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Rosie's Angsty Pre-"View" Poetry

8/21/2006 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell is clearly conflicted about her upcoming debut as a co-host on "The View" -- and she's letting her feelings spill out for all to read. On her blog, O'Donnell has given her fans and observers a taste of what she's been thinking in advance of joining Barbara, Joy, and Elisabeth at the kaffeeklatsch, almost in real-time and in a stripped-down shorthand (and all-lower-case) verse that might best described as Hai-M.

Last Thursday, she caused a minor stir when she reacted to having seen the new "View" promos, in which she's portrayed as just one of the girls. "It will be hard 4 me/2 not b/the boss," she wrote. But Friday, she did something of an about-face, writing, "I am excited about the view ... hoping they all like me ... cuz there is nothing better/than being a cast member."

And then yesterday, Rosie described an interaction at Saturday's Creative Arts Emmys (pictured above) with a reporter from Access Hollywood, who apparently asked her if she was happy about her former nemesis Star Jones' firing. Rosie wouldn't take the bait, according to her: "It would not have been fun for me/fighting everyday/life is 2 short."

Though her unabashed self-explication is certain to continue to make (little) waves, Rosie herself explains that it's just a way to work things out: "The discord is internal/inside myself. . .feelings are not fights." Rosie's full poetic discourse on "The View," complied into a mini-anthology, follows.

The Pre-"View"

by Rosie O'Donnell

i saw the new view promos
and found myself in the position
i loathe most

it will be hard 4 me
2 not b
the boss
it is already
and we have only just begun

i am excited about the view
like a new kid on the first day of school
hoping they all like me
that i fit in
cuz there is nothing better
then being a cast member

access hollywood
asked if i was happy
star was gone
b4 i could reply he added
- i would have loved 2 c u 2 go at it

it would not have been fun for me
fighting everyday
life is 2 short

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I think it will be a BIG mistake to put Rosie at the same table with the other View members. She is big mouthed, obnoxious and struts around like she is the head of everything. Who's idea was it to replace Star with Rosie? Bad, bad idea

2947 days ago

babstar o'donnell    

K fed should join the view along with lisa ling and shirley bassey
now thats a talk show!!!
whatever happened to the fat star jones?
she was so nice..........

2947 days ago


I am really not sure why I responding to any of this but just would like for us all to sit back and take notice of ourselves. Rosie was one of my favorites when she started her show. She was funny and personable. We like that in the celebrities - we want someone who will make us laugh and who doesn't take on real issues about serious problems or politics. We have politicians for that and the medical industry and science and our clergy. We only want to be entertained by our celebrities. That is why they are "actors" and "actresses" - When we look at who we are then we will understand why folks like Rosie and others either irritate us or amuse and entertain us. We just need to know what we are looking for in ourselves then we will know what to look for in others. especially in those people who are not "real" to our everyday lives......

2947 days ago

jan smith    

I think the loss of the orginal cast will b ethe demise for "THE VIEW"....I am no longer the fan I once was and have little to no desire to follow it with ROsia joining the cast. It seems to be going down hill intellectually.....I gone.......

2947 days ago

Bob Walker    


2947 days ago


Give Rosie a break people! She is a woman that is going to do a job...let us wait & see
what happens! We may all be pleasantly surprised...I, for one look forward to her arrival
on the show :) GOOD LUCK ROSIE!

from a loyal fan in Tulsa, OK.

2947 days ago


I stopped watching the Rosie show a long time before she left it. She was pretty funny in the beginning and I liked her, but as soon as she adopted the first kid, her personality changed and she thought she was the greatest thing on earth. She insulted a few of her guests on the show and was holier than thou. I will NEVER watch the View again. That show also was pretty good in the beginning, but when Meredith left it went down hill. Rosie makes me sick and it's not because she's gay, it's her attitude, and how she thinks she's the best. Wake up Rosie, you're a jerk!

2947 days ago

queenie G    

Babstar you dwell on Star so much. She will land with her feet solid on the ground. Rosie will too. They each care too much about people and themselves to get depressed by all the naysayers.

2947 days ago

Rosalind Swanson    

Rosie is an Enneagram 8, and as such, bossiness and arguing come natural to her. Many people do not care for the personality of "eights", but eights have soft underbellies and love to fight for the underdog. Think of Rosie's personality on a man. He would be seen as a strong leader, a go getter, a natural boss. But put the same personality on a woman and she looks like a bitch. Rosie, by nature, is an earthy, scrappy, fighter who has a tender heart. Rosie needs to be liked/loved for the person God created her to be. Give her a chance.

2947 days ago


Friends, I understand your probs with this woman, but hey, we need some good back and forth these days. Let's all see what transponds and go with the flow! We're all Americans and we love the free speech.

2947 days ago


I used to watch the view without fail. I will not watch when Rosie comes to the show. I actually stopped watching it when they did Star wrong.

2947 days ago



2947 days ago

Rachel many harsh comments written about Rosie......don't all of you have anything else to do but criticize?? Understand that no one is greater than another. Feel it. Practice helping one another. We are all rowing the same boat. If we don't pull together, our plants are going to be awfully lonely!
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, ALL of which have the potential to turn a life around. Whatever happened to just being nice to one another? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!!! Rosie might speak her mind, but she also donated alot of her money that she made with her mouth to HELP alot of people!!! It is so sad that you people have such hatred in you that you need to lash out at another human being, one that you don't even know personally!! How do you sleep at night through all the negativity running through your head?

2947 days ago


I use to like Barbara Walters - now at her advanced years she display's obvious sign's of dementia! Rosie O'Donnell is well known for temper tantrums, "be-littling" others, and well established for "anger management issues." This is not a "gay issue" - she lacks any/all elements of class, politeness, and trust among the american people. ABC should "ditch" O'Donnell and Walters - and bring in Diane Sawyer and Deborah Roberts (of 20/20) - they would be the only beacon of hope to save the show. It's time to see Rosie "pumping" gasoline and Walters in a nursing home.

2947 days ago


I can't wait to have Rosie O on the view. What a refreshing change from Starr Jones. At least she will be honest with her fans? What a mooch Starr was and played off the popularity of the show. Rosie has a heart of gold. She is one of the most giving television celebrities around. Does anyone remember 9/11 and her generous donation? Rosie does so many fabulous things in the good ole USA and I just love her....back off you Rosie bashers....go Rosie I will be a faithful viewer and you will fit in perfectly especially with Joy.

2947 days ago
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