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Tori to Candy: You Got More Face Time B***H!

8/28/2006 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comCandy and Tori Spelling squared off in a tribute to Aaron on Sunday night's Emmys. The feuding mother and daughter of the famed producer who passed away earlier this summer sat on opposite sides of the room as they watched the moving tribute to Aaron Spelling.

TMZ has created a Dynasty-esque tribute of our own, with even more drama than you saw on NBC.


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Poor guy...all the women that were in his life are crazy b****es.

2977 days ago


Ok these two need to's disgusting the way there fighting over his money.....come on girls time to sweep everything under the rug

2977 days ago


too bad the two cannot grow up and both come to their senses that they both loved this man. Shows that money doesnt buy everything(love and happiness) and show that it doesnt buy good drs for plastic surgery


2977 days ago


I side with Tori. I think she is with a new man who makes her more independent and that pisses her mother off. Candy has lost control, but the puppet master is still alive in Randy.

2977 days ago


poor guy, his feuding family upstaged his tribute. they owe him better than that.

2977 days ago


That poor man is probably rolling over in his grave. And he would have NEVER EVER cut tori out of his will. Her mother is a real biatch. That portrayal on vh1 was probably right (loved the show, too bad its cancelled).

2977 days ago


shes a poor excuse for a mother...what a money hungry b****

2977 days ago


Family is the most important thing in the world. I feel very sorry for these two. It's a shame.

2977 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

I don't understand how any mother could turn her back on her daughter over something like this. what did tori do but try and be her own person? randy is sucking up to his mothers millions....

2977 days ago


I heard that the mother was seeing a guy on the side and since the dads death she has already moved in with him. Its a shame those tears werent real she never cared about that poor man. She just used him for his money. She shouldn't treat Tori like that when shes the one thats wrong.

2977 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

These two look like a pair of clowns--especially that Mother from Hell. Spelling's first wife, the late Carolyn Jones, was a beauty that Spelling got rid of for this walking diamond-studded turd. How many of her billions of pennies has SHE given to charity. Maybe she's saving up to have her face lifted. It's what she needs: to have it lifted--and replaced with her ass, which I'm sure is more attractive. As the great Frank Sinatra used to say, "What a bow-wow!"

2977 days ago

Diane Rhodes    

I think all his money should go to charity and let the 2 B's make their own.

2977 days ago


MOTHERS are supposed to love you unconditionally. This is SAD. I am sorry for Tori. Candy needs to get over the fact that Tori had a failed first wedding. People make mistakes, so get OVER it Candi and make up with your daughter. I find it hard to believe that Candy can be so mean, especially publicly. Hang in there Tori.

2977 days ago


you all dont even know what the hell really happened, ur just reading into what the tabloids say!! yes it is sad that they are feuding, but dont be so quick to judge one or the other. Toris a terrible person in my book from some of the things she has openly done within the public but I havent really head much about Candy until now and most of its coming from Toris mouth. So everyone should really shut up

2977 days ago


Well, this blog is to post your OPINION> everyone is entitled to that. So people that are saying "shut up", well, you are posting yours, so get over it! I feel that there are two sides to every story, so they are BOTH in the wrong, and I am sure Aaron did not want to see this go on forever. Hopefully they can come to a resolution. I also don't think Randy should be made to take sides.

2977 days ago
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