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Brangelina's Namibian Sanctuary Up For Auction

8/4/2006 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt / Angelina JolieWhy bother with eBay auctions for Paris Hilton's costume jewelry or Tori Spelling's wardrobe. A true fan goes all out with the purchase of the hotel Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took over for the birth of Shiloh.

Brangelina's hideaway, The Burning Shore resort in Namibia, is reportedly going on the auction block August 30th. The hotel recently became world famous for housing the couple as they awaited the birth of their child Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The couple allegedly paid $2 million to clear out the hotel for 80 days just so they could be alone and insulated from the paparazzi.

The hotel is flanked by the desert and the ocean so you can build sand castles on the beach and snorkel in the sea.

Just pray that Brangelina aren't sentimental and try to return with brood (and paparazzi) in tow.


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3005 days ago

Jo Ann    

Really who cares, I'm sick and tired of hearing about them already, Why didn't they just give the 2 million to those people that they really seem to want to help, instead of wasting that money, I'm sure those people could have done a lot with 2 million dollars.!!!!! They are so plastic

3005 days ago


I care....

She does help the needed....I have one thing to say to Jo Ann Why don't you go out and protes for alcoholics to quit drinking and smoking so they can help the needed instead of taking lifes while DUI, or cause damages. She is not hurting anyone all she wanted was to be in peace with her family and if it takes 2 million and if I had the money I would of done it too.....HATER!

This is not the political site..I think you're lost.....IDIOT

3005 days ago

wendell dixon    

Really who cares....I agree...Brad and Angelina getsway to much airplay...they're mere human beings..not press make them imortal.thats why celebrities feel as though they are above the law..amazing..

3005 days ago


They are such publicity whores. We have all seen Mommy Dearest. I believe she adopted those kids for publicity. And, what mother would sell her child's newborn pictures? It made me sick! They are milking these poor children for all they can. No one else puts their kids out there this much. How many celebrities adopted children? A LOT!! Do we ever see pictures of them or hear about how these children were saved from an orphange? Hell no! Use your kids for publicity Angelina! That's extremely classy (still not as classy as making out with your BROTHER.) Brad's carrer has ended, and, no one cares, sad.

3005 days ago


If you don't care about celebrities and what they are doing then whey are YOU all here at obviously there is a market for this kind of coverage. If there wern't people (like all of us) that read about celebrities, then there would be no need for the paparazzi, in which case this site would not exhist. You're here and reading these stories just like I am. Which is why they get the kind of news coverage they do. Because the viewing public wants the "dirt" on them. If you don't like it then don't read!!!
Bradgalina give millions to their causes and also put there money where their mouth is by participating and being active with them as well. If they want privacy from the paparazzi to have their child and they have the money to do so then good for them. As we have all seen, Paparazzi are very aggessive. If I were Angelina and I was being stalked 24/7 prior to my babys birth, I would shell out the $2 mil for our saftey. Wouldn't you???

3005 days ago


Why do you even do it TMZ? Why do you even bother to write a story about Brad and Angelina. You just like for people to get work up and criticize this poor couple.What Brad and Angelina ought to do is give TMZ the 2 million dollars to stop writing about them. Such hatred towards these people. They gave the money for their baby picture to charity and they even get criticize for that. Brad and Angelina can't win for trying.

3005 days ago


Who cares? This is news?

3005 days ago

Sam Doe    

Speaking of things that have gone wrong, this is a fun video in which one of Tom Cruise's ex-girlfriends talks about Tom's sexual habits and his need to keep his "instrument" pure! She talks about her and Tom doing it "flamingo style" and says that his lawyers made her sign a 42 page contract before she and Tom were allowed to have sex -- a contract specifying the thread count of the sheets, the brand of bottle water served, even the television stations that could be watched. The contract had 13 pages on oral sex alone!

3005 days ago

Go Away    

This is celebrity news site...not world news. If it doesn't interest you then don't read it. They have to have some filler until Mel Gibson's next scandal... :P

3005 days ago

coco puff    

That's it, 2 million, for all that time, jeez. The paparazzi really let me down this time! I bet any pictures taken of them after they shelled out that much, would of been worth 100 times the going rate. Paparazzi my ass. More like p****azzi! Where were the princess Diane chasers?

3005 days ago


96. TMZ.....leave Mel alone already. Talk about hypocrites, TMZ takes the cake. Who does the main stream media glorify? Who in Holly wood is so perfect he or she can cast the first stone? Let's see, we have Johnny Dep who hates America and lives in France so he can smoke better pot but graces the Disney screen as a role model for children. Then there is Kate moss snorting coke with her band boyfriend so young girls can look up to her. Then we have Eminen singing vulgar rap songs about his mother. Robert Downy Jr. is a saint because he has been in rehab so many times...and oh, yes, Britney french kisses Madonna on national TV the same year Janet Jackson bears her breasts. WE won't even mention Michael Jackson. So TMZ, and BARBARA WALTERS, get a life. The man is human, he never claimed to be Jesus Christ. Shape up, Mel. We are pulling for you, and ..God Bless you for being the only man in Hollywood to have the courage of your convictions and the humility to admit your mistakes.

Posted at 5:59PM on Aug 4th 2006 by Katrina

3005 days ago


16. So.....they paid 2 frigging million??? Just for privacy??? Man, you could save a whole African country with 2 million!

* shakes head...doesn't understand decadent humanitarians *
Oh wait...they got 4,5 million for Shiloh, that means 2,5 million profit out of giving birth in Africa

Posted at 4:49PM on Aug 4th 2006 by Lost in Amsterdam

hey stupid, don't you think paying the 2 million for privacy is still going to help out their country. all the money they paid still goes to them. so stop complaining.

3004 days ago

jack..yeah right    

These people went to Namibia and made the government spend tax payers money on security.
They also violated civil liberties (blocking access to public road, limiting press rights etc.)
They insisted giving birth in Namibia YET brought with them american doctor and nurses to perform the C-section.
They claimed to want privacy YET did TWO photoshoots, had an american crew film a part of their journey (why not namibian?) and held a press conference.

They pledged money to Namibia, money that has not yet been received. Much like Cambodia, where Jolie pledged 5 million dollars over 15 years. 4 years have gone by and only 1 million dollars have been given, and that was 4 years ago.
Namibia and Cambodia are never gonna receive the money.

3004 days ago

Be Honest    

They have earned the money to protect their privacy. Who are the people that is upset that Brad and Ang sold their baby pics? Disgruntal paparazi... Besides, they donated the money they earned for their baby pics. Where was this protest when Catherine Zeta Jones and her Husband (who looks more like her grandfather) sold their wedding photos? They certaintly didn't donate the proceeds to charity!

3004 days ago
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