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Brad & Angelina

Incite Flashers

8/24/2006 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The most buff couple in Hollywood hit Julian's, a Los Angeles art gallery, for the opening of a new photography exhibit. While the couple focused on photographs inside, they were being photographed by a swarm of paparazzi outside the gallery.

Katharine McPhee
It seems as if Katharine McPhee has performed "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" more than Judy Garland herself. From "The View" to "Regis and Kelly," it's been Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow. So how on earth does McPhee get on MTV? TMZ created a "Rainbow" music video befitting the hippest music channel.

Nicole Richie friends devised a clever if ineffective way to shield their famous friends from the paparazzi. We call this video "Boy ON the Hood."

Joey Lawrence has a new, sexy Kojak look for this season's "Dancing with the Stars." The baldy has some bold dance moves. Take a look.

Ultra-sexy Jessica Alba fesses up to a chink in her armor of beauty. During a recent love scene with co-star Dane Cook, the actress lost a tooth and chipped another. "We're smashing our faces together, she winces. "It's not the slowest, most romantic love scene."

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are back at work on the third installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean." After filming wrapped on Tuesday, Orlando hopped in his car and sped off into the wind, while Johnny showed fans some love.

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Can Katherine Mcphee stay in the land of Munchkins forever? So very tired of this wanna be....and her crazy parents. Her voice is stale and has no depth.....David Foster wants her to sleep with him and she probably will and then puke dinner. Go away!

2927 days ago


They had an affair, she spoke up a marriage, she got pregnant out of wedlock why are we even caring about these people. Great example for our kids.

2927 days ago


Katharine McPhee has got to GO, who said she could have 15 minutes of fame, I think 10 would have been enough. Is THAT THE ONLY SONG SHE CAN SING? I don't like her and will never buy her recordings...however I'm sure there are plent of people out there that do...go figure.
Brad and Angelina are giving a huge portion of their earnings to charity, so let them do what they please and make all they want...they're not like Tom Cruise who is stuck on himself!!!

2927 days ago


Broke up not spoke up.............oops

2927 days ago


I thougt they split, damm I hate both of them. Fish lips cheating whore, Brad get yourself some balls you whimp.

2927 days ago


i love brad and angie... they are so hot and freakin sexy.. they are awesome in all the charity work they do and for what they give. i don't see paris hilton giving anything away, ok maybe her self respect. she got piad 100 thousand dollars to show up to a fans birthday party. why??? did she really need the money? maybe she could have shown a little compassion and given that to charity and shown people she is more then just some over rated party girl who has NO talent.. angie should be sainted in my opnion. and if jen would have given her husband what he needed then he wouldn't have had to go looking for it somewhere else...

2927 days ago


Reading these stories are great! It's a fun form of entertainment and distraction. For people to get all bent and out of shape about these celebrities is pathetic! Get a life of your own allready.

2927 days ago


Too many jealous haters out there!! Angie is not a whore, get real. Nichole Richie is either an excellent actress or her feud with Paris is real. Paris did not look too hurt in the finale of SL, but it was plain to see that Nichole was. Love em both and hopr they make up soon.

2927 days ago


it's brad and angelina.........until she has another leading man.....and decides she has to screw or marry him.

2927 days ago

mary jones    

brad is another hollywood creep, and jolie is nothing nice to mess with a married man..hollywood is a hell pit. where not a sould give a darn about real like they just think they are all that and it doesnt matter who does who or who hurts who. and marriage means nothing.

2927 days ago


I AM SOOOOO SICK OF PARIS!!!! she didnt go out and make some fortune from an act of labor so why in gods name do people think she is someone who is NOTHING, she inherits her money from daddy. Net works should be yanked for allowing her to go on national tv with that richie thing and humiliate people. MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!! I let the NEILSEN ratings know i turn my tv everytime that sickening show comes on, she really needs to drop the stupid act. LOL maybe shes not acting cause she has no idea what it is like to actually earn a dollar. and the words "thats hot" was around before WEBSTERS started the dictionary.

2927 days ago


Does Jessica Alba have fake teeth?

2927 days ago


I'm so sick and tired of hearing and seeing Brad and Angelina. Why give a crap about 2 people who had an affair and ruined other peoples lives. As for Nicole Richie someone needs to get the girl a sandwich she is starving herself to death. You see all of these stars running away from fans and hiding so I think it was great of Johnny Depp to take time to sign autographs and take to the people that love him.

2927 days ago


i keep reading the comments and everyone is talking of morals. what freaking morals?? we live in a world where our president sleeps with an intern and lies about it. not hard to understand why he lied but still.. we see in our news everyday how our troups are fighting a war. for what?? todays society has NO MORALS... that is what this world is coming to... we are all out for ourselves. and our families.. do any of you care if i just got fired or that someone i know is dying of cancer.. no. why because you are too involved with your lives to worry about mine. you don't know me or care what happens to me so get over your morals and your high horses. people do what they do. some get hurt in the process. poor jen. screw jen. she can't act and gets paid a ton of money for it.. what has she done that was good? nothing. friends was good because it was about all of them. they were all funny not just her. she played her part. that is all.

2927 days ago


i dont really care much for brad and angelina ,but its nice they give for charity though

2927 days ago
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