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Stop That Hilton Auction!

8/10/2006 4:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonDavid Hans Schmidt is trying to make good on his threat to stop an eBay auction of Paris Hilton's personal items.

As first reported by TMZ, Paris and sister Nicky hired a small moving company to move and store their belongings at a Los Angeles facility. The moving company failed to make the payments to the facility and the items were sold at a blind auction.

Mysteriously, items began appearing on eBay, mostly costume jewelry claiming to be from the auctioned off storage unit. Then "celebrity agent" and so-called Sultan of Sleaze David Hans Schmidt got wind of the auction. Schmidt claims he has the contractual rights to the items and has sent eBay a cease and desist letter asking for the immediate stop to the auctions of Paris' stuff. The letter says that if eBay does not comply with his demands, his next step will be to seek a court-ordered injunction.

As of press time, Paris' stuff was still for sale.

TMZ contacted Elliot Mintz, Paris' rep, who told us "I believe these items of a personal, sentimental nature should be returned to Paris. That's my only interest in the matter."

Read the cease and desist letter.


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All these so called fans have got to realize what an evil person she is. Did everyone forget the Brandon incident or was that all in their imagination? Only a low life moron would act the way she did and you know damn well she was egging him on, taking advantage of his intoxication to say all the things she really wanted to say. That was just pure ugly just like her and I truly believe that's the real Paris, not the one she portrays to the world, with that f***cked up baby voice and sweet demeanor. Watch the video again, incase you forgot. As for her sh*t they're selling on ebay, good for them, it's about time someone has some guts and really expose her and her BS.

2995 days ago


There is no deals on the Paris junk stuff. The seller looks like he is having many people bid on the items to drive up the prices. The tape is for sure only has bids from the sellers friends none at all are real bids. What a rip off.

2992 days ago


nyvicky, are you psychic or what? I do not think I have ever heard someone so completely unhappy. How is it you are the only person that seems to "know" this incredible inside information? Maybe if you spent a little more time on your grammar you would not sound like such an idiot, you say, "The tape is for sure only has bids" , exactly what is that supposed to mean? Let me clear it up for you and anyone else, obviously the ebay seller is not the person that owns the items, only an agent helping to sell the items, how many friends could someone have placing bids, look at the number of items being sold and the number of bids,it is impossible. As for if there are deals or not, I now see feedbacks coming in from the first buyers and they seem pretty happy with the purchase. Exactly what are you so upset about? Are you pissed you can’t afford to spend 50 or 60 bucks on some costume jewelry to play dress up and make believe your Paris? The marketplace dictates the price items sell for so either bid or shut up. The video will either sell or it will not, so bid or shut up.

2992 days ago


it was my understanding that storage facilities have the right to sell unclaimed/unpaid for storage (after a specific time), however, the tmz report states, "The moving company failed to make the payments..." is that a mistake?

2990 days ago


v, you are correct on both issues. When the rent goes unpaid for a specific time period, normally 90 days, the storage facility auctions the enclosed items and sells the contents to the highest bidder. The lock is cut off in front of whomever is in attendance for the auction and the door is opened. Everyone has the same opportunity to see whatever you can see without actually going inside. This is where the gamble comes in. You may be bidding on a room full of cardboard boxes with who knows what in them. All these people that keep saying things like the person selling the items is a sleeze have no clue what they are talking about. The exact same thing that happens with cars every day. When a car is towed and the owner fails to pay the tow/storage bill the vehicle has a lein placed against it and it is sold to recoup the charges owed. If this was her car i seriousely doubt anyone would be calling the person that bought it a sleeze for selling it at a profit. The whole idea is to be able to sell what you buy for a profit, it just so happens in this case the person whom the items originally belonged to is famous and the items have great value. As for the moving co. issue, they were contracted to move and store the items, they failed to pay the storage company and thus they items were sold at auction. If there is any liability it would be with the moving company for breech of contract.

2988 days ago
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