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PETA Wants Gator-aid From Beyoncé

8/29/2006 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA is going after Beyoncé Knowles -- again -- after the singer told Arena magazine about her peeps taping a baby alligator's mouth shut during a recent photo shoot.
The shoot went down for Beyoncé's upcoming album, "B'Day." She told the magazine, "There was a shot where I held an alligator. (It) had (its) mouth taped -- that was my bright idea." Beyoncé added, "He was really cute, but since his mouth was taped, he didn't have any way to defend himself. He was upset, so he peed on me. That was an experience."

PETA thinks it was a bad experience -- for the gator. The animal rights organization contacted one of the world's leading biologists, who wrote Knowles a letter saying, "As a specialist in reptile biology and welfare, I'm concerned about your posing with a terrified baby alligator for your new album cover." He added, "Humans and alligators are not natural bedfellows, and the two should not mix at events such as photo shoots. In my view, doing so is arguably abusive to an animal."

Beyoncé has not responded to the letter. This isn't the first time PETA has gone after her. This past June, Beyoncé and her mom were confronted by PETA members at a fancy New York restaurant over the singer's use of fur in her fashion lines.

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Keep up the wonderful work PETA! There are too many heartless people in this world and we all need to know so we can boycott them whether they be movie or television stars, music artists, and big or small corporations. It is about time that we all support animal rights!

2942 days ago


Save the animals? How about save the people!! PETA cares more for animals than people. I would like to believe that abused women, children and homeless people deserve more attention than gators, fish and chicken. Quit trying to force your opinions on others and live your life! I wish a PETA member would say something to me. They would be looking for an animal to save them! I'm not a fan of Beyonce, but at least she isn't trying to force others to be like her. Now back to my steak.

2942 days ago


I agree with cj19. If the PETA was really fighting for a cause why not protest about slaughter houses, and zoos where animals are really abused. Plus the alligator didnt pee on B cuz he was mad its an animal is pisses where it damn well pleases. Alsothe timing is very convenient dont you think so.

2942 days ago


hi beyonce, im crystal, im 10...
I killed my cats to make a coat too!!!
I look up to you and totally think it is soooo cool that you do what you want, who cares if we kill animals right? ya!
I find cats and dogs in the neighborhood and skinn them and stuff ,, is that how you do it tooo? or do you buy them at the pet store?
i cant afford to buy them so i just go around and find them, usually just dogs and cats because they are easier to find and catch... and then i make stuffs with their furs, my friends think im weird but im trying to teach them how to do it tooo! yay!

2942 days ago


To Spud, Beyonce is a performer. If you don't like her or her music don't listen. But before you make comments about her talent base make sure that you know what you're talking about. If you remember, she was chosen to perform at the Tony Awards a couple of years ago, and performed not one, but 3 numbers. I don't think you can describe this group as glittery nail, welfare recipients. She has fans that range from rodeo drive to the soup kitchens. Her fans have nothing to do with her choice to use an alligator in a photo.

2942 days ago

dionne kendrick    

I think it'sunfortunate that otherwise reasonably intelligent people lose their cool over certain issues. If Beyonce's behavior is abusive towards animals, that should be addressed. If her music promotes shallow, vacuous ideals, address that as well. However, it's downright childish to launch personal attacks against a performer or their fans. It gets in the way of intelligent debate. It's hard to take ideas seriously when they are buried beneath racist, condescending, presumptuous venom.

2942 days ago

the other woman    

why is this a big deal??? she just took a photo and just taped a gator's mouth big deal...he's still breathing they is far more worst abuse going on with kids and women for us to cry over this....I bet PETA wants beyonce to donate a big anmount of $$$ to their organization and apologize for some 99 cents tape on a gator mouth......and i agree they kill other animals as well......

2942 days ago


heartless & ugly is a bad combo!

2942 days ago


Hey Crystal keep up the good work, you sound like a smart kid. What you should do is SELL the coats you make. Don't give them away, SELL them for your profit. When you make enough money buy a .40 Cal Glock and kill all the stupid racist and PETA members before you KILL YOURSELF!! STUPID!! I know it KILLS all you racist people to see a talented successful BLACK WOMAN.

2942 days ago



2942 days ago


she kills other animals too, cats, dogs, racoons ect....

2942 days ago


PETA has become a radical fringe group.
What P.E.T.A. should really stand for is
A- Animals

2942 days ago


wow!!!! so much fuss over nothing....people get over yourselves...the animal was not abused

2942 days ago


boyonce kills cats and dogs and supports cruely killing millions of other animals every year too.

2942 days ago


hahahahahahaha!!!!!! beyonce is a dumb bitch!

2942 days ago
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