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Rosie's Angsty Pre-"View" Poetry

8/21/2006 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell is clearly conflicted about her upcoming debut as a co-host on "The View" -- and she's letting her feelings spill out for all to read. On her blog, O'Donnell has given her fans and observers a taste of what she's been thinking in advance of joining Barbara, Joy, and Elisabeth at the kaffeeklatsch, almost in real-time and in a stripped-down shorthand (and all-lower-case) verse that might best described as Hai-M.

Last Thursday, she caused a minor stir when she reacted to having seen the new "View" promos, in which she's portrayed as just one of the girls. "It will be hard 4 me/2 not b/the boss," she wrote. But Friday, she did something of an about-face, writing, "I am excited about the view ... hoping they all like me ... cuz there is nothing better/than being a cast member."

And then yesterday, Rosie described an interaction at Saturday's Creative Arts Emmys (pictured above) with a reporter from Access Hollywood, who apparently asked her if she was happy about her former nemesis Star Jones' firing. Rosie wouldn't take the bait, according to her: "It would not have been fun for me/fighting everyday/life is 2 short."

Though her unabashed self-explication is certain to continue to make (little) waves, Rosie herself explains that it's just a way to work things out: "The discord is internal/inside myself. . .feelings are not fights." Rosie's full poetic discourse on "The View," complied into a mini-anthology, follows.

The Pre-"View"

by Rosie O'Donnell

i saw the new view promos
and found myself in the position
i loathe most

it will be hard 4 me
2 not b
the boss
it is already
and we have only just begun

i am excited about the view
like a new kid on the first day of school
hoping they all like me
that i fit in
cuz there is nothing better
then being a cast member

access hollywood
asked if i was happy
star was gone
b4 i could reply he added
- i would have loved 2 c u 2 go at it

it would not have been fun for me
fighting everyday
life is 2 short

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I think your are narrow minded and need to get a life of your own. So what she is gay, does that make her any less of a person, she has big mouth, so does alot of other people, of course she will have difficulty not being in charge what self confident, experienced and successful woman would have difficulty with that. Many of you just fear anything that is not like yourselves and is unknown to you.
Get a life.

2985 days ago


Saw the view today couldnot believe how fake
B.W was, I thought she was the one who fired
Debbie, but she was acting so sweet to her.Still
glad Debbie is not on the show she is really

2985 days ago

Peppie Monoous    

This is why women are never considered serious, you fire someone and then years later she comes back as a guest host? How realistic is this? Debie get a grip. Then you have Elisabeth H who seems to come across as the most innocent person on the face of this earth. The view has lost it's total credibility - you are all so phony now. Joy Behar probably is still is the most credible, but she seems to be losing it now. Used to watch this show, now, what for? Totally lost me. Maybe that's why Meredith left!!

2985 days ago


She's a big loud mouth. How in God's name did she get 2 b where she is 2day? Rosie, I'd love 2 say this 2 ur fat face, come down here 2 Delaware and let me tell u off.

2985 days ago


It's John McD and the DLTs.

I personally think it would be very difficult to play equal fiddle after I'd helmed my own show for years.

Rosie was always kind to people like Andy Dick and Sheryl Lee Ralph so I think we may find a kinder, smarter, gentler View in the upcoming months.

2985 days ago


Sometimes people are so filled with themselves they cant see beyond their noses. Who cares what she thinks! There are more important things in life than Rosie. The truth is that she will ruin the show because she is looking for a fight, and she will find it with Barbara Walters. She should be grateful for a job
Now lets get on with life


2985 days ago


To compare Rosie to Star is ridiculous. At least Star has a law degree to back up her talk. Rosie is a hypocrite and a blowhard. I think that this time next year, Rosie will get the boot; Joy and Elisabeth should follow. Barbara, just wipe the entire slate clean and start from scratch, then maybe people will start tuning in.....

2985 days ago


It's like there are two Rosie O'Donnells. The charasmatic, energetic and terrific gal and the acidic, mean, bitter person. Which one is she?

2985 days ago


I am not a Star Jones fan, but she has maintained a lady like persona and for that I am appreciative, I think life is too short to look back............Star your humble apology about your wedding was sweet, but good for you, it was a great wedding and you were excited. Rosie, IF being lesbian, makes you act like a horses rear end then I am sure glad I am not a lesbian. AND if Barbara Walters thinks she has helped the view, I know here in my little town at the local hang out where 60's and above go and watch TV and talk, we have turned the view off, I would say we are a small bunch of a lot of bunches of people that no longer tune in, Shame on Barbara she could have done the hard job of firing someone in a much quieter way, so you told her in advance did you think Star was not human? OF COURSE she would tell us her way......DUHHHHHHHHHH. So live with it and quit whining about Star and start thinking of ways to interest us in the show, so far you are a fizzle.

2985 days ago


I think Rosie is articulate, resourceful for factual statements, unpretenous,and amazingly bright. Her memory of lyrics unsurpassed. Do I think she was the ideal choice for the View? Im still trying to figure this one out. Elizabeth is so far right winged, and fundanmentally christian, how in hell will Rosie sit still? And Joy the wisecracker and hoot that she is, will have strides and conflict for the laughs.
I think the Show is finding doom in so many changes , unless Rosie does a solo here,, I get the View will become a show of past memory.

2985 days ago

dottie teachman    

What is Rosies problem? Why is she so hung up on how Star lost the weight?
She did it and the rest is her business. Rosie is vindictive, nasty, and mean. I bet she was a bully in school. If this was the best choice Barbara Walters could make, she is losing it ! My respect for her is zero. Goodby View !

2985 days ago


I personally would like to see Rep. Cynthia MacKinney, now that she is out of a job, take over for Star. Then have Anne Coulter take over when Rosie bombs out. Replace Joy with Tammy Fae Baker and have the "Runnaway Bride" take Elizabeths position! Now that would be classic TV. Oh, lets have Richard Simmons come on as guest host now and then for the male gender point of view....kinda! I are smart!

2985 days ago

queenie G    

Rosie is more talented than she is given credit for. She was very good on that bus tv movie and she has been a wonderul role model in these strange times. Paris Hilton gets more respect. I don't understand that.

I hope she can influence the booking of guests; people always wanted to be on TROS and often wound up LOL.

Maybe Rene Russo can be on and they can talk about fun things. Maybe Lisa Ling can come back on as a guest.

2985 days ago



AND HATE......



2985 days ago


Can not believe a class act like Barbara Walters would want to share the stage with a no class like Rosie. What a mis-match and a death of a good show. All one can say is. may "The View rest in peace."

2985 days ago
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