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Rosie's Angsty Pre-"View" Poetry

8/21/2006 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell is clearly conflicted about her upcoming debut as a co-host on "The View" -- and she's letting her feelings spill out for all to read. On her blog, O'Donnell has given her fans and observers a taste of what she's been thinking in advance of joining Barbara, Joy, and Elisabeth at the kaffeeklatsch, almost in real-time and in a stripped-down shorthand (and all-lower-case) verse that might best described as Hai-M.

Last Thursday, she caused a minor stir when she reacted to having seen the new "View" promos, in which she's portrayed as just one of the girls. "It will be hard 4 me/2 not b/the boss," she wrote. But Friday, she did something of an about-face, writing, "I am excited about the view ... hoping they all like me ... cuz there is nothing better/than being a cast member."

And then yesterday, Rosie described an interaction at Saturday's Creative Arts Emmys (pictured above) with a reporter from Access Hollywood, who apparently asked her if she was happy about her former nemesis Star Jones' firing. Rosie wouldn't take the bait, according to her: "It would not have been fun for me/fighting everyday/life is 2 short."

Though her unabashed self-explication is certain to continue to make (little) waves, Rosie herself explains that it's just a way to work things out: "The discord is internal/inside myself. . .feelings are not fights." Rosie's full poetic discourse on "The View," complied into a mini-anthology, follows.

The Pre-"View"

by Rosie O'Donnell

i saw the new view promos
and found myself in the position
i loathe most

it will be hard 4 me
2 not b
the boss
it is already
and we have only just begun

i am excited about the view
like a new kid on the first day of school
hoping they all like me
that i fit in
cuz there is nothing better
then being a cast member

access hollywood
asked if i was happy
star was gone
b4 i could reply he added
- i would have loved 2 c u 2 go at it

it would not have been fun for me
fighting everyday
life is 2 short

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ROSIE ROCKS! Her honesty is refreshing. Can't wait for the "New View" !!

2985 days ago


ok.............enough of this heffer...............damn. she is the worse of the lesbo least jodi foster knows how to keep her mouth shut for 5mins...rosie odonnel needs to be put in a mens prision for about 6 mths to put her back in touch with her feminine side if there ever was more about this cow...please

2985 days ago


Something is obviously wrong with Rosie O. I mean read that poetry for crying out loud. She's a basket case. Can't even write well. Her blog is full of crap and venom as well. She talks about how she's on meds for depression. She's got so many issues. I wasn't exactly a fan of Star Jones but let me tell you, I would rather see her than dealing with Rosie O's bullshit all the time. She's an angry person and seem's vindictive. She says it wouldn't have been fun for her fighting all the time. She's fulla shit, she would have loved that! She started the non-sense, as if it is anyone's business what someone does to their body. Please. She should have stayed on her cruise for families. At least that was a good thing. I'm not looking forward to the sometimes hypocritical things we're going to see and the sometimes venomous antics that will just oooze out of her like nobody's business. I guess Rosie O was Barbara Walter's way of sticking it to Starr. What a shame. There are so many worthy women that would have made the view an awesome show to watch again. And while they're at it, they really need to get rid of that Elisabeth. She is so hard to listen to at this point. The show is going down hill. Just watch.

2985 days ago


I heard Rosie is gay. Is that true? She will not fit in on the view because she's use to having her own show.

2985 days ago


I hope that Rosie doesn't try to act like the boss, because she has a big loud mouth. I hope that the view uses better judgement when hiring their next co-host.

2985 days ago


This match will NEVER last. . .you have a major liberal who's used to being the boss. . . . .won't happen. Next, they'll get rid of Elisabeth; between the others, she'll be the outcast. I'm still unsure why this show is as popular as it is. . . .

2985 days ago


Not a big Rosie fan but I cannot wait until she gets a hold of Elisabeth the IDIOT! The show might be worth watching just for that alone!

2985 days ago


Why does she write like that??? In letters and numbers?? Is she stupid and can't write words? Or does she think the rest of us are too stupid to understand words?? She is so annoying.

2985 days ago


Rosie is AWFUL. My question is... does anyone actually read her blog? You have to have no life in order to care what she is blogging about!

2985 days ago


She writes like that because she probably thinks its cute, like the little kids do on line where they change the text to make it cool. She is infantile and it is completely annoying when you equate the writing to this personality that acts like she owns the world when you see her on tv. Such a contradiction.

2985 days ago


rebecca post #4 yes rosie is a snapper lapper!! im assuming she plays the male part lol,, id rather date a bafoon lol

2985 days ago


I can't take a thing this woman says seriously. Her manner of writing is infantile.
Her nasty temperment will surface soon enough on "The View" and they'll all be looking for a diplomatic way to get her loud mouth out of there. We shall see.

2985 days ago


What are the producers thinking? Ya know...there is a reason her show ended up cancelled.....she isn't well liked since she "came out". She is too brash and obnoxious

2985 days ago

ren meyer    

saw the view today. Debie was on (one of the 1st co-host) and B.W. I'm not fond of Rosie but B.W. is so Phony. Didn't she fire Debie? and would not talk about her . now she is all sweetness to her. I think it is a mistake to have Rosie as co-host cause she is so disqusting. and that short commerial with her daughteris a sign of what is to come she will try to make it seem to be alright to be gay because she is.

2985 days ago


I do not believe Rosie will make it on this show.
I believe The View will be sorry they hired her.

2985 days ago
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