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Lindsay on Sex, Paris, Those Late Nights and... Iraq!

8/8/2006 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan gives a raw and uncensored interview in the new issue of Elle magazine.
Lindsay Lohan in ELLE
The tabloid princess
, who has been linked to a rotating roster of young Hollywood men, reveals, "I don't want to put myself in a monogamous relationship right now. I'm not dating just one person." Hopefully this isn't news to Harry Morton.

The single starlet goes on to say, "...if the sex is bad, the relationship's not going anywhere."

One relationship that isn't going anywhere is her much-publicized feud with Paris Hilton. Lindsay insists that she hasn't seen the infamous Brandon Davis "firecrotch" tirade video featuring Paris and lashes out against the hotel heiress saying, "Obviously, she's very comfortable making videos, " an evident reference to a certain homemade X-rated Hilton film that made the rounds a few years back. Maybe you've heard of it?

La Lohan's late-night antics have also come under much scrutiny ever since the CEO of the production company of her latest film, "Georgia Rule," issued a letter lambasting her on-set absences due to what he said was her "heavy partying."

But Lindsay insists, "I can handle later hours! And I have a rule: I have to be home before the sun comes up or I start panicking. Unless it's, like, your birthday or whatever." Looks like "whatever" to Lohan means weekdays.

As far as what the future holds, the "Mean Girls" star says she wants to emulate Marilyn Monroe and go to Iraq (with Hillary Clinton!) to shock and awe the troops.

Lohan admires Monroe because she's "this beautiful sex kitten, who's basically a pinup, which is what I've always wanted to be." To that we say: Mission accomplished!

Check out the entire candid interview in the September issue of Elle on newsstands now.


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Adrienne Smith    

She has to be home before the sun comes up? What is she? A vampire? The sad part about this is that Lindsay Lohan, unlike Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Kimberly Stewart, and the rest of that crowd actually has some talent. Too bad she's squandering it. Her parents should be horse-whipped.

2936 days ago


oh that is just sad....she aspires to be a pinup? I hope she really isn't a role model for young girls cuz dang...that's just pathetic

2936 days ago


Nice Lindsay.............the war in Iraq is a prom and you want to be the prom queen.
Do you actually want to go and help people or just pass out pictures of yourself to the troops? You are so immature! The police should bust you for underage drinking, you seriously like what they do in the real world?

2936 days ago


OH ..........and Puleeze! The men and women in Iraq have been through enough, don't torture them further!

2936 days ago


What is with all these young idiots aspiring to be Marilyn Monroe (or like Paris thinking they are on the same iconic level). What a bunch of deluded idiots. I don't really like any of them (Paris, Kimberly stewart or Lindsay Lohan) but I really wish that she'd give it to Paris with both barrels. She could easily kick that twit's ass (Paris). As well, why doesn't Kimberly Stewart get a nose job, God she is hideously ugly. Talk about being a coat tail rider...she's as ugly as a pile of dog shit. The only one that deserves any props for being smart, sexy and having any style is Nicole Richie...she should gang up with Lohan and beat the shit out of Paris Hilton. Hopefully they could do it in such a way that she'd have to have her jaw wired shut for a few months. I think we could all use a few months off of Paris comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe.

As well, why does this poster keep trying to get everyone to look at Tom Cruise videos...he's an idiot too and will hopefully crash and burn at his next film.

2936 days ago


Lidsey speaking about Iraq? That stupid girl ! B4 you speak about Iraq you need to do soemthing goof for someone else other them your friends and family. And Yeah, Im not talking about Doggy Style F*cking and Blow jobs! Niether Am I talking about cocaine, bulemia, Corona Light or Cigarrets. WHY DONT YOU GO SHOPPING FOR DUTCH BAGS BEFORE YOU RUN OUT OF IT!

2936 days ago

Alex Rogers    

What a ho.

I saw both Paris videos, and they were great. So get over yourself stinky-crotch. This slut should make a porn, it would be better than all her other films. Just so long as the movie isnt made with smell-o-vision.

2936 days ago


i cant believe she said if the sex isnt any good
the relationship isnt going anywhere!
shes 20 yrs old and spends most nights runnig
around drinking and sleeping with people
what a ditz hope she uses condoms
that just gross

2936 days ago


The main difference between Marilyn Monroe and La Lohan is that MM was a woman, and Lohan is has a little boy's body with breast implants.

2936 days ago


She wants to be like Marilyn? If she keeps up the partying and hard lifestyle she just may get her wish! Careful what you wish for. Remember she is dead from her partying. I gaurantee you won't die a legend if you go early. You will just be remembered as a spoiled little brat!

2936 days ago


PFFFFFFFF.... more like Mission: Impossible!

2936 days ago


#5 Marilyn Monroe is harldy a role model, she was a 1950's version of Paris Hilton - Bad actress, terrible singer, publicity whore, drug abuser and slept around with every guy in hollywood not to mention her 3 failed marriages. As much as I liked Marilyn Monroe she was NO ROLE MODEL for young or older girls. As far as Lindsay is conserined at least she is speaking openly and honestly and doesnt cover her indescretions up. She out right tells us that she plays the field. Unlike Paris and Marilyn who try to make you think they are good girls with a bad rap! yea right! at least L Lohan admits what she is....

2936 days ago


shaddup already!

2936 days ago


this girls needs a whooping!!!

2936 days ago

Yo mama    

I think someone who would talk about another persons private parts is tacky and immature and needs a butt whooping. You can say what you want about Lindsay but that guy needs someone to teach him manners and needs to grow up fast!
Dont worry Lindsay, hes a loser and a jerkoff!

2936 days ago
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