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Carmen Electra is The New Anna Nicole

8/4/2006 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carmen ElectraAnna Nicole Smith allegedly lost all her excess blubber by using the weight loss supplement TrimSpa. Now Carmen Electra is claiming the secret to her slammin' body is not due to good genes, marathon gym sessions or a strict diet, but to a miracle pill named NV.

NV calls itself the world's first beauty-enhancing, weight loss pill and claims its "all-natural complexes help women lose weight by supporting fat loss and appetite suppression, look radiant by improving the health of hair, skin and nails, and feel dynamic by increasing energy levels throughout the day." Got that?

The former Baywatch babe is the spokesperson for the product and says NV is "my secret to maintaining my looks, energy and confidence."

That's all fine and good Carmen, but we still think it's the genes.

With her breakup from estranged husband Dave Navarro, Electra is once again single and ready to mingle.

Regardless of whether Carmen takes NV or not - no offense Anna -but we really like her body!


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Be Honest    

Yeah right! LOL! When have you ever lost a significant amount of weight?

3009 days ago


Fat, thin, fat, thin - who really cares. Just another "drug" to lose weight.

3009 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

It sure works. She lost approximately 155 lbs (Dave Navarro) ha,ha.

3009 days ago


Carmen should be enshrined as a Goddess!!..What a body and face!!!

3009 days ago

the wise old owl    

COME ON OVER THERE HARVY LEVIN. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE BUT THIS POSTING IS VERY WEAK. I could write a better editorial in my sleep than this one. You can do better than this. I STILL LUV YA THOUGH.

I try to stop by everyday and visit your site. Informational and entertaining. YOUR cutting edge news, BEATS OUT SHOWBIZ tonight on CNN. I always get the hot story here 1st. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!! ( I've got great story on HEATHER LOCKLEAR if you need fill space.)

3009 days ago


Has anyone here actually used this stuff? Does it really support your body with "vitamins"?

3009 days ago

Andres Fernando Sierra    

When I saw the picture of the product I thought it was for a new perfume she was hawking and I thought to myself: "A Carmen Electra scent? Who in the HELL wants to smell like a crack whore??!!" Um, crack cocaine IS her drug of choice, nes pas? Or, something like that. Some type of heavy duty narcotic. CLASSY, Carmen!

3009 days ago


Has anyone ever seen Carmen overweight in a picture? I haven't.
Anna Nicole was overweight. Whatever she did was not easy to gget it off. She really got down and in shape. She is a larger frame than Carmen also.
If I took those kind of things I wouldn't be impressed with Carmen as the spokesperson. I think she is beautiful and all but to speak for a diet product? Not!

3009 days ago

Ms. Confessions    

I'm NOT taking anything Anna Nicole used or endorsed...

3009 days ago


Included with every bottle of magical weight loss pills is a diet and exercise plan, or a suggestion that to get the best results, you must eat a healthy diet and exercise. So, basically, you can take a Asprin, eat the proper diet and exercise and you will lose weight and feel better . . .
smiles, Catherine

3009 days ago


I thought she told us her body was due to her new slutty strip tease work out DVD. Which is it Carmen? Make upi your mind! I agree with Catherine. It's diew and exercise. I took Trim Spa and saw no results. The I watched every calorie and hit the gym and that's when I saw the weight come off.

These quick fixes don't work. I saw a Dateline report that showed how they doctor the before and after photos. One company even hired a body builder and asked him to get fat and simply switched the pictures. So those of you wanting to loose weight you have to do the right way. Diet and exercise!!!

You didn;t get fat over night and no miracle pill is gonna take it off overnight either!

These companies are preying on weak overwight women who want to look the celebrities we follow so closely.

When in reality most of them are ugly on the inside!

3006 days ago


Carmen Electra married Dennis i really need to say more. Dennis f*cking Rodman!!???? Dave, dave dave, i haven't a clue what you are many drugs you're taking? You must be taking many to marry that!!!
I don't care how good you look...if you're a're always gonna be a whore.
Puleeeeese Dave, just be glad you're rid of one of the biggest skanky dirty girls in the whole country....eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww....grooossss skanky dirt...

2986 days ago


i love carmen, i've composed at least 5 tunes for her. she likes the music. carmen's the greatest. if she wants jamie foxx, fine. jamie rocks.

wen in santa monica

2978 days ago


as a musician DAVE NAVARROS SUCKS.

2978 days ago

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