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Alba's Snaggletooth Turn

8/22/2006 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba: Click to watchJessica Alba's definitely known for being sexy, but after a run-in with co-star Dane Cook that left her toothless the actress is feeling anything but.

"We did all of our love scenes in one day and I chipped a tooth and I lost a tooth, isn't that disgusting? We're smashing our faces together, it's not the slowest, most romantic love scene."

Alba showed off the gaps left by her rough love scenes to "EXTRA" at an event for, an organization which helps empower and improve the self esteem of teenage girls. While we think the gorgeous "Sin City" star has little cause for a low self-image she offered advice for those going through those awkward teen years.

"It's not about being skinny, it's about being healthy. It's about loving yourself, being proud of who you are and proud of how God put you together."


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That's f*cking nasty. Your teeth don't just fall out. Either she doesn't eat or get enough calcium or she doesn't brush her teeth or go to the dentist. And before you all jump all over me, I'm talking about the tooth in the back. That looks like tooth decay. F*cking sick...

2991 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

God, please, no. No Dane Cook news. There's some a**hole in the Usenet newsgroups who goes on and on and on just like the original a**hole himself, Dane Cook, ABOUT Dane Cook. Hey, maybe it's Dane Cook's lameass P.R. people, or maybe, it's Kook himself! *gag*

2991 days ago


anorexia and bulemia both cause teeth to fall out too.

2991 days ago


Wow, I had no idea how much anger and hatred there is on this site for celebrities. I would think that if Jessica Alba and Dane Cook were such awful people, those of you who hate them would avoid the story and move on to something more to your liking. Perhaps clubbing baby seals.

2991 days ago


Why does she always care about being natural and being the girl next door? I don't know, but to me she is just playing the good girl act and trying to gain fame from these events. I mean why waste time with the body image thing when you could be part of a charity fund for abused women or for cancer research. Plus you can't change the world's opinion on wants healthy or not.

2991 days ago


I thought I was the only person in the world who hates her...I cant even explain why. Its just one of those things....Thanks guys. Im not the loner anymore.

2991 days ago


SHE is so PERFECT and yet she this beautiful creature is preaching self-esteem! WOW, she does not have to worry about suffering from this at least not until her looks fade. It's all good that she is preaching this, but how are young teens going to follow when she is such a beautiful latina gal and they or she cannot relate to each other. I give her kudos for being real and not being another Paris, Lindsay or Brittany. Jessica has class.

2991 days ago


I love the 'being yourself' and 'proud of who you are, and its not about being skinny' crap, when she was banging producers and doing blow 7 nights a week when she started out. The chick was legendary on the party crcuit a few years ago...

2991 days ago


Easy for someone who is drop-dead gorgeous and has the best body to tell other girls "it's not about being skinny" and to speak about accepting your looks! Not all of us are blessed genetically like Jessica Alba is! It is a nice message to send, just hard to take from someone who is naturally so blessed with her looks. At least she is a natural beauty, though, unlike hypocrital plastic surgery junkies Ashlee & Jessica Simpson!

2991 days ago


You know, I wouldn't say she has classically beautiful features, or even exotically beautiful features, or that I care about her dress size. This young woman has a true beauty from within that radiates from her eyes. That is star quality.

That said, I am sure the drastic lengths she must go thru to keep an unrealistic weight and body size must have caused her teeth to become so fragile. It is a sad commentary. So many people in Hollywood have false teeth.

2991 days ago


How do you break a back tooth like that? :/ Alba is very attractive but she has slimmed down considerably lately - too thin in my opinion. She was gorgeous when she did "Dark Angel." I would respect her more if she just told young girls not to mirror themselves with her because she has Hollywood pressures put upon her and that she is not the typical representative body for young girls. Detailing her exericise regimen and the work that goes behind sustaining that weight would be enlightening to the young ones. She should tell young girls "Don't look at me - look at yourselves and love yourselves." JMHO

2991 days ago


Enough with the skinny beeeotchs,,, maybe after we club a few of those baby seals for Paris and Lindsey, we can start clubbing toothless and crankhead,,, then we can put it in a fancy chic boutique to sell it to Princess Paris and her good buddy Firecrotch, and then take that money to help silcone lips Jolie get another plane ticket to adopt some more freaks from another land.

2991 days ago


she broke the tooth getting banged against the headboard last nite.....

2991 days ago


she seems really full of herself when interviewed. extremely over-rated. her 15 min are almost up anyways. yawn.

2991 days ago

the other woman    

she is skinny, if u like to lick bones then she's ur girl...what is the big deal with this chick...she dresses funny like paris , and all those celebrities that wear orange and outrageous outfits...i wouldn't be caught dead waering some things these women wear....

2991 days ago
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