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Behar to Gibson -- Get a Public Circumcision

8/2/2006 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NEW YORK (AP) -- Comedian Joy Behar is suggesting a painful way for Mel Gibson to show he's sorry.

Behar said on "The View" that Gibson "needs to be welcomed into the Jewish community by a public circumcision."

Behar also said that Gibson's apology won't change him. She adds, "People like him have it in them to just hate."

Earlier this week, Barbara Walters had said she'd never see another Gibson movie again, and says that his second apology hasn't changed her mind.


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Lol. While a little crude on Joy's part that was very funny. I don't like Mel for what he did with The Passion of the Chrisit. He was due for a meltdown. I don't like him one bit.

3002 days ago


Mel Gibson has issues to work on.. But then so does the cast of the view.. what does Jesus say .. let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

I'm praying Mel Gibson will get control over this drinking. and there could have been me, if it weren't for the grace of God Go I....

America where is your heart! Where is your compassion, forgiveness? Are all so righteous we dont' have moments we regret?

3002 days ago


Making anti-male remarks while sober and on national tv is no scandal it sells! The view has always been poison.

Conclusion: Anti Jewish bad, Anti male OK!

3002 days ago


what a dumb kacklin' hen...

3002 days ago


I have no idea why Joy Behar is lambasting Mel Gibson about racism, when she's just as bad. I've watched the show several times and noticed that anytime a black person is being interviewed, she stares straight ahead and barely ever engages in conversation. Case in point the Randy Jackson interview. She sat next to the man and I could see the tension. What's with that? Is it because she hates black people? I'd keep an eye on her!!!

3002 days ago

Dianne mackay    

I never liked this" woman show. " They are cackling,gossipy hens trying to turn the cock into one of them. Gibson is a human and does not deserve their judgment. He is more of a man they can ever have or try to be. Walters is as non factual as any reporter can be expected to be and Behar is cruel not witty.

3002 days ago

Bill Hammer    

Since when it is a crime to have a personal opinion about certain people or things. I have many friends who are Jewish and they consistently make derogatory remarks about Catholics, etc. Double standard? I'll make it a point to watch EVERY one of Mel's movies and NEVER watch The View with those bigot witches on it; phony Walters, nor will my wife.

3001 days ago


Joy Behar is a nasty obnoxious skank . She looks like Mr.Ed with lipstick when she moves those big huge greasy looking lips of hers over her crooked yellowed teeth. One might expect a woman of her class to win a belching contest or something competing against a bunch of drunk sailors. She is truly a pig and needs to shut her huge ugly yap !!! She criticizes Mel Gibson for being a hateful biggot !! She is nothing but a hypocrite and should really "S.T.F.U." !!!!!

3001 days ago

teri ercolani    

People need to grow up! Just because Mel Gibson is a celebrity makes him more vulnerable to the media. Leave the man alone. He made a mistake!Just about every celebrity has made a mistake. Let him fix it and go on. He is only human.
To err is human, to forgive divine.

3001 days ago


Anyone ever heard of the saying: in vino vertias? Literally it means: truth in wine. In other words, when you get drunk and lose control, you say what you really feel. So excuse me if I'm sceptical about his apologies - both of them. No I won't be watching a Mel movie again.

3000 days ago


Those who are saying "I won't be watching a Mel Gibson movie
again" probably didn't pay to see The Passion Of The Christ either. As you can see, YOU didn't hurt the bottom line one iota !! All you Mel haters just keep on bitching and spewing your hypocritical hate. You are haters in denial !! When you make hateful moronic statements like Joy Behar did in one breath and then in the next call Mel Gibson a hateful biggot, you really have no room to talk !! Get off of your high horse & go back into your ivory tower and take a good look in the mirror at yourself before you crucify someone else. NOBODY is perfect !!!

3000 days ago


Joy Behar could lose 20 pounds of disgusting ugly fat by cutting her head off .

2999 days ago


A Note to Joy Behar..... If YOU really want to hurt Mel Gibson beyond repair , have him tied in a chair and parade nude in front of him. If looking at an ugly disguting pig like you didn't destroy and scar him psychologically for the rest of his life, then nothing would.

2999 days ago

Hal T. Miller    


Who cares what somebody says in a drunkin state! Mel's trouble with drinking along with driving too should be what's important. You folks suggest he's getting special treatement. Unfortunately he is, but not in the way you suggest. If I was arrested for DUI, whatever I said wouldn't be looked for to publish in the news. You're the one's trying to give Mel special treatement, not the police. At this point, the police maybe are just trying to protect him from scum like you folks. No wonder folks like Mel Gibson likely hate your guts. Maybe in the end, hopefully, you'll get what you all deserve when you're not at your best either and somebody else or more takes advantage of it to crap all over you folks too.

2999 days ago


The best word to describe Gibson's utter moral failure is the one he himself has used - despicable. That said - are Joy Behar and Barbara Walters seriously setting themselves up as judge and jury?

I understand that they were both personally offended by Mel's remarks. But Joy saying Mel can never learn to change and "has it in him to just hate" is as ridiculous as anyone else saying that Joy can never lose weight and just has it in her to be fat. We all have our demons, addictions and shameful secret struggles. Joy's previous actions indicate she believes personal motivation and professional help can lead to real and lasting change. After all - it worked for her, and she let Jenny Craig pay her to sell that philosophy to other people. Perhaps she is just "fooling" all of us, though, and is really overweight in her heart. (Maybe someone should "call Jenny"...)

And it wasn't that long ago that Barbara Walters was making headlines of her own for admitting that she lied and tried to cover it up. Again, I'm not excusing Mel, but to me, a journalist who lies is just as despicable in her own way as a Christian who hates (or endangers innocent life by drinking and driving). It simply isn't an option. The main difference I see here is that Mel admitted his failing and apologized. Barbara admitted hers - sorta kinda - and then blamed it on someone else and asked us all to understand that her cover attempt was merely her way of acting in the best interests of the person she hurt (a once beloved friend) and the general public.

Through the years, Barbara has traveled the globe to sit face to face with some of the world's most notable, heinous, and physically dangerous anti-Semites - as well as a host of notorious murderers, rapists, and bigots of all nationalities, religions, and opinions. My money says she'll not only see another Mel Gibson flick at some point (it's her job to know what's going on in the culture, and Disney - who owns the company for which she works - is releasing his next film), but also that her people are already working to secure the first exclusive post-rehab interview with Mel. Because remember - Barbara lies. And she's not sorry about that.

Mel Gibson can't change what he did, but I choose to believe that I can be a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday, and I choose to hold out the same hope for everyone else. If we can't affirm that as a society, we're all in serious trouble. The concept of repentance - which literally means expressing regret and then walking in the opposite direction - is essentially Jewish in origin. I have gained even more respect for those in the Jewish community who have reached out to Mel and opened the door for discussion and healing. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but it was the right and kind and courageous thing to do, and it was consistent with what they claim to believe. I have lost some (not all) respect for Mel, but I haven't lost hope for him. His apology is a good start - let's reserve further judgment at least until we see where he goes from here.

For the record, I'm not Jewish, so I can't pretend to understand the debate from that point of view. However, I am a professional journalist and I have shed 75 pounds in the last few years with the help of a weight loss program - so I feel justified in being "personally offended" by Joy and Barbara.

2999 days ago
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