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Rosie's Angsty Pre-"View" Poetry

8/21/2006 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell is clearly conflicted about her upcoming debut as a co-host on "The View" -- and she's letting her feelings spill out for all to read. On her blog, O'Donnell has given her fans and observers a taste of what she's been thinking in advance of joining Barbara, Joy, and Elisabeth at the kaffeeklatsch, almost in real-time and in a stripped-down shorthand (and all-lower-case) verse that might best described as Hai-M.

Last Thursday, she caused a minor stir when she reacted to having seen the new "View" promos, in which she's portrayed as just one of the girls. "It will be hard 4 me/2 not b/the boss," she wrote. But Friday, she did something of an about-face, writing, "I am excited about the view ... hoping they all like me ... cuz there is nothing better/than being a cast member."

And then yesterday, Rosie described an interaction at Saturday's Creative Arts Emmys (pictured above) with a reporter from Access Hollywood, who apparently asked her if she was happy about her former nemesis Star Jones' firing. Rosie wouldn't take the bait, according to her: "It would not have been fun for me/fighting everyday/life is 2 short."

Though her unabashed self-explication is certain to continue to make (little) waves, Rosie herself explains that it's just a way to work things out: "The discord is internal/inside myself. . .feelings are not fights." Rosie's full poetic discourse on "The View," complied into a mini-anthology, follows.

The Pre-"View"

by Rosie O'Donnell

i saw the new view promos
and found myself in the position
i loathe most

it will be hard 4 me
2 not b
the boss
it is already
and we have only just begun

i am excited about the view
like a new kid on the first day of school
hoping they all like me
that i fit in
cuz there is nothing better
then being a cast member

access hollywood
asked if i was happy
star was gone
b4 i could reply he added
- i would have loved 2 c u 2 go at it

it would not have been fun for me
fighting everyday
life is 2 short

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Nancy Kay    

The day Rosie starts on The View is the day I finally start watching "Martha" since it's also on at the same time in our area. I think Rosie's comments about Starr's surgery were calculated to hurt and push Starr into quitting. It is also my opinion that B.W. never intended for the two of them to be on the show together. I've had bariatric surgery and am not fond of Starr's initial denial but God bless her for beating B.W. and the others to the punch by quitting on her own terms!

2928 days ago


How about a performance piece involving Rosie" suicide?

2928 days ago

Amanda Hill    

Rosie is an example of how power corrupts. The fireworks will eventually be between Joy and Rosie. Joy has a big mouth. Rosie has a big mouth. Joy is far left. Rosie is far left. Joy is overweight. Rosie is overweight. Rosie is smart. Joy is not smart. Rosie is funny. Joy is not funny. Rosie has done movies, has Emmy awards and is rich. Joy doesn't have any Emmy's and who heard of her before The View? The show stinks without Star (who was the only class act) and Meredith. I won't watch.....I'll just read about the fights online. I watched Star's last day, and what did Barbara expect her to do? They fired her! She's suppose to "make nice"?

2928 days ago


I'll probably no longer watch The View. Never liked Rosie O'Donnell.... never will. She's a big loud mouthed liberal. Between she and Joy they'll ridicule anything remotely conservative Elisabeth might say. I think The View has outlived its time.

2928 days ago

babstar o'donnell    

Rosie is going to be on so face it peoples..
Also lets just be glad Star (payless) jones is not on
I think we all need to watch with anticipation and love it!
Just send the kiddies off to school and pour yourself a drink and pursue it.....
like a BIG MAC!

2928 days ago

Sande Nicewonger    

I am glad to see Rosie is coming back to daytime tv. I loved her show. The only comment I have on Elisabeth, is ...tell her to slow down her speach. She talks too fast and I cant understand her. Also, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I dont think the young one has lived enough life to try to out yell the other ladies... Remind Elisabeth that she is not on the same level as the other ladies on the show.

2928 days ago


I am surely not watching that cow on any show, I have lost all respect for the View...bad enough with Star on there, and now you have some nasty a** liberal dyke! YUCK!

2928 days ago

sharon miller    

rosie is wonderful, simply wonderful. where's ya's sense of humor? if you don't want to watch the view, then don't. nobody's making you!

2928 days ago


Rosie has nothing good to offer to improve the
show's rating. Most of the viewers probably are
heterosexuals, females and stay at home moms.
What was Barbare thinking? I for one will not
continue to watch the show.

2928 days ago


Well I think that the other cast members have lost their minds, I will not be watching anymore, its hard enough to know that Rosie is around somewhere else doing her thing but to have to add her to the line up for the View is horrible, I will never watch it again. Sorry Barbara, I liked it at one point but not now.

2928 days ago


i have stopped watching the view. the only one i like is joy,can't stand elisabeth. star was not bad in the beginning but you could see the anger and resentment building over the last few weeks before she left. cannot stand rosie she is so irratating. i don't think she will last long or maybe the show will just go away. meredith and star and debi and lisa all got out for one reason or another maybe its BW thats the problem not them. makes me wonder how about you

2928 days ago


rosie is a egomaniac with an inferiority complex...not unlike star.rosie champions the underdog,but at the same time is mean spirited and hateful to those who disagree with her.why is she of the opinion that she even needs to be the boss?shes not to bright,or articulate just a loud mouth with a pedestrian point of view.when youre loved,have lots of money,and everything youve ever wished for and are still depressed,either you have the wrong therapist revisiting the past,or youre just plain to the single uneducated mother punching keys at the grocery store eating peanut butter for lunch,maybe even a lesbian...rosies an ungrateful bitch.....

2928 days ago


The View will be canceled soon! I am off in the summer so I was fortunate/unfortunate to see the infamous show when Star announced her departure. I never cared for Rosie. She loved Tom Cruise for crying out loud! That should tell us something.

2928 days ago

Gerald Hays    

I do not feel that rosie would be good for the view cause it is for women of diffferent backgrounds and hers would be a conflict of interest

2928 days ago

babstar o'donnell    

all this negativity about a show...its obviously going to be popular with all this FIRE!!
Plz, add fuel to the fire, She'll be laughing at the neg remarks all the way to the bank.
Cheers Rosie
ps, This is how us entertainment people rock it!!

2928 days ago
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