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The Duffs as the New Hiltons?

8/15/2006 5:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Haylie & Hilary Duff: Click to watchIn their new film "Material Girls," Hilary and Haylie Duff play bratty heiresses on a search for a conscience.

"They are materialistic, they do live this life where they don't care about too much and don't have very much responsibility," says Hilary about their characters which certainly made the two channel their inner Hiltons.

Perhaps taking a jab at Paris and Nicky, Hilary added, "there's a lot of people out there, they don't seem normal either. They just seem like they go about life."

Even director Martha Coolidge admitted "the phenomena of Paris" may have inspired the original writers but for the Duff sisters it was the chance to work together that made them sign on.

"It actually felt really normal and it was really easy for us," said Haylie, "We are really close in real life. We felt lucky that we had the opportunity to do it."

"Material Girls" opens Friday.


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I think Hilary and Hailie are great and if no one likes them or is saying mean things about them its because they are being haters. As far as them trying to be like the Hiltons sisters I'm pretty sure that it was not meant to be like that and if the Hiltons feel like that then guess what Hilton sisters its not all about you so get over it !!!

2945 days ago

baby girl    

hill, im am very proud of you and everything u did
i am a big fan and my dream is to meet u one day
thanks for being a great role model!!!!!! keep up the good
work !!!!!!!!!

love ya!!!!! ~XOXO~

2944 days ago


hil write me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soon!!! i miss you everyday

2942 days ago


In reality this is simple. Its not about who is better and who is not. Simply put, Paris and Nicky are spoiled, thats not necessarily a bad thing, if you think about it, their family did work hard to get where they are, Paris doesn't work hard but Nicky does I mean look at her clothing line, She -tries-. They had a priviledged life, its not like they popped out of the womb saying 'Give me diamonds' no child asks to be poor and no child asks to be rich, sometimes it just happens.

Yes its possible that the Duff's were INSPIRED by the actions they've seen from Paris and Nicky, but they dont seem like they'd be the type to impersonate or clone themselves to be anyone else, they also don't seem like they go home and decide to plan out who to mock or who not to mock. I'm sure they have much better things to do with their time, much more important things. The Duffs had to work their way up, Hilary and Haylie are first generation wealthy (meaning they didnt get it from their parents, they got it from themselves and their own hard work).

So generally you can't compare them to eachother, it just doesn't click. It's Just A Movie.

2940 days ago


im 11 and 12 in feb. i luv u both soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r down to earth!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv your singing hilary!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to see more movies comin out with u 2 in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! material girls is such a good movie! i hope i can meet u 1 day! (BOTH OF U)


2924 days ago


Hilary and Haylie are my role models. While all other stars fall below the pressuring influence of doing drugs, going either annerexic or belemic, becoming Gothic, being cranky snobby brats, or just getting their heads up in the clouds in all their fame, Hilary and Haylie stay above it. People misjudge Hilary when they see her paired up with Good Charlotte's lead singer Joel Madden, but they speak before they know the truth. I say it it's true love, stay out of their business. My middle school peers seem to think Hilary Duff is for the little kids, but that's not true. She just attracts younger crowds because she did the hit show Lizzie McGuire at a much younger age, getting a more positive reaction with younger viewers. Both Hilary and Haylie are wonderful, kind people, and people seem to turn their noses down on them because they simply are jealous. But they don't let the negative comments crush them; they just brush them away and continue on with their busy, dedicated lives. Hilary and Haylie are both very hard-working people, and it's plain for everyone to see that they have a strong love and passion for what they do. I honestly do not care what other people think of both Duffs, because their biased opinions don't matter. It's a big world, and their tiny, forgotten opinions are extremely petty, so think whatever your pea-sized minds would like, because under all the mess of lies and rumors, Hilary and Haylie are wonderful people. Hilary donates time from her busy schedule to dedicate to needy, less fortunate people who were victims of natural disasters. So, even though I'm just a small 7th grade girl, I have a large, positive opinion about Hilary and Haylie Duff, and I think that the nasty things that are said about them every day should be shunned. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but usually that's just what they are - opinions. Keep doing what you're doing Hilary and Haylie, becuase no matter what everyone else thinks, you are setting a wonderful example for me as well as many other teens across the world. I love you both, Hilary and Haylie!!!!!!!

2893 days ago

i'm me    

hi i am 11 and going to be 12 in july. i really like you both. i want to become a famous actor and singer like you two. but i can never ever beat you two! i like your songs soooooooooooo much hilary! and i have watched every single movie of you. and i dream to meat you two one day! ( bothe of you!)


2868 days ago

i'm me    

hi i am khadheeja from maldives. i'm 11 and going to be 12 in july. i am a very big fan of you. i have all of your movies and songs. and i really like you both. and you two just simply ROCK!!! theres no word to discrib you two. every word is less for you. i really am proud of you two!!!!!
keep it up!!!!!!
-roxy- (that is my nick name)

2867 days ago

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