Meat Loaf Cusses Like a Bat Out of Hell

8/25/2006 12:45 PM PDT
The Kerrang! Awards in London was a party like no other, and one-time rocker Meat Loaf's "enthusiasm" for the show was definitely the highlight.

Taking the stage to present the Best Video Award, Meat Loaf dropped the f-bomb 10 times in under 40 seconds, telling the rock 'n roll crowd: "You mother f***ers are pissing me off, I saw more f***ing energy at the Christian f***ing rock awards. This isn't about f***ing cool, this is about f***ing rock and roll."

As if Meat's rousing appearance wasn't enough, Brit rockers Bullet For My Valentine had a great time with one lucky reporter, telling her they "love hookers" and giving her a couple swigs of their booze while she interviewed them.