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K-Fed to World: "I'm Broke But So Damn Smart"

8/24/2006 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed might not be the world's greatest rapper, but there's one thing he does claim to be "amazing" at: the GED.

The rapper-on-the-make says that he passed his high school equivalency with flying colors -- "Not that it's the hardest thing in the world," he admits. But his math skills in particular are being put to good use – he's calculated that his net worth, even after making $2 million on his TV show, is about ... zero.

His wife – Britney Spears – might be worth as much as $200 million (or so it's been reported), but Federline tells GQ magazine (via Lloyd Grove's Lowdown) that he's "almost broke," despite making a couple million on the UPN reality show "Chaotic." But regardless of his financial situation, K-Fed can always fall back on his degree, one way or another – "I actually got amazing-ass test scores on it," says K-Fed. "I got pretty high test scores for the state of California."

Meanwhile, Britney has been deemed "too stimulating" for the youth of Japan. A poster of the recent Harper's Bazaar magazine cover that shows a very pregnant Brit in all her glory (i.e., completely naked) has been censored for the Tokyo Metro. The new poster, showing the pop princess from the elbow up, will have the catchy tagline: "We apologize for hiding part of a beautiful image of a mother-to-be."

Springsteen Marriage on the Rocks?

Friends of Bruce Springsteen are beating back rumors that the Boss' marriage to his wife of almost 20 years, Patti Scialfa, is in trouble.

A report in today's Page Six claims that the pair are "virtually living separate lives" and that another woman is involved. Bruce has been spotted hanging at a beach with his children alone, but also vacationed with Patti and the kids last month in upstate New York. However, friends of the couple tell the Post that "nothing's going on" and that "Bruce and Patti are very much partners. They go at it a lot and fight, but they also work at it a lot ... Patti is a strong woman. They are not going anywhere."

Scialfa's mother, Victoria, tells Page Six, "I don't know anything about it. I don't want to talk about it."

Kat's Not Eating Well – But Not Worrying About It

"American Idol" Katharine McPhee says the constraints of being on tour aren't very good for her diet, but that she's not doing "any weird, disordered eating things anymore." What's more, she admits that there will "always be people who don't like" her, but that she's no less friendly because of her success on "Idol."

In a Q-and-A with Us Weekly, McPhee answers the skeptics who said that she was prolonging her recovery from bronchitis and laryngitis to avoid touring with the rest of the Idols. "I felt like I was under attack," she says. "Vocal cords are very sensitive parts of the body that need to be taken care of ... I still have to see doctors across the country to make sure my voice is healing."

McPhee also tells the magazine that she met with Steven Spielberg for a get-to-know-you kind of chat, and that she and 41-year-old boyfriend Nick Cokas do "old people" things like "get dinner and see a movie" when they're home together.

Notorious Prankster Goofs on Wolf, CNN

Captain Janks – otherwise known as Thomas Cipriano, a gas-station employee in Pennsylvania – called into CNN's "Situation Room" yesterday and got himself interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, only to reveal at the end that he had tricked the network's call screeners.

Janks/Cipriano called into the show posing as "Wendy Hutchens," a California woman who claims that she had spoken to suspect John Mark Karr about the death of JonBenet Ramsey. Blitzer, as Lloyd Grove recounts is, spoke with "Hutchens" for a short while, until Cipriano dropped Howard Stern's name into one of his answers, whereupon the surprised host realized what was going on. "All right," he said. "Well, that sounds like we've just been Howard Sterned, as they say."

CNN says it's looking into the the incident.

Goodie Bag: Brandon's Mom Pawning Her Jewels? And Apple Shells Out $100 Million to Settle iPod Case

Brandon Davis' mother Barbara is liquidating her collection of jewelry, says Ben Widdicombe, through a top Italian broker. "Most of Barbara's big gems are loose. A lot of the other stuff is being broken up for stones." A family rep denies any selling is taking place . . . Apple agreed to pay $100 million to Creative Technologies yesterday, after it was accused of infringing upon a Creative patent for the navigation of a music player like its iPod. Apple has admitted no wrongdoing, and will recoup some of the settlement money if other companies license Creative's technology.

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No Avatar


Clearly a future MacArthur Grant genius in the making.

2919 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Holly Crap:::

I been Dun got my GED PAPA::

I aint no good fer nufin highschool drop out. Well, yes I is a good fer nuthin "highschool drop out". BUT see, I been dun gune and got my
(Good Enough Diploma). Im an uneducated REJECT....
mY LANGUAGE SKILLS are unsatisfactory, and no one ever want to talk to me about anything other than my "WIFE" WHO WILL ALWASY SHADDOW my non exsistent carrer.

You LOSER "HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT" hey go get a job with PAPY at duh, fillin station where he been dune working..

No Education, thats classic man, relly classic.

2919 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

I can now read on a functionally Illiterate level.
I be RAPPING yoyo Gmoney skins in da junt yo,
fo reel, I be dune got out there a rapped about the penny YO
(Last month according to top notch TMZ field reporting)

Denn I be dune lay it down like YO in front dem kids an JUNK.
Yo my name is K-FAG, my wife is fat, I wear and hat, and pass da GED, and dat, aint no crap, So dont call me slack, when I wear chaps, and looks like craps, yoyoy yo g dogskin.

2919 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Now if I could only find Waldo.

2919 days ago



2919 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

K-Fag:: You have got to be kidding us.
Are you really going to sit here and profess that the "limited" amout of information taht is requisit to pass the GED, constitutes any real form of education.

Look "Dncing Boy", face it man your undereducated, Low Lifeted, good for nothing, (except TMZ fodder for jokes) (Thank U TMZ)

iT IS GREAT TO see people like this, once they relize how little they acctually ofer to society. Thank You Dirt Bag Fag,

With out the dregs of society like you, there would not be the educated elite, such as ME AND TMZ, BABAY. (did I just Rap?)

2919 days ago


Man, what was Brit thinking? I recommend therapy.

2919 days ago


This guy is always be the talk as long as people are interested in Brittany. They like to look at her and say what is she doing with that loser. I guess love is blind. other news......

2919 days ago


Whats the next headline going to be? K-fag takes a dump on the hopper and Britney flushes?

2919 days ago


Think about the kids...they have two loser's for parents...however, I seriously doubt that Britney and Kevin will actually raise them. Those kids will still be messed up though.

2919 days ago


Oh where's Alexis? What do ya know , a topic she can relate to......she knows all about the English language ....her grammar is that of a high school dropout.....her and Fagerline would be perfect together

2919 days ago


Freakerline is the biggest tool on the planet. Hope he saves some of his money for child support.

2919 days ago


Say it aint so....Bruce and Patty. 20 years together and three kids....hope it wroks out for you two and the family.

2919 days ago


OMG! Go away you loser! Concentrate on ALL your kids! You are so worthless it's embarrassing. Your best bet is to get a degree and manage your wife's career or what is left of it and for crying out load - stay off her!

2919 days ago


Well, now he can read Brit's book.......he can pick up a few copies real cheap.

2919 days ago
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