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Brit Imparts Wisdom on Jamie-Lynn

9/1/2006 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was girls night out for the Spears sisters Wednesday. Jamie Lynn and a very pregnant Britney took some time away from the Federline boys, Kevin and Sean Preston, for a little ice cream social.
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The two could be seen chatting it up and laughing on their stroll, however, TMZ is still wondering what could have possibly provoked Jamie Lynn to make that interesting face seen in the photo. Your guess is as good as ours.


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New One    

Pregnet women can really rip them.
Brit let a big one rip and her sister is like what the hell gross.

2951 days ago

Lisa sister is a dumbass fat cow. This is just a photo op.

2951 days ago


C'mon, don't you like K-Fed's brother, we could double date and stuff.

2951 days ago


STOP TALKING ABOUT HER! She is a white-trash hasbeen who never really was to begin with.
Now that she is fat on top of it all, everyone needs to let her fade away peacefully.

2951 days ago


Britanny should move out of Malibu and into Palmdale. She would fit right in- with the rest of the anorexic, crack whores, strippers and trailer park freaks, and home of the annual carnie convention- she could be the Queen of White Trash in the Kingdom of Freaks. Kind of like her old Mousekateer days.

2951 days ago


I hope that Britney's little sister learns a lesson from her older sister and doesn't make the same mistakes Britney made such as claiming to remain a virgin until marriage, but then not doing it...showing her body off and making it a part of her performances and work, and then letting herself go once she's pregnant and therefore turns many of her fans away...
Yeah Brits pregnant, so she deserves to binge on good food and all, but that doesn't mean she should look so dirty and sloppy all the time....
And I hope most of all, that Jamie Lynn can be the one in her family to make real music, and marry a good guy when she's ready. Not just jump in bed with any guy and make a mockery of her life and marriage.

2951 days ago

Jessica Cavanaugh    

Just get over it people....seriously she is prego...I have never seen one person get so bashed for being fat. She will bounce back from it. Hate her, or love her she will make millions more guranteed. There is no stopping her, everyone is just waiting for her new album and body and when it happens she will be more popular then ever. Look at Christina Aguilera she was given all kinds of bad reviews when she looked trashy and dirty, but look at her now...she is miss classy, not to mention that her album is amazing. I hate to break it to you people, but sex sells in this world and if you can't stand girls who flaunt what they have then don't look!!!!

2951 days ago


Jamie-Lynn is actually really cute. My kids watch her show and she does like to make that face all the time. Like #1 said, Brit probably let a big one rip! LOL

2951 days ago


alrightttttttttttttt who cut the cheese lol? she better check her underwear it sounded like a wet on

2951 days ago


Britney looks cute while pregnant! She may not look 110% all the time, but who does? I have my off days when im NOT pregnant, everyone is entitled to them. And big deal, she didn't remain a virgin till marriage, that doesn't make someone a bad person. Hell when i was 16 i vowed to remain one till marriage too....that didn't work out as planned. You can't make lifetime plans at a young age.

2951 days ago


the only reason jamie-lynn is in show business is because her big sister is britney spears. she had it easy.

2951 days ago


I actually think Brit looks super cute and happy here, maybe her sister is making that face at the dumbasses who can't seem to understand that fat is not the same as pregnant. Besides, you want her to look like Posh? Brit looks healthy, and probably will give birth to a very healthy baby, which is more than I expect for the pregnant women in hollywood who worry about their weight so much throughout their pregnancy that they don't put enough on and have a baby severly underweight, all for the sake of dumbasses not calling them fat. I support Britney in doing what's right for her and her baby, and I for one am glad to finally see her looking happy again. I'm sick of sad Brit.

2951 days ago


You know, hate her or love her, you gotta give her props for just being out there with who she is. Poor confused littel thing, her mom should've provided a little more guidence!

2951 days ago

gossip fan    

Jamie Lynn is making that face because her sister had to go and ruin their afternoon by mentioning Kevin

2951 days ago

Joisy Boy    

How about "Sis, 3rd trimester or not, NO WAY am i gonna take one for the team and do that loser Fedrline for you"

2951 days ago
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