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Help Me Tom Cruise!

8/15/2006 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... Tom Cruise?

After Cruise and fiancée Katie Holmes gave an assist to a car accident victim last Saturday on a Los Angeles freeway, it's now time to anoint the "Mission Impossible" star with superhero status. You see for Cruise, saving people from distress isn't reserved for just the big screen. Over the years, Tom has used a multitude of superpowers to help those in need.

Tom Cruise in Superman pose

Super Agility
In 1996, Cruise wasn't involved in just one perilous situation, but three! In March, he came to the aid of a hit-and-run victim in Los Angeles, summoning an ambulance, following her to the hospital and then paying her $7,000 emergency-room bill. "If he's not Superman," Heloisa Vinhas told PEOPLE, "he can be Batman."

Super Sight
Then in August, while sailing the Mediterranean off the island of Capri, Cruise, with wife-at-the-time Nicole Kidman, spotted a sailboat on fire and its five passengers floating on a raft nearby. Cruise immediately sent over his yacht's skiff -- arriving shortly before the sailboat sank. After the incident, Cruise's publicist at the time proclaimed, "If I ever get in trouble, I hope Tom Cruise is nearby." Note to publicist -- the yacht staff also comes in handy.

Super Strength
Later that year, at the British premiere of the first "Mission Impossible," Cruise spotted two young boys getting crushed against barricades by the crowd. Cruise lifted Laurence Sadler, 7, and Christos Tzanetis, 13, to safety. "We are very grateful to Tom," one of the boys' mother said afterwards.

Super Speed
In 1998, Tom rushed to the aid of a woman being mugged in London. The woman in peril, who could have lost nearly $150,000 in jewels, told a local paper after the incident, "Tom was brilliant. He rushed down the road with his bodyguards and chased the attackers away."

So the next time you find yourself in a life-and-death predicament, before you dial 911, perhaps you should look around -- Cruise could be lurking about to save the day.


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Please...just let it go! He is a freak no matter what!

2960 days ago

Tazz Devil    

Did I miss something? Did the first line not refer to "Tom Cruise and his wife, Katie Holmes." Did they get married?

2960 days ago


And he's great at faking a baby, too!!

2960 days ago

the kid    

What would p*ssyboy do without staff or bodyguards around?... after all, he's only what, 5' 1"? Iggy Pop sang about him.

2960 days ago


Look's Dee Dee Dee to the rescue!!!

2960 days ago


People forget how nice tom cruise can be. They don't like him because he's public about his spirituality/religious practices. Like mel gibson. These are people who are hated in a non-secular society. Madonna managed to make her religious trendy - well it is an off sect of judaism so maybe that helps in hollywood. But she never preaches about it publically or is insulting or questioning of other practices so maybe that helps.

I would hope people lay off the tom cruise bashing soon. It's tiring i don't think he's as horrible as people make him out to be.

2960 days ago


This "GJ" person needs to stop advertising. LOSER.

2960 days ago

just me    

I bet he hired people to endanger themselves so he could rescue them

2960 days ago


#8 is dillusional. He recrutes people to be in a cult.

2960 days ago

Sue Russell    

I'm very tired of Tom Cruise!

2960 days ago

Susan Ward    

Tom Cruise is a celebrity and as such is big news. He is in the limelight whether he does a good deed (such as helping others) or what is perceived as unorthodox behavior. I am glad he stands up for what believes in and not afraid of what others might think. He is comfortable with himself and in the end that is what life is about isn't ?

2960 days ago


This twitchy little midget has an obsessive need to set up these "situations" and be the hero whenever his popularity rating is on the skids. First, how hard was it to pull the limo over and use a cell phone to call for assistance? That's a hero?

The family that had the sailboat fire stated that they never even glimpsed this Lilipution idiot, rather that his crew handled the transfer to the Coast Guard, yet he steps up to take all the credit. What a sick person he is. Short and sick.

2960 days ago


I am glad Katie and Tom have a baby. I am just wondering who the father is.

2960 days ago


.. He's getting what he wanted tho !! If I remember right, before the too-young Katie and the where-is-it-anyway baby came along, you didn't hear too much about him... Seems he was fading into the woodwork (as he should be!) ... but now, you cant turn on your computer, stand in a checkout line at the store, or open a magazine without seeing his too-toothy grin staring back at you ... Good for his ego, maybe, but it's really getting old for the rest of us.... also, the one on here who suggested he may be hiring people to 'save', may not be sitting too far from the truth... the guy's gone over the edge... rating right up there with Michael Jackson

2960 days ago


i believe it is his scientology clan creating these stunts so he rescue all these people and can look good in the public eye. It just seems strange that he has had to save that many people.

2960 days ago
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