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Let the "Idol" Auditions Begin!

8/8/2006 6:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who will rise to the top and be your next "American Idol?" Who's "life is nothing but an awful song?" Season 6 auditions for Los Angeles kicked off Tuesday morning at the world famous Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Calif.

Thousands of "Idol" potentials showed up at the crack of dawn to take a stab at their luck of 'going to Hollywood!' TMZ was on location and caught up with a few "A.I." wannabes - some shared their many talents - and some are (as they sing) "Out of their league once again."

Who will producers push through to the next round to actually sing in front of Simon, Randy and Paula?


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Oh Brother not again, I am so OVER American Idol I wish it would dry up and disappear, (like all of the other shows like it) Hey Hasselhoff your 15 seconds of fame is done!!! we have become a society fixated on reality shows, come on people there is more to life than watching people fail miserably and humiliating themselves on National TV!!!! And havign to listen to Paula and Simon. Hello anyone out there hear of the crisis in Israel and Iraq??

3006 days ago


Lighten up.. It's because of the problems in the world that we need programs like
American Idol. It's entertaining and some of the kids actually have talent. Even the
one's who don't have the balls to get up and sing... And there is always the option of turning the TV off or turning the channel...............Jolene

3006 days ago

a lukebenward (losing his virginty @ age 11) fan    

That f**king fixed show hasn't given the world a finalist to give a damn about since Clay Aiken lost to that fatass mediocre talent, Ruben Studdard.

(click on my link)

3006 days ago


I don't know what the point is to this show because the winners (Tayor Hicks) never become actual entertainers.

3006 days ago


Oh! Me! Oh! My!....People, People, can't you hear yourself, so sound like dog poo poo, and your friends and family, can't be upfront with you say so BLOW.. and let the people with talent sing..Thank You and Have Great Day...LOL!!!!!!!!!

3006 days ago


I look forward to seeing American Idol each week, especially when they are down to the top 12. I could do without seeing most of the contestants with no talent. I like to vote for my favorites.

3006 days ago


I enjoy American Idol, So You Think YOu Can Dance, and America's Got Talent because it's the only live entertainment on television in prime time. Hey, I miss Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen. We need some live performing entertainment on TV and the big audiences prove there is a demand for it.

3005 days ago


who cares about these people? my friend ryan chambers is going on to the next round! he's not allowed to say anything, but i never promised anyone...everyone should vote for a guy who sings like a man.

3005 days ago


I have loved AI since season one. As far as people thinking there have been no successful winners, they obviously haven't followed up on their information or have narrow opinions of success. I think the show has a positive focus, and offers a chance of a lifetime to some talented people who may have had a hard time getting exposure otherwise. When America isn't following the political mumbo-jumbo and the depressing news reports... AI offers a great reprieve. I will continue to support the show and look forward to the folly and success. That's what makes it a "reality" show.

3005 days ago


American Idol is a fast track to fame. Where else can the talented kids get a chance to sing and show their talent., and be seen by millions. Sure most can't sing, but it does not hurt to let them try. Those of you that have no interest in Music, get a hobby and make yourselves productive. The rest of us will enjoy the show for another season.

3005 days ago


People, you want reality show's then watch the news channel about how the greenhouse effects our earth and what we can do about it instead of these silly a..'s shows.That my friends is REALITY!!

3005 days ago


I love the first few CRAZY episodes but then that's about it! I also think I would rather see the panel judge the winner. I know that Simon is a little controversial but 9 outta 10 times I agree with his decisions.

3005 days ago

Donna in Texas    

In My HuMbLe Opinion: American Idol is fun and entertaining. It will fail the day it becomes too serious's so much fun to see the good singers and the "um...noooo's" has been proven time and time again on national television that people really do think they sound *that good*, so that when rejection comes and they face simon they cry, cuss, stomp and flip the proverbial bird. personally i love simon, he's needed on that show, he has a natural ear and talent for hearing the unhearable ..and showing them the exit. there's no sense for production companys to fiddle faddle around with someone who sounds like a sick 'culture fool', to borrow a phrase from Mr. T.
Simon: may your days be horrible headache producing nightmares and our nights worse, we love you! Paula, have another drink ; randy, have another cheesburger and fries. American Idol will be around for a little while.

3005 days ago


I like the show. It takes guts for those kids to get up there and try. I don't always agree with Simon's comments but that is part of the show and it keeps it interesting. and after all he has free speech also. America needs more young people that are willing to try to do something with thier lives. Hey, where else could William Hung have ever gottent Famous??

3005 days ago


Yes....the show is silly, but endearing and my 10 year old likes it and makes me and her Dad watch it with her. AND guess what? We got hooked on it, too!! If nothing else, watching the show brings the family together to share thoughts, discuss, ridicule and critique; spend a little extra quality time together when we might otherwise be doing seperate things. During the course of last years Idol, many discussions came up in our family regarding the nature of the music business for "real" musicians, and how much work and training goes into being a professional singer and just how difficult it is to chose a career path in music for most people, not to mention how long it takes to "make it" in the business. The truly talented usually shine through, even Taylor Hicks, and there are many professional musicians out there I am sure who know Idol is not the "real way" it's done, but still watch and envy those who have the guts to audition and go through a very grueling, tedious process of re-auditioning and judging. The fast track to getting a major label record deal, access to the best writers and producers in the business, and the press and publicity is a dream come true for a young singer! Yes, and it does seem the producers have a knack for picking contestants that cover the extreme variety of American tastes. But be honest, how many of us, even professionals, could have cut it on American Idol when we were 16 years old?! The show is for that demographic (10 to 20 year olds)! Taylor Hicks at 29 just made the cut (a contestant must be between 16 and 29 years old), and he proved that it's still "hip to be square". These contestants are reflections of American society! The soap opera personalities of judges makes Idol all the more hilarious! Silly stuff! Much better than some shows on TV! It's more entertaining than watching Spongebob and safer (for 10 year olds) than watching The Simpsons!! Long may the Idol banner wave!

3004 days ago
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