"Best" Has Own Best Week Ever

8/3/2006 6:05 PM PDT
"Best Week Ever", the VH1 show that's a round-up of the week's pop culture news with commentary from comedians, had a huge milestone this week by celebrating its 100th episode. The event was hosted by the always funny Christina Applegate and all the show's staple commentators were on hand for the party.

One interesting guest was Samantha Cole, who's made headlines recently as being one of the "other women" in the Christie Brinkley/Peter Cook split. Cole herself has probably been a target of the show but could care less, saying "They make fun of everything, make everything light and funny, even serious situations. they touch on everything so its interesting to me."

It's comedian Paul Scheer who sums it up best, "I'm just happy Paris Hilton's been around that long because without her we would have nothing to talk about." Same here Paul, same here.