Return of "Firecrotch" -- Lindsay Feud Not Over

8/13/2006 3:00 PM PDT

Return of "Firecrotch" -- Lindsay Feud Not Over

Paris Hilton's posse lashed out at Lindsay Lohan yet again with "firecrotch" ridicule. On Friday night, after attending a Justin Timberlake concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, Paris Hilton, sister Nicky, Hollywood bad boy Brandon Davis and Scott Storch, the producer of Paris' new CD, found themselves at In-N-Out Burger at 2 a.m. in Hollywood.

As they left, a photographer heard someone in the party of four use the word "firecrotch." You'll recall the TMZ video in which Brandon Davis went on a now-infamous rant against Lindsay Lohan, peppering his comments by calling her a "firecrotch."

As they left, a photographer heard the reference and asked "What did you say about firecrotch?" Storch replied "We're actually celebrating firecrotch day." As Storch and Paris got in the vehicle which sported bright red interior (Lindsay is famous for her red hair), he added "We even have firecrotch interior for the occasion."

A photographer then asked "Did you get the interior done for firecrotch?" Storch promptly responded "Yes we did, in special honor of her freckled puss." Paris, who smiled during the entire exchange, could not contain her giggles with Storch's parting shot.

Davis, who left in his own car, did not utter a "firecrotch" word. He may have learned his lesson, but this feud is far from over.