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Matt & Lance -- BFF

8/10/2006 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong have been inseparable of late -- they run, they bike, they club -- they do all sorts of things together.

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Both Matt and Lance are from Texas and both are big Longhorn fans. Maybe the best video TMZ has EVER put together. Take a look -- pleez!!!


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joey infante    

Great! So what if they are pulling a gay is love and it has many faces and it makes for great publicity..they are both gorgeous..i'm soooo jealous..go boys..will you adopt babies too?

2997 days ago

Mike McDonald    

Lance and Matthew, Wow! My, oh, My! Two symbols of masculinity for the 21st Century gone gay? As a gay Viet Nam vet, a 9/11 survivor and a partner with my lover of over 27 years, I would love to congratulate these two handsome virile icons, one an international sports hero and the other a box office sensation and wish them both all the happiness life has to offer! Just watch out for those right-wing fanatical hate-mongers will try to use your lifestyle against you!
You're living the truth of who you really are, so be proud! I salute you! Right on, guys!

2997 days ago


They are sexy!!!

2997 days ago

Gina G.    

Next thing you know Matt will release a statement like Oprah's. Matt please don't go over to the other side!

2997 days ago


Okay, I dont think that Matt and Lance are gay. And while I agree that every gay man wants to believe that they are gay, all those who post admantly that they are not gay as if being gay is an insult. Being thought of being gay isnt a bad thing like being a drug addict or a child molester. People need to be open minded and even if they are gay, WHO CARES??? They should be left in peace, regardless of who they choose to sleep with! Maybe they are bi!

2996 days ago


wow!!! Hot Hot Hot

2996 days ago

DustinDiamond does the DirtySanchez    

...As gay as the day is long!

Plus, rumor has it Matt has a small (circumutilated) d*ck.

2996 days ago


#6 roxy, I'm not bashing you. Just want to make a point regarding your comment, which I am glad you stated, cause i think they've got hot bodies too. But when I read your comment, I kinda felt like it was stooping to certain guys' levels who place a pressure for women to look a certain way. If i heard a guy state, "Now that is the epitome of a female figure." And they were looking at some hot model's body, I'd be a little pissed. I'd be like, 'that's so unrealistic' and ' how can you imagine that when 90% of women don't look that way.' I think if we changed the way beauty was looked at, I think certainly both men and women would change their stance on what was the typical beautiful body. Remember back in the romance age or Renaissance or (who knows) chubby women were considered beautiful. Now it's hard for them to even get a date sometimes or to go out with a hot guy or pressured to stay skinny. People always talk about how obesity causes health problems. But at the same time, what about anorexia or skinniness? Nobody points out how being too skinny, whether naturally or not, can also be a health problem. You may feel good being skinny and you may feel good being fat, but is it healthy?

2996 days ago

Robert L. Muniz    

Two great men, get over the gossip. Nobody should care.

2996 days ago


HYSTERICAL!! My first visit here and it's a total hoot! :-)

But I also have to wonder....."what if?" I mean, suppose you saw those two going at it like in a make-out scene from Queer As Folk.. I'd expect "That loud thud you just heard ladies and gentlemen, was the sound of millions of jaws hitting the floor."

They know "how it looks", and they really win no matter what.

If "they are", it's the ultimate irony to flaunt it ,still not confirm it, get loads of publicity, and not worry about getting caught bumping uglies..

If "they aren't" they still get loads of pubicity.

Isn't there an old joke or saying in Hollywood that goes like "Even bad publicity is good publicity"?

2996 days ago

Sally Wieck    

Matt tries too hard to be a stud. It is almost obvious that the is "over correcting" on his image. Hmm, wonder what the attraction is with Lance. But then again, Lance seems to like it. Hmm, wonder again.

2995 days ago


BROkeBack Malibu never looked so GOOD! NOw that Matt has dumped the bitch and switched, there'll be a happy ending! What a HOT couple...OF GUYS!!!!!!!! Got a few Marine Buds just back from Iraq I can hook them each up with if this new Hollywood couple ever breaks up, but I wish them both the best...loks like true Love !! Can they adopt in California? I think so....Now if Vince will just come to HIS senses and leave Jen to gal-pal Andrea Bendawald, and Clooney would settle down with one his Brentwood "Poker Buddies" or that cute little Italian Guy everybody could live happily ever after and STILL have successful careers like Rosie and Ellen, (except maybe Affleck and Damon and Cruise, they don't have the balls Brad has to not care- or wives with as much pr power)....sigh....Oh how happy Sandra Bullock would be to be an out-of-the-closet faghag...Maybe Sandra could introduce Vince to Keanu!!!!............Eat your hearts out Ladies...cause THESE guys ain't gonna!!

2995 days ago

Sarina Sweezer    

Damn it Mathew! Damn that white boy looks good!

2995 days ago


Another movie in the making this time it will be broke back bikin who really cares cant guys just be gay I meant BFF with out a title keep on running guys I like you both

2995 days ago


Absolutely lame. Big a** deal, they hang out together.

Oh. My. God. They're...they're...BUDDIES!! Stop the f***ing presses! I won't take my next s*** until I know more, I swear!!

The Bin Ladens and the Bushes--now there's a grouping you should truly worry about.

2995 days ago
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