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Ashton Kutcher

Family Man

8/16/2006 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ashton_cover_200-1Married less than a year to Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher reveals they "had one argument in the first three months of dating and since then we haven't had any."

Kutcher has become "the other dad" to Moore's three daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis, and says he and Willis are "teammates."

The 28-year-old, who is closer in age to Moore's eldest daughter than to Moore herself, tells Parade magazine "There is not a human being I could love more than those girls and their mom."

As far as having a child with his gorgeous 43-year-old wife, Kutcher says "I feel like I have three kids, and we'll see whether we're given another child."

Kutcher attributes his mellower, more grounded demeanor to Kabbalah which has taught him "about giving and sharing as an approach to life."

Check out the entire interview with Ashton Kutcher in this Sunday's issue of PARADE.


No Avatar


I'm gonna puke!

2998 days ago


He's a bit young. He should have explored life a little more at his age before settling with Demi.

He might come to regret his decision. NEvertheless, it's beautiful.

2998 days ago


Let's see how he feels when she's in her 60's......

2998 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Uh... yeah. That's a laugh. You, no-talent nothing.

2998 days ago


I totally agree that he isn't giving himself a chance to explore life as a young, gorgeous man. Sure Demi is a beautiful woman, but she had her chance to live, love and have her own children. She's lived a whole life while Ashton is just beginning to.

2998 days ago


I think he's a good person! How can he be criticized for loving his wife and children! You bunch of cynics!

2998 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    


On this episode, we tie a string around an old chicken bone and leave it laying in the street. MK OLSEN COMES ALONG AND TRIES TO PICK IT UP. We pull the string and watch her attack the chicken bone befor it gets away.

He should do that one; it would be funny: you know HAHA

2998 days ago


I don't mind that Ashton is with an older woman. Does it have to be her? She's so self absorbed and vain. She's so in love with herself and her body it makes me sick.
Why doesn't she just do a porn flick and get over herself. She's so eager for everyone to see her body...just do it

2998 days ago

duh...totally !    

I Love him !

he is both cool and cute !...and I would much rather see him grow old w/Demi than any of those 20 something brats like...Paris, Lindsay, Scarlett, Nicole, Jessica.................................................

2998 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Ashton Who ?

Oh yea, he was on a tv show. And we thought he was going to be a celebrity we would like for a while - but we dont. Because the show ended, and his movies werent good. Turned out that the thing we liked about him the most (he is one dimensional) is also what makes him boring.

I expect him to wake up and become un-boring eventually. But not in a the good way that involves talent and quality, inspired work. Im thinking more divorce, different cult, dui, domestic abuse type stuff.

These scripts just write themselves.

2998 days ago


Why do I have a feeling that the reason that they haven't had an argument is that they're both way too self absorbed to notice the other person?

2998 days ago


Oh, he's into Kabbalah. That explains everything! Yay Kabbalah!!!

2998 days ago

coco puff    

How can he make a baby with her when he's so gay! That's the reason he likes her kids, you can't make a baby with a man. What a poop pound-er! Demi's just using this homo for arm candy. The prettiest guys are also the biggest FUDGE PACKERS!!

2998 days ago


he's trying to convince people that he has a perfect relationship with demi , her kids, and bruce willis. somehow i don't buy it. i think he's sugar-coating

2998 days ago


dayuum does he look like tom cruise or WHAT!??.... im shocked that demi would marry someone close to her daughters age...i think the heat and smog of LA is getting to some of these actresses and actors..

2998 days ago
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