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Um, WHAT????

8/9/2006 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Hogan, daughter of wrestling star Hulk Hogan, stopped by the offices of the soon-to-be web only TEEN PEOPLE to discuss her new single, "About Us."


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ManBearPig Huntress    

Wow...that's not a forehead---that's an EIGHThead!

2998 days ago


anyone else think she looks suspiciously simililar to Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles? Think in the car with head gear!

2998 days ago

Janet Jenkins    

Remember Roxette? She's got "The Look." What a shame cuz her bone structure is gorgeous. Girlfriend is definitely trippin'. (My guess,ecstasy), The Hulkster is about to reap what he has sown by being such a strict controlling overprotective motherfucker.

2998 days ago


I didn't know Bridgette Nielson and Flavor Flav had a daughter!!!!!!

2998 days ago


i DIG THE GRILLZ< bad hair, bad photo> would look hot in a club w ur hair down not so much on the red carpet. (but now we know u got some gear and u floss it.. better next time. Love you, ur show, ummmm music not soo much but keep on truckin sista.
P.S> And i know ur not on drugs. anyone with a half wit can see that.

2998 days ago


Is brook losing her hair ?Up front it looks like she has no hair. Brook looks like a total freek in that picture!!!!!!

2998 days ago


wow..she looks just like her tranny-looking mother. she looks freaking ridiculous with that "grill"...girl must be trying to be black

2998 days ago


I dont understand. She was so cute 2 years ago. Now, this hairdo, the prom dress website, and the GRILLZ? Its awful. You honestly cant tell the difference between her and her mama anymore.
Hulk is the pretty one of the house, and her brother is going the way of Randy Spelling. haha.

2998 days ago


I think she is very pretty, but she needs to take that thing out of her mouth and why are her eyes dialtated? I hope she isn't over loaded on drugs. Oh, #45 I think her hair loss is from hair extensions.

2998 days ago


Grillz plus the possiblity that one day she will fly into an episode of "roid rage" mean only one thing...Never let her preform oral sex on you.

2998 days ago


That's my daughter your talking about you pansy a** mother f*****(edit). The comments of Mr. Hogan have been edited out. Please continue to LYAO.

2998 days ago


I can't believe all of the racial comments on here. Paul Wall is white and he is the king of grills. I guess none of you have seen the video. I don't think it is the best look either but to make so many black comments is wrong. I love it that she is having fun with her career. Love the new song as well.

2998 days ago


If you watch the show, her mom is always after them to 'Do more eye makeup, darker eyes!" The mom ALWAYS wears black eyemakeup like Elvira and they both have the same thin, limp peroxide blonde hair.

The daughter is at least pretty because she is young, the mom is already old and used up. The wigger look is not the best look for this chick...

The only reason she has a career at all is because of the dad. On the show they show the record company saying to her " You are an example of how if you are talented and weork hard you can achieve yur dreams"

MY ASS!! I know a lot of people WAY moire talented than her and they can't even get near the record company PARKING LOT. She got where she is because of her connections, which is fine, but don't try to portray it as she is there because she is the most talented. It aint true people. If it was they wouldnthave to have her dad at all her shows announcing her . People hear he will be there and they show up to see him, not her skank ass.

2998 days ago


bhahaha she an idiot who would do that?

2998 days ago


Qwen #24 Do you have a hard on for censorship? Some people use a few bad words so what? I find it hard to belive you never heard of these words until you came to this site. TMZ put her picture hear yes but they did not put that crap in her teeth and style her hair, she did. TMZ did not post it to be mean or nasty. Brook thinks she looks good and maybe other people will also.

2998 days ago
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