Cage's Do-Over (and We're Not Talking Hair)

9/1/2006 1:00 PM PDT
Was it the rebel / punk influence of Johnny Ramone that inspired Nicolas Cage to star in the remake of the 1973 cult classic 'The Wickerman'? He did say that Johnny "was a fan."

But it's when Mr. Cage starts making statements like "[Wickerman] was so unlike any other movie I'd seen, so I kept thinking how we could recreate it and make it relevant to today," that the list of not-so-memorable 2006 remakes come to mind: 'The Hills Have Eyes', 'When A Stranger Calls', 'The Omen' ... and the list goes on and on.

So, just how will audiences feel about Nic's newest flick? We'll know soon enough. "The Wicker Man" opens today.