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Greasy Bear Brandon -- Officially a Star

9/1/2006 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who knew that wealthy scion Brandon Davis would become a star -- the result of his now-infamous vile rant against Lindsay Lohan, captured by TMZ.

But when you're posing solo on the VMA red carpet and photogs are actually interested enough to snap pics, then a star you are.

Remember back when Howard Stern discussed the notorious "Firecrotch Incident" back in May? Stern didn't even know Davis' name -- and didn't care to. Now, not only do people know the famed hater's real name, but a nickname is making the rounds as well: "Greasy Bear".

We had hoped that the first TMZ-created star would be a more worthy entertainer, but we can still take some pride in our first home-grown celebrity -- even though he's a putz.


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Paris needs to clean this guy up if she plans to hang out with him. She also need to shut up, the more we see of her personality the less likable she becomes. I mean really, "she like cries when she listens to her own song?" What the hell does that mean? She sees herself as the new blond icon? Her hair always looks awsome, even in pigtails? She says she is smarter than most people? If so, she needs to project a different image, right now, people watch her because they can't wait to see her fall on her face, and she will it is just a matter of time.

2975 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Just the site of this guy makes me vomit...
WHY is he being photographed again?? Oh right, Paris Hilton...

2975 days ago


Paris Hilton has the same facial expression in every picture. It's a little spooky, maybe she's a robot that would explain so much.

2975 days ago


who would ever consider this stupid c*nt a star?

2975 days ago


He is a disgusting, classless, bloated pig. It just goes to show that no amount of money can buy and class.

2975 days ago


Hey, all that excess grease could deep fry an elephant or hippo.

2975 days ago

Ghost of Marvin    

Guess what - Brandon's NOT rich. His grandfather Marvin Davis had lost money for 15years, and died with more debt than assets. His grandmother Barbara had to sell her big house "the Knoll" and now lives in a condo. His aunt Patty is suing the rest of the family for her "lost" money, but there's nothing left. The family sold their last asset, the oil company, for chump change. His mother Nancy is selling their Beverly Hills house. His stepdad Ken has bank loans he can't pay back. WITH money, Brandon is a joke. Without money, he's a broke joke. Welcome to the real world, kid.

2973 days ago


Who is this Brandon Davis and what rock did he crawl out from under? I'm sure Paris' parents must be so proud of their daughter's choice of friends. She's bad enough, but he shouldn't even be allowed to breath air. What scum!

2964 days ago



2964 days ago


Oh ICK! This KID is a mess. So much money and he hasn't had to earn a dime of it. He talks about Lindsay only being worth 7millon. Well at least she earns her money - I hope he reads some of these and figures out that he is a has been and never will be. Hey Brandon learn how to take a bath or at least have a swim in one of your many pools. Oh ya wait your homeless and living with friends. Ha - what a looser.

2962 days ago
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