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Madonna's Good Deeds

And Not So Good Deeds

8/3/2006 5:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CrossAngelina Jolie
better watch out because Madge is gunning for her crown as the Third World's philanthropy queen.

Madonna revealed to TIME magazine her plan to care for the orphans of Malawi, Africa, and has committed to raising $3 million for various programs.

Madonna's charitable crusade includes building an orphanage that will feed 1,000 kids a day and financing a $1 million documentary -- not about her latest tour, but about the plight of the children.

While the orphanage has no religious affiliation, the center will offer programs based on Spirituality for Kids, Kabbalah's children's program.

The Material Girl is the religion's unofficial spokesperson, and says, "One of the main precepts of Kabbalah is that we're put on this earth to help people. And your job is to figure out how you can help, and what it is that you can do."

While Madge's new religion may be singing her praises, her old one - Catholicism - is up in arms over her latest antics.

Madonna's Confessions Tour arrives in Rome on Sunday, and the Catholic Church believes her onstage mock-crucifixion with a fake crown of thorns thrown in for good measure "comes close to blasphemy."

This latest controversy comes on the heels of NBC's decision to air her concert special in November with the "Live to Tell" crucifixion routine reportedly still in place.


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3009 days ago


Wait....Madonnas NOT over because she sells concert tickets? HA! I bet if Michael Jackson toured he'd sell tickets, also. He too is OVER. Jealous? Doubt it. I'm young, beautiful, smart, and sucessful at what I think is important. I don't need to seek attention to verify that. The only ones jealous of Madonna are the same who idolize Judy Garland!

3009 days ago


To you #30...the only reason they do sell some tickets are because of little freaks as yourself! Get some morals and values in your life!

3009 days ago


starrrrrr, I assume you make money doing what you think is important. If you weren't making money you wouldn't be doing it. In that sense, I'm sure you would agree that you are not over. Madonna is still making millions of dollars a year, she's not over either. Wishing something was true doesn't make it true.

So you're not famous, but you are somehow above all the famous people because they get attention and you don't. No hint of jealousy there.

You're young, beautiful, smart and successful at what you think is important. That's great. But the fact that you had to list all those favorable, and self-appointed attributes about yourself proves you wrong about needing to seek attention to validate yourself.

The back-handed Judy Garland comment was obviously an attack on gay people. How original. So what you are saying is that her gay fans are jealous of her. That makes sense. People who are jealous of someone always support them with money.

starrrrrr, you are not only clueless, you are sad. Get out of denial. Just come right out and show your bigoted self for who you really are. No need to tap dance around wimpy Judy Garland references. It must really burn you up that there is a segment of the male population that you can't manipulate and try to control.

3009 days ago


People don't like to admit it but Madonna is NOT a big as she once was. In the U.S. she's over. Her music doesn't get airplay, and she can barely sell 1 million records which is a fraction of what the younger more relevant artists sell whom I don't need to mention. Madonna's reps LIED about her sold out tour because up until the day of some of her last shows she had FLOOR SEATS available on ticketmaster so how could that be if the tour was sold out. Yes she sells records overseas because they listen to CRAP. Other countries only like trite dance music and techno artists like Kylie Minogue and others we've never heard of. Madonna has to come up with ways to shock and offend people because what else would we talk about. Her amazing voice? All the musical instruments she plays (without an instructor backstage)? She's simply stooping to the usual lows she always has to gain attention. I can't believe people still pay attention to her.

3009 days ago


Madonna's on tour? I thought she died years ago. Anyway a lot of people are sensitive about religion so she's taking the easy route to get attention because she HAS NO MUSICAL TALENT. I can't believe people are still falling for her crap. As long as there are idiots there will be Madonna. I think she deserves to be on that cross because she's the anti-christ of women/music/humanity. Welcome to hell folks.

3009 days ago


Do you read your own words? Madonna is the "anit-christ"????

Typcial right-wing babble. You right-wingers are so childish and so bizarre.

Anyone who doesn't drink the kool-aid is the anti-christ.

Scary people.

3009 days ago


Rodney...Christians are people, too.

It hurts my heart to see myself lumped into a group of hateful people. It also hurts me that you hate me just because of my faith.

Sweetheart, please temper your words.

3009 days ago


"Madonna is one of the most talented singers in the world..." ???!! I almost lost my lunch reading that ridiculous statement. It should read "Madonna is one of the best prostitutes in the world." She has prostituted herself in every imaginable way chasing her one true god--the almighty dollar. In reality, she doesn't have a very good voice, and she is really one of the most self-absorbed, arrogant and spot-light hungry celebrities out there. Ignore her, she'll eventually go away.

3009 days ago

yo momma    

i guess you just cant teach an old dog new tricks...get some new material, girl.

3009 days ago

cyndi yates    

although I am sure these celebs may have thier hearts or publicity in the right place,I am totally sick of hearing how all thier money is going to these other countries .Yes, it is very sad to see these children hungry and suffering but people seem to keep forgetting that thousands of children in THIS country are also still hungry and/or homeless.Why are these people who seem to be in a position to help ,not concerned with what is happening right in their own " backyards"?It is and always will be my belief that until all in MY country are fed and housed we shouldn't be spending money elsewhere.That might sound harsh but what if it was your child that had no home to live in or no food to eat?And sadly, even with all our so-called government programs ,we are still a long way off from taking care of our own.

3009 days ago


Religious people should just shut up already. We get it. Let Madonna do what she wants and get on with your life. She's not hurting anybody, but the church just wants to get in on the action by making headlines saying she's doing it as a publicity stunt. Um Duh she's and artist and performer and isn't affraid of people like Mad madge. Why don't you shut your mouth and get on with your life before it's over. Blah Blah Bitch is all your saying. Banning things just make people want more you stupid idiot. Get a life.

3009 days ago


It's Friday and I'm bored at work. Reading these comments really make me LOL because some of them are just so DAMN funny!! I nearly choked on a rice cake (I'm on a diet) reading one of the posts - too, too funny! Some of them come across as no-lifers, some as hypocrites, some as star struck or wannabes and scores of others as just wacky. Gotta love 'em though, they really get me through my day. *GACK!* i need water.....

3009 days ago


Yep # 40, im here killing time from work as well.The woman has money . She can spend it as she wishes. If she's helping starving children, let her be and stop trying to find a reason to bash her. Attacking her artistic value, for those people who still think she has no talent, makes no sense. Take a marketing course in school. You need to have a solid product behind all the marketing ploys; this woman has had the product( her music) for over 20 years. Thats why she is still making millions and being talked about.If thats being over, well damn..where do i sign up?

3009 days ago


I saw this show last month and must say that bit, was absolutely beautiful. Madonna had many messages going on. So what, she was on a cross. People act as if Jesus was the only one who was crucified on a cross. And she should be ashamed because Jesus took his life for "us"? No, he might have died for the people way back then who believed in his way of thinking, but that is it. The Vatican needs to get more modern for crying out loud. Religion causes so many damn problems in this world. Alot of the reasons we are at war, why there is so much hate and prejudice is because of religion. Its ridiculous. "Though shall love thy neighbor," isnt that one of the religions "rules"? That sure isnt happening. Instead of commending Madonna for what she will be doing for thousands of children, you are going to belittle her. You people need help. Go read your bibles and shut your mouths.

3009 days ago
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