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Meredith Could Redo "The View"

9/8/2006 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meredith VieiraAs she preps for her big debut on the "Today" show next Wednesday, Meredith Vieira says she could return to her old show "The View" – as a guest host – but that she hasn't had time to watch Rosie O'Donnell's first week in the seat she vacated.

What's more, Vieira says her producers on "Today" made their "biggest mistake" when they asked her to bring some "personality" to the show.

Vieira and her soon-to-be co-host Matt Lauer did a run-through yesterday of their show, and she told reporters afterwards that it would be a challenge for her to keep her famously sharp wit – which she could flex on "The View" with few repercussions – in check early in the mornings. "I want to be careful I don't go out there and just go," said Vieira. "That mouth -- I have to rein it in a little bit. On the other hand, they asked for personality. It was the biggest mistake they made."

Vieira added that she hasn't been invited back for a return engagement on "The View," according to the New York Post, but that it wouldn't be unreasonable for her to go back as a guest host, as Debbie Matenopoulos did recently. "I certainly continue to work for the Disney Corp because of ["Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"] and ['The View'] had Debbie come back once as a guest host, but I don't know," said Meredith.

Shanna Says She Was Totally Faithful to Travis

Responding to allegations by her ex-husband Travis Barker that she had cheated on him, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler tells People that she was never unfaithful, and that she's "past anger" – just sad and "very disappointed" that things didn't quite work out.

Moakler also says that she doesn't neglect her kids, as Barker also alleged, saying, "Contrary to what you've read, [my day] does not consist of me sleeping all day ... I never have a straight hour of sleep [because of her two young children]." And she explains what went wrong in her marriage to Barker: "The problem with my marriage is that I never felt like an equal. When I fall in love, I think I sacrifice a great deal of myself and my personality and my work."

Barker, for his part, stands by his earlier remarks, but "continues to love Shanna."

ABC Might Pull 9/11 Mini Altogether

The furor over ABC's miniseries "The Path to 9/11" has come to such a boil that, as Variety reports, the network may in fact yank the miniseries altogether. Loyalists of former President Bill Clinton are reportedly deeply upset at the portrayal of Clinton in the show, and have already demanded that changes be made.

One of the most controversial scenes involves former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger. In the original series, Berger declines to give the CIA authority to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden even though they know where he is. But, as certain lawmakers wrote to Disney chief Bob Iger, "This account has been expressly contradicted" by knowledgeable sources.

ABC has hinted that it was making changes but did not acknowledge the influence of outsiders.

Party Favors: Eddie Murphy Drops Price, Viacom Execs Get Nice Packages, Jacko Makes Secret Payment to Rowe

Actor Eddie Murphy has cut the price on his New Jersey mansion to the low, low sum of $22 million, says the New York Post's Braden Keil, after originally listing it for $30 million all the way back in December 2004. New Jersey's most expensive home may also be one of its gaudiest, says one broker, and has its own bowling alley and gym ... New Viacom honchos Phillipe Dauman and Tom Dooley will be handsomely rewarded as they take over the keys to the kingdom from Tom Freston, says the Hollywood Reporter. Dauman will get $2 million in salary, with a bonus of up to $7 million ... Sources cited by FOX News' Roger Friedman say that Michael Jackson made a payment of $100,000 to ex-wife Debbie Rowe to prevent a psychological evaluation in their ongoing custody case. He also officially paid her $60,000 earlier this week.

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No Avatar


Is Meredith Viera on drugs?

She thinks there is a possibility she would be asked back to The View after she trashed it in print? Hmmm...

She thinks she has sharp wit? Hmmm...

About the only thing she is spot on about is her complete lack of personality. She is as exciting as standing in line at the DMV.

She knows that she is not meshing with the crew at Today and that it is not their fault. I guess she has seen the promos for the show too. They are as strange as that good ol' boy slap Bob Schieffer gave Katie Couric.

2969 days ago


When the Chairman of the 9-11 commitee is saying that the program is false and twisting the facts then ABC has a problem. Al Queda first had a problem with the U.S. during the first Gulf War when America established military bases in Suadi Arabria. After the Attacks on the Embassies in Africa, Clinton ordered for the capture or assasination of Bin Laden. Remember the Republicans called Clinton's response as a "Wag The Dog" to distract people from the Monica Lewinski fiasco. 9-11 occured on W.'s watch not Clintons! Osama is still out there. Everyone failed, our government failed as a whole on both sides!

2969 days ago


Howard Stern is not a Democrat

2969 days ago


It's quite sad that the majority of these Clinton-haters on the site are absolutely totally clueless about the steps Clinton took to fight the growing threat of terrorism and how, at every turn, he was stopped in his tracks by a vengeful GOP Leadership intent on Lewinsky and Impeachment.

For instance, Phil Gramm the Republican Senator from TX shot down a much needed legislation that would have made it almost impossible for terrorists to raise money. Why? His banking interests at home were worried it'd hurt their bottom line.

Or when Clinton bombed a factory where they were making WMDs. The Republicans accused him of trying to deflect attention away from Lewinsky.

I know mosf of this is falling on deaf ears as most Bush supporters live in a wonderful magical bubble where all is right with the world and their Fearless Leader can do no wrong. Guess it takes a simple-minded idiot to recognize one.

At least Clinton wasn't sounding out the words to My Pet Goat while 3,000 people were being murdered.

