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Vaughniston's Award-Winning Chemistry

8/21/2006 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comThough Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn maintain they are not, and never have been, a couple, the two were awarded "Choice Movie Chemistry" for their relationship in the film "The Break-Up."

Appearing to be anything but a couple, the two who just last week denied tabloid reports that they're engaged, took constant jabs at each other during last night's Teen Choice Awards telecast.

Aniston kept cutting Vince off during their acceptance speech, joking "You know what, you probably have enough chemistry for both of us, I'm actually surprised that you're not just nominated for this award all by yourself."

Though it was all in good fun, the two ended the taped speech looking annoyed and with Vaughn saying, "All right -- is this over with?"


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I saw the Breakup cuz my hub wanted to see the Omen (sorry, can't take scary, I'm the person they have the "for mature audiences" warning for and I'm 44). It was so incredibly boring, was there chemistry? When I heard these two would have a taped skit I couldn't change the channel fast enough. I don't care about personal lives, but I am upset about paying good money for a rotten movie.

2984 days ago


she is soooo amazing!
she's beaultiful and a very good actress!
I jus love her!
And of course Vince is so much fun!!
They're the best!!!

2984 days ago


I'm sick of Vince and Jennifer...what an ugly couple - platonic or otherwise, these two are boring and unattractive and one of them is not talented...gee, guess which one!!!!!!!

2984 days ago


Do the kids have to be back in school for you to cease and desist with the teen choice awards crap???

2983 days ago


Good Gawd people .................CHILL.

2983 days ago


Hey Gillian,
You're a wanna be Jen-hag, please fuck off. Clearly you read this shit too and this is just your interpertation because I highly doubt you actually know any of these people or that you were in the bedroom the first time Brad and Angie hooked up. You're a moron.
From what I see in this video, Jen's face looks like it's collapsing, what's up with her nose. She is truly obnoxious, homely, and I wish we could send this no-talent bitch off for good, I'm almost as sick of her as I am of Paris. Poor Vince, stop letting her drag you down!!

2983 days ago

who wants to know    

GOANISTON !!!!!!! okay peeps like sleeping with a married man is not a
"TURN OFF" GIVE ME A FFFFING BREAK !!!! and what sick is she denied it and was FREAKING PREGNANT ALL ALONG...what a sick HOE !!!! ANGELINA HOELIE is soo sooo sooo NOT RIGHT !!!!!! PLS STOP USING THE KIDS FOR ATTENTION !!!!!!!

2983 days ago


whoa - the anger... looks like someone ain't getting much action of late! I personally think they rock. she has a life, with vince. brad has a life, with ange. Both seem equally as happy. and meanwhile, people like you mg321 get their knickers in a twist... try the life thaing... it's fun.

2983 days ago


GEEEEEEEZZZZZZ! I'm so sick of Jennifer Aniston. She gets way too much press for being so average in every way.

2983 days ago


Has Levine been bought by Huvane as well. Anniston is the biggest fraud in Hollywood, either the media is too stupid to catch on or they are on Huvane's payroll. She has had this pity me, Brad dumped me, poor me marketing for over a year.

You might not like Angie that is okay because she is her own person. I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. Anniston is so fake and she is afraid nobody will care if they get to know the self indulgent, bitter, conniving, manipulative bitch that she is, instead she keeps acting like she is the girl next door which she is obviously not.

A woman who will compromise her marriage for movie stardom and then expect the world to feel sorry for her does not get my empathy.

2983 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

poor jennifer. can't please anyone, particularly the jealous hags here. get a life people.

2983 days ago

Oh Canada    

Chemistry is what Bogie had with Bacall, what Gable had with Lombard, Newman had with Woodward.....and what Pitt had with Jolie. They were funny, beautiful, and magnetic together. It was cosmic.

As for chemistry between Jennifer and Vince. Vince had more chemistry with the nasal Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers. I wonder if they hooked up.

Chinnifer doesn't have a big screen presence as other actresses in her age group ( Ashley Judd, Uma Thurman, Halle Berry, Selma Hayek...etc). She was fortunate to have worked with a talented group of writers on Friends. I don't suppose she will get that lucky again. In the JA films I've "rented" since the show ended, she's boring and bland.

Ms.Anniston is totally overexposed; go away Jen.

2983 days ago

Oh Canada    

Jealous hags? Why would we waste our time and energy being jealous of Chinnifer Anniston, I could think of ten actresses that are more talented, give better interviews, appear more compassionate, and better looking (if you want to play that card.

Why would any of us envy Jen, our former chunky "Friend"? Maybe because she's effing Vince Vaughn, sure, yeah that's a good reason.

Maybe some of us just find her phony, boring, and dull. In interviews, movies, etc, etc......

2983 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

I don't know sonia why do YOU waste your time and energy posting about jennifer? get over it. move on. I can think of a million actresses I don't care about and guess what, I don't care enough to launch mean personal attacks. Obviously you do. hag.

2983 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Wow, do any of you know her enough to make such rude statements? who cares if she was once chubby? who cares if she isn't the most talented actress? Yes, methinks that yes you are jealous or failed actresses, have pathetic little lives in which you make yourselves feel better by bashing this poor woman, and you are DEFINITELY not able to land a vince or a brad in your wildest dreams haha.

2983 days ago
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