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Exclusive: Video of Ellen/Portia After Car Crash

9/4/2006 1:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video of events immediately after a chain collision in which Ellen DeGeneres was injured.

The accident occurred last Friday, just before 4 p.m. on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. Paparazzi from the X17 photo agency were following the 2006 Porsche Carrera in which DeGeneres and girlfriend Portia de Rossi were riding. DeGeneres and the paparazzi (in a Buick behind her) were both stopped at a light, when Jeanne Werber, who was driving a 2002 Porsche Carrera, slammed into the Buick, which in turn slammed into DeGeneres' Porsche.

The video -- shot by an X17 photographer -- shows a clearly-shaken Ellen and Portia getting out of their car after the crash. Ellen is immediately concerned about the lurking danger of gasoline, saying, "I'm worried about a gas careful about the gas."

One of the paparazzi asks Ellen if she's hurt. Ellen replies, "Yeah, we're kinda hurt." Ellen returns the favor by asking the paparazzo, "Are you alright?"

The back of the Buick looks like an accordion, the trunk seemingly smashed into the back seat.

At the end of the tape, Werber, who apparently caused the crash, is seen talking to an officer, clearly agitated. Werber was arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Ellen complained of neck and back pain. Portia complained of back pain.

TMZ spoke with Jeanne Werber Sunday afternoon. Werber denied she was driving drunk, telling TMZ, "I'm just a normal wife. I went to the grocery store and was going home." She insists, "I will prove I wasn't drunk." Werber claims, "the car in front of me stopped short. I thought it was insurance fraud." Werber was unaware that paparazzi were in the Buick; she was also unaware that DeGeneres and de Rossi were in the Porsche.

An LAPD official tells TMZ that Werber refused to submit to a blood alcohol test. Under California law, such refusal results in an automatic six month license suspension.

The case will be referred to prosecutors this week.


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duh...totally !    

That dumbass who slammed into the Buick, who then slammed into Ellen was an idiot! SHe was so stereotypical looking--- Bleached out big blond hair, big fake boobs, horrible face-lift....and drunk ! ha ha!

most likely a daily occurance in Hollywood ! ha ha ha !

2932 days ago


If she didnt do a DUI test obviously she was under the influence, if she didnt have anything to hide she would have proven it, anyways the PAPARAZZI are jerks they probably were following close, anyways good thing their O.K, MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS GO OUT TO THE CROCODILE HUNTERS FAMILY!

2932 days ago


She may not have been drinking... but she was more likely to have been on pills.
Refusing a blood test is guilty of something.

2932 days ago


"Bleached out big blond hair, big fake boobs, horrible face-lift....and drunk ! ha ha!
most likely a daily occurance in Hollywood ! ha ha ha !"

Why do you think we have so many traffic accidents here? These old dames faces are so pulled back they can't see for sh*t.

2932 days ago


THAT dumb blonde....that ran into everyone....wants to know? why is she responsible???? Hello because you did the hitting from behind...even if they stopped too soon, you were following to just bought 2 Carreras, dumb b...yatch...........lova ya Ellen

2932 days ago


Posted at 9:29AM on Sep 4th 2006 by imcool
Your not....and if you are grossed out these two......then get the f....out of here...go to Michael Jacksons blog...or go play with yourself....

2932 days ago


My comments on the crocodile hunter. I never
watched his show (don't have cable) but i know
enough to know he was an incredible human be-
ing. He will be dearly missed. My children ab-
solutely loved him. God surely only made one of
that guy. Such a sad sad loss for the world.

2932 days ago

Sick of him    

Glad that Ellen and Portia were not badly hurt!!!
or anyone else ...
(There might be Britney's Spears baby without a car seat in the next car u hit!!!!----- Hope she sees this and realizes accidents can happen anywhere!!)

And I really feel for the crocodile hunter's family, especially his young son. Such a loss. The guy went to great lengths to bring wildlife to us. I'm forever grateful!!

R.I.P. STEVE...YOU'll be greatly missed...

2932 days ago


From experience that woman was wasted (high,drunk,whatever). I would like to see Ellen take on a special action to really bring attention to DUI's and what you risk everytime you are out on the road as long as there are idiots like that out there. Also.... she was going a wee (sarcastic) bit over 40 mph to crash in the back end of that buick.....hopefully that court system isn't a mockery and slams her. *** and did anyone see the GLAM shirt she was wearing.... is that a form of ANTI advertising??????? lol

2931 days ago


I agree that driver had to be hauling to do that amount of damage she totaled that car....and wonders why she is at fault....she should go to jail for being so stupid....along with the fact that she was probably high on something [botox] ...

2931 days ago


Wow! Cameraman was in the right place at the right time. Sorry for all of theose involved in the accident, hope everyone is okay. There is no doubt that woman was going way to fast in a very busy section of town. She had to be going 40 mph or more to do that much damage. And plus driver's education has always taught us to leave 1 car length between you and the person in front of you.

2931 days ago


Do u all know 4 sure she (jeanne) was drunk?

Yes by refusing the breath test she looks guilty, but we dont know 4 100% if she was.

How she plans 2 prove she wasnt not I'd love 2 know. She surely hit hard 4 both of her airbags opened.

How coincidental that she was driving the 02 verison of the same care Ell was driving ( 06 portia carrera ).

Were the pap following Ellen okd by Ellen. She was nice to them (I' not surprised that she was nice though). The pap's car is damages alot. I'm surprised a low to the ground small portia did so much damage to a buick SUV. The fact that is did makes me think the lady who caused the accident was not paying attention. I'm glad I'm not her, she is going to have alot of $ to pay. by her looks (hair dye, possible breast implants & botox), perhaps she is able 2 afford it.

2931 days ago

Barbara Leap    

As with everything she does, Ellen responded to the accident with coolness, intelligence, and class. She and Portia are a class act! Lots of people might start screaming or chewing out the allegedly (probably) inebriated driver (SHAME on that driver, not only for drinking and driving but also for trying to toss off the blame to someone else), but Ellen and Portia remembered they were being scrutinized and acted accordingly. But, ya know, I think that even if they weren't celebrities, they would have reacted rationally -- it's just the way they are as humans. So relieved no one in the accident appears to have been badly injured.

2931 days ago


video not working for me .... The way i see it , if she goes to jail or loses her liscense it's her own fault. Hope that Ellen and Portia are okay.

2931 days ago

duh...totally !    

Ellen talked about the accident on wednesdays show, saying how the stalk-a-razzi were following them--suprise-- but was actually jokingly thanking them, "like if your'e going to be in an accident when some woman is going way to fast, slams into 3 stopped cars at a's good to have them there with a camera!"

hope that woman shares a cell w/ Paris !

2930 days ago
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