Treos on a Plane

8/17/2006 7:50 PM PDT
In yet another non-traditional move, the charmers behind "Snakes on a Plane" are adding another interesting twist to the most strangely hyped movie of all time. This time, producers have decided to hand Treo's over to the bloggers who helped create the huge buzz around the slithering film.

The select group of web-heads will be given Treo's at the premiere of the Samuel L. Jackson action film, where they can share their take of the movie with the entire internet community almost immediately. The all-in-one Treo smartphone combines a phone, e-mail, messaging, web searching, MP3 playing capabilities and a camera ... the perfect device whether your blogging from the red-carpet ... or have an experience with real snakes on a plane! (maybe send a text to Sam?)

As long as Samuel L. Jackson doesn't yell "Get these !@#%!# Treo's off this red carpet" we're sure things will be fine. "Snakes on a Plane" premieres August 18th.