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Lance Bass' First Gay Date

8/22/2006 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reichen comments on Lance: Click to watchNewly out and proud former *NSYNC singer Lance Bass revealed to Us Weekly that he recently enjoyed his first real date with his boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl. "He took me out to a really nice dinner the other night at the Hotel Bel-Air," said Bass.

On Saturday, Lance and Reichen enjoyed another date, albeit a less romantic one, at the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge in the Hamptons. And Reichen had nothing but nice things to say about Bass. Reichen gushed "I have the most beautiful boyfriend in the world."

Reichen, a former captain in the Air Force and winner of CBS' "Amazing Race," also has a new book coming out entitled "Here's What We'll Say," which deals with his experiences as a gay man in the U.S. military.

Now that the not-so-ambiguously-gay duo has gone public with their relationship, they can look forward to many more romantic nights on the town. And fret not because here at TMZ we will ask and we will tell!


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Good for them. I wish them all the luck. Relationships are hard enough but to subjected them to public scrutiny is even more difficult. And before the flames start I realize that this is this guys 15 mins and he’s not hiding from the cameras. But hey he’s brave enough to admit to himself what the rest of us had already figured out.

2961 days ago


why can't there be masculine gay role models? I'm a gay guy and even though I work out like a fiend and am built I am not all primped like a girl. Reichin is only in this because of the fame--Bass is far from beautiful

2961 days ago


It's a shame that this is still news. this country needs to get over it's obsession with deciding what's right and wrong in people's lives. You are free to believe in anyting you want, religious or otherwise, why some of us feel the need to impose those beliefs on everyone else still baffles me. If you think it's a sin let God deal with it when the time is right, in the meantime let everyone just live thier lives as they see fit and what makes them happy, which, call me crazy, is what I think is God's plan anyway. Gay people have been around since the beginning of time, so get over it already!! Good luck to these two, and hopefully one day it won't even be considered news.

2961 days ago


what a f***in douche. does this dude have ADHD? was he drinking too much chablis? and what the hell was he talking about? who cares! blah blah blah. for a good-lookin guy, he's pretty fem. what a dork.

2961 days ago


Guys "gushing" over other guys. . .this crap is gross. . . .

2961 days ago


OH HOW SWEET!!! Pleezzz, who really gives a s*** about their gayish lifestyle. Let them live privately and SPARE us the details.

2961 days ago


Yo Catherine ........ blow it out your homophobic a**.

2961 days ago



Hide your wallet

2961 days ago


Wow, he's really beautiful. Theres certainly nothing wrong with primping. Are you saying gay men can't be masculine unless they are dirty and unkempt? He looks perfectly masculine to me.

And to the small group of people going around saying he's just in it for the fame - give it up already. The only people you're convincing is yourselves.

2961 days ago


As long as they're not biting your pillow why would anyone care. It's religions that try to make some believe being gay is terribly perverted. Yet it’s always the Priests and Pastors that get caught for molesting young boys. Go figure.

2961 days ago


Whatever w/ these two.

2961 days ago


If you think Bucky Beaver is beautiful!

2961 days ago


I hope that they are very happy together. I don't think that Lance's boyfriend is in it for the money.

2961 days ago


He looks drunk, the media loves to ambush people. They should be ashamed. I still think these two are fabulous...

2961 days ago


What next? A reality show? i'm overwhelmed with these two already!!

2961 days ago
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