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'Dirty' Prince Harry

Strikes Back

8/15/2006 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

william_harry_wi_tmz-1Prince Harry finds himself in another flap over controversial tabloid photos, and his representatives have asked the newspaper that published them to make a correction to the accompanying story -- though they do not dispute the authenticity of the actual pictures.

The Sun tabloid, in this morning's editions, splashed a photo of the Prince with his hand cupped unambiguously under the right breast of a comely blonde, identified as Natalie Pinkham, a friend, while his brother Prince William chatted in the background at a London nightclub. The implication of the story is that the younger Prince was cavorting with Pinkham this summer, in the absence of his girlfriend of more than a year, Chelsy Davy.

However, Prince Charles' press office tells TMZ that they have asked The Sun to correct their story and make it clear that the pictures were taken three years ago, before Prince Harry was dating Davy, and in a different nightclub than the one named in The Sun. They did not dispute the authenticity of the actual photos, but would not elaborate on the relationship between the Prince and Ms. Pinkham.

The Sun's reps told The Guardian newspaper, "We bought the photographs and negatives of our favorite playboy Prince which were taken in a popular London venue attended by members of the public. There is absolutely no question over their authenticity." The Prince of Wales' press office told TMZ that no legal action is currently being taken, and that it is still unclear what will happen should the Sun fail to accede to their request.


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WOW, he thinks people wouldn't find out? You play with fire, you get burned.

2989 days ago


Prince Harry is so hot.

This is definitely an old photo because Prince William still has a decent amount of hair.

2989 days ago


He's just a guy. No different from any American perverted man out there. Except he is born into privilege and title. So what??? She let him.

2989 days ago


I think the press goes overboard when it comes to the royals. I cannot imagine that intelligent beings consider a photograph of the young Prince Harry with his hand in an inappropriate position newsworthy. If one does, one has no life or a very dull one. The young princes no doubt act just as most young men do.

It is a sad commentary on todays morals that ALL young people act as if they are amoral.

One would hope that these bottom feeding "newspeople" will in time decide that such stupid and uninteresting stories are not what sell papers, other than to a certain "element" that enjoys seeing ANYONE in a poor situation.

2989 days ago


I think this guy is a little perv. Being royality does not give him a free ticket to touch boobs (you can tell they are as fake as fake can be) as much as he wants. I think he is totally ugly inside and out, and if he touched my daughter, I'd smack him no matter who he was. I guess I still wonder who his father really is. He sure doesn't look anything like Charles. In fact, I read a story one time on some horse rider friend of Diana's and he looks amazingly just like this guy. That family is a mess, and look what getting a virgin got Charles. A woman he didn't really love, and a broken home for these two guys. He should have married Camilla in the first place and had ugly children with her.

2989 days ago


Why are people paying soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much attention to this. Let them be men for God's sake. I mean it is enough pressure on them being royal and having the world look at you you through a microscope. Let them have their fun. Even if they are royal, the young lady let him put his hand on her breast.

The only thing this story told us about Prince Harry is that when opportunity knocked he opened the door and she shows no signs of smacking his hand down . . . so she must have liked it!!!!!

2989 days ago


Uhhh...Ummm...Donna. Not to point out the painfully obvious, but you ARE the one on TMZ reading all of these stories. So, apparantly these stories that the supposed evil newspeople are coming up with are pretty interesting to you, otherwise why would you be here reading? As long as you continue to read and provide support to their website...the newspeople will continue to fetch the stories that you are creating a demand for.

2989 days ago


Leave the poor lads alone!

2989 days ago


the only reason the media is paying so much attention to him is because he's part of the royal family. they're only famous for being wealthy and nothing else.

2989 days ago


The only thing strange about the story is that Harry might have thought there weren't cameras around. He's a Prince for goodness sake, there will always be paparazzi around. Sorry Harry! Also, how is his behavior different than 90% of the male population in the states? Go to a club or a bar, have a few drinks, and there's bound to be some groping involved. Girls like the attention and let the boys grab hold. It's just the way life is these days.

2989 days ago


Hmmm...I just wonder where he learned such "royal" behavior? Has anyone pointed a finger at his famously disgusting father, Charlie-boy? Does anyone else vividly remember the disgusting discussion he and his hag, Camilla had and how he wished he was a feminine hygeine product? His father showed tremendous disrespect for his mother, publicly and privately, and now we expect him to follow a higher road? Poor Diana... she must be heartbroken seeing how her beloved son has turned out.

2989 days ago


Harryl ooks like that redhead guy that Diana had an affair with? Can't think of his name?

2989 days ago


God -- I just think the picture is a HOOT! Two royal brothers, drinking and groping... I can only imagine the look on the Queen's face when she saw it. I can also imagine the look on Prince Charles' face -- I'm sure he was quite proud (the chick in the pictures is just slightly more handsome than Camilla... more like a young Camilla with bolt-ons...)

Agree with the post critizicing Donna (or Dona?) about her criticisms of the media. We all come here for the dirt and TMZ serves it up. You can't bite the hand that feeds...

2989 days ago


Roberta -- LOVED your line about him marrying Camilla in the first place and having ugly children with her!

BTW, I also heard that Harry was actually the son of a red-headed soccer player that Diana had an affair with... I hate talking about her in death, tho, so I'm going to sign off now.

2989 days ago


Wow, a group of twenty-something youths going out for a night on the town, getting drunk and acting flirtatiously toward one another. ALERT THE PRESS! hysterical, as if this doesn't happen in every bar/ nightclub in the world on any give friday night.

2989 days ago
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