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Rosie's Angsty Pre-"View" Poetry

8/21/2006 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell is clearly conflicted about her upcoming debut as a co-host on "The View" -- and she's letting her feelings spill out for all to read. On her blog, O'Donnell has given her fans and observers a taste of what she's been thinking in advance of joining Barbara, Joy, and Elisabeth at the kaffeeklatsch, almost in real-time and in a stripped-down shorthand (and all-lower-case) verse that might best described as Hai-M.

Last Thursday, she caused a minor stir when she reacted to having seen the new "View" promos, in which she's portrayed as just one of the girls. "It will be hard 4 me/2 not b/the boss," she wrote. But Friday, she did something of an about-face, writing, "I am excited about the view ... hoping they all like me ... cuz there is nothing better/than being a cast member."

And then yesterday, Rosie described an interaction at Saturday's Creative Arts Emmys (pictured above) with a reporter from Access Hollywood, who apparently asked her if she was happy about her former nemesis Star Jones' firing. Rosie wouldn't take the bait, according to her: "It would not have been fun for me/fighting everyday/life is 2 short."

Though her unabashed self-explication is certain to continue to make (little) waves, Rosie herself explains that it's just a way to work things out: "The discord is internal/inside myself. . .feelings are not fights." Rosie's full poetic discourse on "The View," complied into a mini-anthology, follows.

The Pre-"View"

by Rosie O'Donnell

i saw the new view promos
and found myself in the position
i loathe most

it will be hard 4 me
2 not b
the boss
it is already
and we have only just begun

i am excited about the view
like a new kid on the first day of school
hoping they all like me
that i fit in
cuz there is nothing better
then being a cast member

access hollywood
asked if i was happy
star was gone
b4 i could reply he added
- i would have loved 2 c u 2 go at it

it would not have been fun for me
fighting everyday
life is 2 short

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i will no longer watch the view with rosie i think she is a big mouth with no class

2922 days ago

janet baker    

correction on number 65...I meant watching the View and it wasn't even so much that Star is not on, its also that Meredith is gone and well Rosie is....SOOO YESTERDAY!!!! I cannot believe they actually thought this would work

2922 days ago

Pauline Wagner    

To be quite frank with you, I'd much prefer Star Jones to Rosie. At least Star is a classy lady, and lady I must say she is. Rosie is a loud blabber mouth and hopefully, she won't last. Ever since Star left the View, I have given up watching the View. I don't feel Rose is appropriate to be one of the gals, not because she is gay, that has nothing to do with it, she just doesn't have any class. I would have much preferred Ellen. She is not only funny but she has class and I enjoy her thoroughly.
Bly the way, what was Barbara Walters thinking of when she chose Rosie O'Donnel over Star Jones????????

2922 days ago


I like who Rosie used to be. I don't know what she stands for these days but she has always been wonderful with kids and has done many great things for them. I am excited to see how the show goes. I will definately watch.

2922 days ago

queenie G    

Why bother posting Aaron Miller? Why do you have to retreat when you could easily hit the remote button? Watch Price and become an expert at Plinko.

2922 days ago


Star said it best when she made the announcement that she was leaving the show.."The View is going in another direction..and she did't want to be a part of it..she was the smart one..Of Course Rosie is GAY...she has a wife and children with those she adopted when she was with the first one. I havne't watched the View since Star left..and I never will watch that show again!!!!!

2922 days ago


you never did fit in, you never will fit in

2922 days ago


I like ROSIE! She has a great sense of humor and I am glad she will be back. She will fit in fine and who cares that she is a lesbian....she never flaunts it on her show....I think ANYONE is better than Star Jones Reynolds!!!!! I can't stand her!

2922 days ago


rosie is a has been with tons of money and nothing really to say....enough of her already!

2922 days ago


Funny how fickle is the public! Years ago, Rosie had her own morning talk show. Now to be honest, no one knew shee was gay, but back then if you can imagine such violence, they'd tie you to a fence and let you die if they knew. But everybody love Rosie. Her shows were fun to watch, her interaction with the audience was marvelous and then...she came out, bye bye Rosie. Around the same time, Ellen DeGeneres had a very popular evening show. Everybody loved Ellen then, because so many others were, she came out. Bye, bye Ellen. Interesting - Now everyone loves Ellen - give Rosie a chance, ya just might get to like her again.

2922 days ago

babstar o'donnell    

Who needs all your wonderful love...
I know i will adore the girls like they were my own...I just cant wait to tune in with the rest of the fabulous country and trash people.
Im so excited, I am tired of reruns, and ready to tune in at 11:00am manhattan time and drink my martini and laugh. It is the best part of Diva Daves Day.
Call me a couch potato anyday if it involves The View. "Ready OK " Lets spice up this joint with some revelry!!!!!!!!!!

2922 days ago


Rosie has as far as I,m concerned reached her ability to be in the public eye long ago.Her life style is something she should keep to herself,if thats the life she wants to live fine,but don,t rub it in our faces.(on pun intened)

2922 days ago

Ms. Lotus    

I can't believe the complete jerks posting here, not to mention those of you who are ignorant and narrow-minded. No, I'm not the biggest Rosie fan in the world, but the fact that she's gay or plus-sized shouldn't scare or repulse the rest of you. I'm not fond of her attitude and could not care less if she likes women or if she's overweight. (Oh yes, I'm sure that all of you resemble Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, right?) You can do what YOU like behind closed doors, so why can't she? Spud (#3), why don't we put YOU in a men's prison for six months so you can play shower football with Tyrone and Bubba? I think that would be much more entertaining, you shit-stomping jughead.

2922 days ago


People who read Rosie's blog have no life. Neither do people who waste energy hating Rosie with such passion. I'd probably like her if I met her, but not if I worked for or with her. Since I have no intention of doing either, I don't think about it.

2922 days ago


Of all people to hire for your show. Why Rosie?I used
to watch your show when Starr was on, now I'm going
to have to watchsomthing elsa. It' a shame!!!!!!!

2922 days ago
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