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"Ocean's 13" Set on Fire

8/22/2006 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click here to return to TMZ.comJust when we thought the set of "Ocean's 13" couldn't get any hotter - funny man Bernie Mac and Oscar nominated actor Don Cheadle showed back to shoot scenes for the highly anticipated film.

Bits and pieces of Danny Ocean's famous crowd of charming crooks hit the streets of LA Monday to film scenes at a local REI store.

During their down time, Pitt and Clooney found a moment to chat, wave at the lingering paparazzi, smoke a cigarette, text message and read the paper.

The day wrapped with George and Brad slapping on their helmets and riding away.


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DAMN!! That Clooney sure is fine!!!

2963 days ago


Either one of them...anytime, anyplace...too hot!!!

2963 days ago


Brad is so hot, Angie is a lucky biatch.

2963 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Why are there rumors going around that George Clooney likes the company of men instead of women? Granted, seeing how he really never has a steady girlfriend and like to hang around guys a lot makes me think he is a butt pirate, not that that makes him a bad guy. He still is a horrible actor and was in no way deserving of an oscar. Question is, who did he suck off to get it?

2963 days ago

Not Surprised    

Geo. Clooney most definately is a butt pirate - duh - but he's a good actor. Not great, but definately a good actor. See "Syriana". But yeah, he a homo.

2963 days ago


gay or straight, they're both hot.

admittedly i'm out of the loop, but when did brad get that tattoo on his left hand?? is it real or for the movie? help me out here folks.

2963 days ago


What do women see in these two? Did we not learn from Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson? The more hype, the less there is in substance. Thanks, TMZ, for not hiding their cigarette addictions. Ladies, if you have to lust over these guys, you'd better figure out why your husbands/boyfriends disgust you so.

2963 days ago


They need to realize they are role models to younger people. Do not smoke , do not be adulterers...there is nothing wrong with male comraderie. Hollywood needs to grow up and act like adults!

2963 days ago


you know what? if I have a brother that wanted to be friend with this two low class people that do not have no education in their brain I will definately abandon them. George is nothing but a selfish idiot. Look Mister, you need some one in your life and stop interfering in your freinds relationship. he is nothing but a trator.
Brad, you are lying to world that you are fine. God know you are in hell. I am a pure Gemini I know what I am talking about. Make sure you have a good belt on your as--------- to deal with that home wreaker.

2963 days ago

jolie fan    

It is so selfish of Brad to be with someone he loves, and not with who Aniston fans want him to be with! How dare he fall in love with Angelina, and start a family. He is so selfish. My heart goes out to Aniston fans! January will be two years since Brad and Jen split up, and Aniston fans are still so devastated. I`m sure they aren`t really cruel people. They don`t mean it when they wish evil things to happen to shiloh. Adults don`t wish harm to children. These Aniston fans are just devastated. it`s nothing a few sessions of therapy can`t help. It is sad how Brad fell out of love with Jen. He once quit a film because he couldn`t stand to be away from her. Now that is true love. One might wonder how such true love could end. One might think that maybe Jen was not the sweet girl next door after all. Maybe she was a total bitch. Maybe she was self centered. Maybe she was too materialistic. Maybe she was too busy thinking about wanting to be an A-lister. Maybe she didn`t want any kids. Whatever it was, Brad should never have left Jen, it has made Aniston fans so miserable! He should never have fallen in love with a woman who is beautiful, sexy and wants to help poor people. Helping poor people is not as important as making all the rounds on all the talk shows or posing topless on magazine covers. Really Brad now that you`re all about helping people, you`re just not as well liked. You should go back to Jen and be the selfcentered couple the two of you once were. You were liked so much more when you and Jen walked around being the me me me couple. What do ya say Brad? Stop doing what makes you happy, and think about the Aniston fans that are so miserable. They are not going to go to your movies. You are forcing them to ruin your career. Leave your three children fatherless. It is not about them, It`s about the Aniston fans.

2963 days ago

showers of Blessings    

I cant understand why Brad stayed with Aniston for 7 years. That woman just use him for the advancement of her career. She never wanted to have a baby. Brad has the best package. Well, Aniston sure lost it big time !!!!. Now, she really regretted that !!!. Well, kick yourself. It's your decision to choose career over family. At least delaying it.

2963 days ago


Hope Angelina dosen't find out Brad was smoking! She will make him sleep on the couch.

2963 days ago


I don't like these guys, but they are HOT AS HELL. MMMMMMM.

2962 days ago

Oh Canada    

Number 14. Loved you post.

Do you think people will get that you're being "ironical" (Will&Grace word).

This Canadian is a huge fan of Brad and Angelina, my friends and I bought the uncut version of Mr.&Mrs.Smith; they were even hotter together.

I would love to see them remake Notorious, it's a great film that starred Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. Angelina and Brad would be perfect in the lead roles, their chemistry would burn up the screen.

Pitt&Jolie fan

2962 days ago


#15, well said. people need to move on and stop hating the man for following his heart. he is a part of a family now.

2962 days ago
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