start the conversation or interview by proclaiming that their life "Is F---ck'd!

Whats that you say?


3001 days ago


Hey Sandman - Anger issues maybe?

3000 days ago


Anger issues? Not at all. I don't know why you would think so? You think I have something against Jews perhaps? I think Gibson's a Great actor. I've been pulled over for DUI/OUI myself, so I can feel for the guy and I know how humiliating it is.

Anger issues? I don't understand where you're coming from with that one? I left an earlier post, and ended it by sharing the fact that I am a Jewish man, and I am an alcoholic. I didn't offend anyone or any race of people in the course of my adventure through the legal system for my mistake, nor did the thought of doing so ever enter my mind.

Would you agree with me that his comments were 'out of line and from 'left-field (so to speak)? Let's face it; when you get pulled over (and we've all seen enough of cop shows to know) that at the very least, everything you say can and will be used against you. I would be surprised if the police don't have home movies of the whole incident, and I've read that they do, and he would have known that cameras were rolling, and that everyone (you/me) would end up seeing it?

For these reasons alone (and I can think of a few others), Gibson's just not a very smart guy. For myself; I suppose I could rant about race or creed if I wanted (I've no desire to), and if I did wouldn't have to worry about how it might affect societys way of looking at me, or the movie going public. Surely; I wouln't have to worry about whether or not I would be out of a job or be able to keep the one I have, or about the next project or movie?

Celebrities on the other hand don't have that luxury. Call it politics or whatever; but if I were making a 'big budget movie, the last thing I would do would be to hire an actor that the public hated, or loathed, or who just brought too much baggage to the table. I wouldn't want to set myself up to premiering a movie, only to have to deal with the 'negative press, or worse picket lines outside the theatres.

Mel Gibson should have known better; which leads me back to my original comment that may have bothered you, in that he's not a very smart guy. I wish him the best though, cause he's got a rough road to recovery, and alcoholism is the least of his troubles.

Thank you...

3000 days ago

Jamie O'Brien    

While I certainly don't approve of anyone driving whilst drunk, I'm all for freedom of speech. Why do the Jews get so uptight about negative comments directed at them? Anti-semite; that's all we ever hear. Anti-Christian is not an expression we often hear, and yet there are many people who fit that category. Anti-hindu? Anti-Buddhist? Yes, there are those who also fit those molds, but I suppose those two groups don't squawk as loudly as the monied Jews. I, for one, will still support Mel. (good job on "Passion of the Christ" - fancy the Jews wanting you to change history to suit themselves).

3000 days ago


How many times have we all had a few too many and woke up the next morning saying to friends and family, "I'm so sorry, it was the booze talking". Don't deny it, we've all been there. It's just that what we say isn't written about in the newspapers.
Now it would be different if Mel came out a few days after this incident and said he meant every word he said. Then you could call him an anti-semite.
For three days I watched Mel work during the filming of Maverick a few years ago and he was nothing but polite and very helpful and understanding to ALL his co-stars and crew.
Leave him alone!

3000 days ago


To Sandman: I am not Jewish, nor an alcoholic. No, I have nothing against Jews - I married one - a Jewish doctor. Bet that annoys some people - a nice Jewish doctor married to a shiksa. We have a child who was sent ot Yeshiva (my idea - husband was agaisnt it).

In my opinion alcoholism is a problem - everyone's problem. I hope you got that. So what is the key notion of what I've just said? Let me continue. Mel Gibson said Jews were responsible for wars throughout history (close enough). Again, key notion here is what? OPINION. You see there are facts and there are opinions. What Mel Gibson said is his opinion - sober or straight - it still amounts to an opinion. And as an alcoholic you should know that that words and opinions ARE spoken while under the influence. And that is not an opinion - that is a fact.

Since when in this country are we not allowed to express an opinion - be it popular or not? Well, when someone can twist it into a slanderous remark and relabel it as "anti-Semitic" we're not. This is akin to a black person is saying a white woman racist because she took the last loaf of bread on the shelf at the grocery store before the black could get there first.

The white woman who got the loaf of bread frist is not a racist. and Mel Gibson is not an anti-Semite. She got there first; he had an opinion. People in our Country need to take courses on semantics including etymology, then a few on ethics. Mostly ethics and learn how to use language properly - AND TO INFER PROPERLY. It's a problem that affects perception, which is what has happened to Mel Gibson.

You can respond to this; I won't be back here to read it. I teach and classes have begun where we live. You can surmise what I teach. And yes I will be using this senario this semester, at least.

Having said all that, no I do not agree with you. But I do feel that you have anger issues. And that's my opinion.

