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Hasselbeck Gets Hot

And a Hug From Babwa

8/2/2006 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Token "View" conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't hide her emotions when it comes to the controversy surrounding the morning-after pill.

A heated discussion about the subject erupted on Wednesday's show when Barbara Walters brought up that the controversial morning-after pill was being considered for approval for over-the-counter distribution by the FDA. Hasselbeck became visibly upset while arguing the topic and was scolded by Walters for being overly emotional. The agitated Elisabeth proceeded to tear up her cards as the show went to a commercial break.

When the show returned from the break, Elisabeth was being soothed by a motherly Walters as they sat in each other's laps. Barbara told Elisabeth that she respected her opinions and Elisabeth responded that she respected Barbara' s opinion as well--and that she loved being on the show. They then hugged and kissed.

While the display was slightly disturbing--to say the least--we're just happy this sort of mothering wasn't around when Star was on the show.


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I commend Elisabeth, Life begins in the womb and taking the morning after pill is nothing more than murder.. Here is a thought.... Don't full around and you wont' have to worry.. Now i know there are instants such as rape, but you know what i've known people who were products of rape and they are wonderful and I'm so glad themorning after pill wasn't around for there mother.
Sorry but life is life no matter how it was pro created.

3005 days ago


To Laura at comment #13

Have you ever met a child of rape????

I met a man who is a product of rape and every day he wonders if he will turn out like his father.

Finding out he was adopted was hard enough on him but when he found out why he was given almost killed him.

He has serious problems and has tried to kill himself numerous
time because of what he discovered.

Having an abortion is a personal and difficult decison that most women do not make easily.

Have you ever been raped or given a child up for adoption?

Know what you are talking about before making such a flipant remark

3005 days ago


I think this chick is the biggest moron in the world also,she is so friggin clueless she must be so retarted off the show if she acts like that on the show i used to watch the show but after the show fired starr F**k them and you know what i hope it gets cancelled U GO STARR

3005 days ago


I think it was wonderful that Elisabeth is passionate about what she believes in. I think Barbara calming her down was awesome, I love the after the commercial hug. They showed us how to handle someone who is passionate about a subject and how we should handle ourselves when we believe in something. I believe there will be more passionate moments when Rosie begins her host position. They will need a mediator for all of the ladies. It is awesome when individuals with different points of view gather together and share. I for one, will be watching!

3005 days ago


Shes right PERIOD. And we wounder whats wrong with this crazy world today.DUH!

3005 days ago


The show is called "the View" I like that there are different views. whether I agree with them or not. I would not watch if everyone had the same opinion on everything that comes up in Hot topics.

3005 days ago


The View needs to go. They all talk over each other. So you never get the whole story. They all talk about everyone. I guess there lives are perfect. It's boring and tha's why they never won an Emmy......Arriverdercci!!!!!!

3005 days ago


If she gets chastised for speaking a pro life view then whats the point of the show called "the view". I'm glad someone is standing up for us so called "extremists"....or whatever you call us these days.

3005 days ago

Brad Gibson    

Elisabeth is an anal retentive jerk and a puppet for the religious right. She has no credentials which would make her credible in a national forum spewing her extremist views. She is loud, bullying, unprofessional and completely distasteful. "The View" fired the wrong co-host.


3005 days ago


Sorry Laura, but if my 12 year-old daughter were to become pregnant because she was raped (and yes, 12 year-olds can become pregnant), I don't think it would be fair to have her go through a pregnancy that she is neither mentally nor physically ready for. No, it's not the baby's fault, but it's not the victim's fault either, and a rape victim should have a choice.

3005 days ago

Anne D Kampmeier    

Why in the world did you fire an extremely intelligent woman, Starr Jones, who could speak extremely well on any subject and didn't get all personally involved? Elizabeth needs to grow up, learn there are different sides to every opinion. Sometimes none of them are correct for everyone. One should be able to hear all sides without someone, like Elizabeth, talking so loud and emotionally that no other person can talk, including Barbara the head of the show. Starr was adament about her religion but I never got the idea that she expected the world to follow her beliefs. I,for one, will not watch the show again until Elizabeth is gone!!

3005 days ago

Ann Talbott    

Elizabeth needs to have more correct information before she becomes so passionate an advocate for something. It seems to me that her ability to think does not naturally run very deep, perhaps because she is young, or has lived a more sheltered life. She cannot have the credibility that Barbara Wlaters has, and Barbara was very kind to her, given Elizabeth's display. It was more a display of ignorance than passion. Her view is certainly not the only Conservative view, nor is it the only Christian view. I'm not sure how much of it is her view, rather than an amalgamation of views she has absorbed from her culture without thinking them through. Perhaps she can think more and emote less.

3005 days ago


I agreed with Elisabeth's views and was proud of her for speaking up. The value of life has diminished so much, and it is only getting worse. Moral decay is on the fast track to normalcy. Life is precious from the moment of conception. If it were not for Elisabeth on that show I would not watch it because it is represented mostly by leftist views except for hers.

3005 days ago


Unfortunately for Elisabeth she is outnumbered politcally.
She'll never win.
I used to watch the View, but gave up years ago because for 1 reason Meredith was just obnoxious. I always respected her as a journalist but when she got on "The View" she tried everyday to be more outrageous than she had been the previous day. Then, the show started to get to political.
I realize that they did have to comment on current events, and I'm not saying they had to like the President (and this was way before the War in Iraq) but the put downs of him on a daily basis was getting to be to much. I mean Joy Behar saying that the elevator operator in her building was smarter than the President shows just how ignorant she is IMO. P.S. even the New York Times ran a story that Joy probably missed that Bush's IQ was 10 points higher than John Kerrys.
Elisabeth the few times I've seen her isn't given the chance to get a word in edgewise, and I'm not even talking about when they get political it's ALL the time whatever the subject is.

3005 days ago


Watching the View is like watching a train wreck. Something terrible is happening but you just have to watch!!!!!!

3005 days ago
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