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for 'Weeds'

8/9/2006 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought that Showtime was high on the second season of its budding sitcom "Weeds," you're absolutely right. Their extensive marketing push in advance of the show's August 14th premiere is a stoner's delight, with brownies, "Munchie Mobiles" passing out edibles all over the country, and a magazine ad that's sure to make delicate noses scrunch up in puzzlement -- or perhaps inhale with pleasure.

In the August 24 issue of Rolling Stone, on newsstands this Friday, Showtime has placed a scent-strip ad (you know, the kind that you pull open to reveal, normally, perfume or cologne) that smells suspiciously like the flowering plant known scientifically as Cannabis sativa. (Not that we know what that smells like, of course. We'll let you make up your own mind about the quality of the grade.) The critically-acclaimed "Weeds" tells the story of a suburban mom (Mary-Louise Parker) who sells marijuana to make ends meet for her family.

Next Monday, the day of the premiere, Showtime will also be handing out brownies all over New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston, and the network has already dispatched "Munchie Mobiles" passing out Frito Lay and Ben & Jerry's products starting today in New York, with additional stops on the Jersey Shore, in Boston, and in Newport, RI.


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yummm! i want one!!!!!!!!!

2975 days ago


yummm! i want one!!!!!!!!!

2975 days ago



2975 days ago


Excuse me.. is the bus coming to DC? I feel left out... I want a brownie too!

2975 days ago

NTV/NAT Group, Ltd.    

I want, I want, I want. Alas, you can't even access the Showtime website ( from Canada. :-( Viacom sux.

2975 days ago


Very good show. It's very funny and for those of us who lived through the 70'd it a must see.

2975 days ago


I watched every episode, and every re-run. The show is amazing! If you havent seen it, you're missing out. Its a must watch. A suberban mom sells weed in the form of smoke and munchies out of her little bakery, and all the funny mishaps on the way make the show the best show this year!

Cant help the drooling throughout the show either....yummmmm....

2975 days ago



2975 days ago


My favorite show. Mary-louise Parker is soooo hot. I don't even do weed and i'd buy a dime bag. Her youngest son is off the chain and her brother is an evil genius. I don't even mess with the big three networks anymore. When you can turn to showtime for programming of this calibur, King of Queens can get the bozak!

2975 days ago


This is one of the best shows on television. Rent it from netflix if you haven't and get caught up on the happenings of season 1! Mary-Louise parker is phenomenal as are the rest of the cast, especially the children actors. LOVE THIS SHOW! Desperate housewives meets cheech and chong.

2975 days ago


This is very funny TV show, although I cannot stand the character of MLP's deadbeat brother. Maybe it's the actor -- I cannot watch when he is on.

I hate to bring everybody down, but there are people all this country in jail at this
time for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Some people in Texas are doing 15 years for a few lousy joints.This show makes it look oh-so-fun to be a drug dealer, but they don't point out the reality of what would happen if any of these people got caught. it's a far cry from the tony digs of pseudo-suburbia to California Women's prison where many a gal of color is rotting her bones for selling a coupla bags of weed.

Just my 2 cents, so everyone got eat a brownie.

2974 days ago


You're saying this show is bad yet I'm sure you watch Desperate Housewives with a bunch of whores that are unfaithful. It's called being responsible for your actions, when you do something illegal, you run the risk of getting caught. It's a TV Show, it's FICTION. This is like trying to ban books and music because people are too stupid to know what's right and wrong....great parenting!

2974 days ago


Love the idea. Hate that I cant get showtime tho. I just cant believe they are allowed to show that but then again they show alot of other stuff that also probably shouldn't be on tv. It seems as hard as they are trying to crack down on drugs they wouldn't, it may be a ploy to get more people to do it (or be more open about it) so they can arrest more. LOL. I know all too well the set backs of just simple possession. a $50 bag could cost ya over $1500 and a yr probation. ya gotta take the bad with the good i guess. All I can say is can I pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeee have a brownie???

2972 days ago


Weeds season 2 has been leaked and is now availible for download the new season is great everyone will love it and they redid the theme song im not going to give any spoilers to make people mad but its good stuff.

2970 days ago

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