3000 days ago


Maybe Gibson should take your class??? No on second thought, he's already confused enough:) P.S. He didn't say Jews are responsible for "wars throughout history". You suggest he made a vague reference to Jews, when he did not. Why try to sanitize what he said? You would wish to 're-write his comments to what purpose? You sound more like a public defender, whose job is to make and represent to the best of ones possibilities less than honorable actions. Spin it all you like, but racism is ugly by any standards. Of course Gibson has a right to his opinion, as do we to disagree. White woman, last loaf of bread, Black man playing the race card because she beat him to it (the bread that is)? You've got to be kidding???? If you're going to draw analogies, try to at least make sense:( Now that I think of it; I do have anger issues, at least when it comes to stupid people:) I am of the opinion that there are already too many disclaimers/warnings on labels. Smoking while pregnancy may lead to birth defects, & drinking may lead to drowsiness, are quite valid claims. But to suggest that drinking may lead to racism, now that's just going too far! Be honest; you think that would be a good idea now don't you? Good Grief! Yes alcoholism is everybody's problem (unfortunately), as is racism (again unfortunate). Al Gore believes in what? Bill Clinton holds what truths to be self evident? Mel Gibson is or is not an 'anti-semite? I guess it all depends on the moment, and which group of people their trying to fit in with on any given day? "I am NOT an anti-semite!" "The Jews start ALL the wars!" Israel didn't start events as of current in the middle-east, any more than we AMERICA started have been at war against terrorism post 9/11 hense. Israel has been fighting and dying at the expense of extremisms for more than 50-years. You don't think Munich rose from nothing do you? It didn't end there, nor was that when the dying began. Sometimes you have to make a stand, and fight for something. Even if it's only one's right to live and breath. In a far as Gibson, the man is no longer credible. It's as simple as that. He can make as many movies as he wants, but the cloud of doubt in public opinion that hangs over him is of his own fruition. Maybe he's come out of the closet? Why do you think they call it 'liquid courage? Because it aids in revealing ones inner thoughts and fears. Some people are just hurting, and they call them 'angry drunks. I've met a few of them, though none who verbalized resentment to Blacks, Jews or other. If you believe that one translates to the other, than you've been watching too many movies. So you married a 'nice Jewish girl, and that's nice. Oops! Did that sound racist?

Gibson's pain sounds like it's coming from a much deeper place than of alcohol or racism. Maybe he feels shortchanged with regard to his mother not showering him enough love (common psycho babble), or maybe he really does harbor anger for his fathers hatred of the Jews? Maybe he hates having to juggle a son's love of father, but for the hatred of what his father holds dear?

Many would have us believe that the prisons are full of people who came from broken homes. Where they didn't get enough love (or worse), came from abusive homes (verbal/physical), and that it somehow explains it? I disagree; in that most people don't grow up to be abusive, or rob banks or kill people. Do as I say and not as I do? I think most children who come from such upbringings know that they don't want to do to anyone else what their father did to their mother, or not shower ones children with love, the way their own parents did not.

I'd be interested in the concept of having to grow up in an atmosphere of 'racism, and knowing I did not want to become my father (or who ever)? If and when Mel Gibson finds the inner peace that evades him, I hope he writes a book about it. It might help a lot of people. An insight into a man, who has attained as much as he has, regardless (or in spite of) his father. I don't know; but do you think his father was a role model for the child? Did he support the child's desire to go into show business, or did he disown him for it? Not literally, but in essence?

Alcoholism? If only it were that simple? Booze merely a symptom of a deeper problem, as might be anti-semitic outburst? Maybe yes maybe no, I'd be curious to know the truth. Like I've said; he's apologized over and over for saying the things he did, but has yet to explain why he said them. Perhaps he's been suppressing such things for a very long time, and doesn't yet have the answer

I'll make a prediction, in that it will shoot to the 'best-seller list in a hurry.

Thank you...

PS. I knew you'd be back here to read this:) Who did you think you were kidding other than yourself:)

3000 days ago


My father taught me one thing very important in life and he these words to me at a time when people were haters and you "stuck with your own." I thank God for a father who stood up and believed these words and taught me the same -- "you love each and every person on this earth for their heart; not their religion, the color of the skin, the money in their pocket; or of any other reason but their what makes them who they are."

For Mel Gibson to say such things about people who are jewish and of the jewish faith, is horrible and just plain painful to hear -- whether he was drunk or sober, it is hard to believe he would say that. I do believe that alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease, as I have this disease and fight every day of my life to keep my life, but Mel Gibson must learn that he can only save himself, and he needs to search long and hard to respect not only people of the jewish faith, but women as well. He called a female officerr (a female) sugart**ts. Where is his respect for women, as well. There is a lot going here and it's something he has had in him for a long time.

I pray he finds peace within himself. Gets the help he needs, and learns to stop hating and if it's not hating, learn to stop being disrespectful of others whomever they are, and the first person he needs learn to stop hating and disrespecting is himself. It's all so sad! I could go on and on... I am a a loss. I truly respected him, and to see that he hides behind a sheet of sorts, reminds of of the days when the KKK hid to do their harm. Well, Mr. Gibson, your sheet is off. Only you can save yourself.

2999 days ago

Eva Ross    

It is the timing of Mr. Gibson's statements that make them so evocative in the eyes of the world. To utter words of hatred in a time when the world's attention is fixed on the violence in Israel is a perfect illustration of how seeds of hatred are planted in the minds and hearts of individuals and continue to grow and escalate into wars. Due to his notoriety, his small minded bigotry is given a loud bullhorn. Thank you Mr. Gibson for showing the world just how words of hatred evolve to acts of hatred and suffering.

2998 days ago
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