Exclusive: Video of Ellen/Portia After Car Crash

9/4/2006 1:07 AM PDT

Exclusive: Video of Ellen/Portia After Car Crash

TMZ has obtained video of events immediately after a chain collision in which Ellen DeGeneres was injured.

The accident occurred last Friday, just before 4 p.m. on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. Paparazzi from the X17 photo agency were following the 2006 Porsche Carrera in which DeGeneres and girlfriend Portia de Rossi were riding. DeGeneres and the paparazzi (in a Buick behind her) were both stopped at a light, when Jeanne Werber, who was driving a 2002 Porsche Carrera, slammed into the Buick, which in turn slammed into DeGeneres' Porsche.

The video -- shot by an X17 photographer -- shows a clearly-shaken Ellen and Portia getting out of their car after the crash. Ellen is immediately concerned about the lurking danger of gasoline, saying, "I'm worried about a gas leak...be careful about the gas."

One of the paparazzi asks Ellen if she's hurt. Ellen replies, "Yeah, we're kinda hurt." Ellen returns the favor by asking the paparazzo, "Are you alright?"

The back of the Buick looks like an accordion, the trunk seemingly smashed into the back seat.

At the end of the tape, Werber, who apparently caused the crash, is seen talking to an officer, clearly agitated. Werber was arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Ellen complained of neck and back pain. Portia complained of back pain.

TMZ spoke with Jeanne Werber Sunday afternoon. Werber denied she was driving drunk, telling TMZ, "I'm just a normal wife. I went to the grocery store and was going home." She insists, "I will prove I wasn't drunk." Werber claims, "the car in front of me stopped short. I thought it was insurance fraud." Werber was unaware that paparazzi were in the Buick; she was also unaware that DeGeneres and de Rossi were in the Porsche.

An LAPD official tells TMZ that Werber refused to submit to a blood alcohol test. Under California law, such refusal results in an automatic six month license suspension.

The case will be referred to prosecutors this week.