2969 days ago


#12...That is a beautiful quote by Voltaire. All people, both decomcrat and republican alike need to remember it. There are no innocent political parties on either side of this mess. I'm tired of everyone, including; politicians, movie-makers, people of influence, people of no influence...everyone really, that insist on putting their own political spin on what happened that day. Those people deserve more than that. What's more important...our livelihood depends on it.

2969 days ago


We are so polarized in this country it's really sad. 911 was a tragedy for all Americans, liberals, moderates, and conservatives alike. I think both parties need to take a look at what's really important to Americans, like the War in Iraq, Healthcare, Education, the Economy, and Social Security. What would happen if all these powerful men (and the few women) got together and worked on making our country something to be admire once again.

I love my country and I don’t care how corny that’s sounds!

2969 days ago


Just an FYI: ABC, in Australia, is promoting the 9/11 program as "The Offical Story". And that's in big, bold letters set against the two towers smoldering in the distance. In addition to that, the clip they're showing is of the Clinton character allegedly deciding to not go after bin Laden while the voice over says something to the effect of "with one decision, the country is laid open to terror" or something like that.

You just can't trust ABC, foks. They're lieing to us here in the States while, overseas, they're showing their true colors. Since when did the Mainstream Media become so absolutely useless?

2969 days ago


Well said Cleo - post 35.

I come to TMZ to get away from all the partisan hacks... to join together to diss celebrities that double as the arse end of donkeys... the ones truly deserving of our venom.

Polticians... the lot of them are gladhanding louses. It is a given. They do not even merit a fight. Who in their right mind would fight for their point of view? They are certainly not looking out for you by the looks of things. NONE OF THEM.

2968 days ago


I agree with dbsp comment #12. President Clinton WAS NOT President on 9/11 GW Bush WAS. GW Bush has the FULL responsibility for what happened on that awful day. It was under GW Bush's watch! GW sat and read My Pet Goat to school kids AFTER he was told that Americans were being harmed. He received the August 2001 PDB stating "Bin Laden wants to attack America by Air" NOT President Clinton. GW Bush did NOTHING to follow up just played in Crawford. What a leader! And you wonder why President Clinton and other Americans think that this ABC show that is FICTION and being advertised as history should be pulled. 9/11 is too important and fresh in our memories to be lied about. How funny this 9/11 fiction comes out right before 2006 elections whitewashing GW Bush's failure to protect us Americans and do his job. ABC ought to be ashamed. I just hope ABC doesn't come up with a fiction on Katrina whitewashing GW Bush's lack of leadership then too. Remember he was in Crawford then playing AFTER he was told what was happening while fellow Americans died there too. What a leader!

2968 days ago


Like it or not, Bill "I did not have sex with that woman..." Clinton was President for 8 years before Bush. Bill Clinton was President when the World Trade Towers were bombed the first time in '93 killing 6 Americans. Clinton was Pres. in '96 when the Khobar towers were bombed and 19 U.S. personnel were killed. Clinton was Pres. in '97 when Ali Kamal opened fire on the Empire State Bldg. in NY. Clinton was Pres. in '98 when U.S. embassies were bombed killing 12 Americans and for which bin Laden was directly connected. Clinton was Pres. in '99 when an Algerian was arrested in Washington with 100 lbs. of explosives in his car which he was planning to detonate at LAX. Clinton was pres. in 2000 when a boat loaded with explosives was rammed into the U.S.S. Cole killing 17 U.S. sailors. All of these things (and tons more if you bother to research and get your ass from out in front of the idiot box) occurred while Bill Clinton was Pres. I know a lot of people want to blame Bush if the sun doesn't come out tomorrow. He has made mistakes, but BJ Bill Clinton has responsibility for this too. And for those of you who refuse to recognize it, go ahead and stay as ignorant and biased as you obviously prefer to be. Freedom of the press obviously only has meaning when you agree with the content of the message. The adjective that I continuously hear in my head for all of you Clinton sycophants is "hypocrits".

2968 days ago


Oh ya Gayle, Look at what a good (read sh*tty) job Bush has done. LOL

And I can get my point across without writing a long whining diatribe. Try it!

2968 days ago


To #1...perhaps Bush did not personally complain about his portayal in Fahrenheit 911, but several conservative groups did, so it is inaccurate to say that Bush/Republicans/Conservatives are silent about negative portrayals. Secondly, whether you are a Clinton supporter or not, the issue is not whether Clinton is concerned about preserving a positive legacy, but rather a concern over whether or not ABC (in a journalistic medium) is accurately and objectively reporting the facts. Maybe Clinton screwed up, and if he did, it should be included; however, Bush screwed up as well and this information should by no means be omitted. Furthermore, this is not just a "dumb movie" on ABC as many Americans will be perfectly justified in treating it as fact. And finally to is questionable at best to assume that the American public knows that TV is not always accurate, but even if Americans are savvy enough to discern fact from fiction on television, they should not have to play the game of is-it-true-or-not when it comes to the news. ABC's "docudrama" should be changed if it is not completely truthful and objective as possible.

2968 days ago


So Gayle you'r going to blame Clinton for all of the deaths that occured from terrorist plots during his term. Well let Bush wash the blood off his hands for the thousands of innocent lives that have perished during the Iraq war. Not to mention the thousands of proud soldiers that have died for an illegal war that had nothing to do with 9-11, Osama Bin Laden, terrorism, or Al Queda. "Mission Accomplished?" I don't think so!

2968 days ago


#22 & #23 = same stupid twat, using 2 of her/his/its many aliases.

2968 days ago


Oh Gayle,

Perhaps someday you'll reach for the remote, turn off Faux News and -- here's where I'm reaching -- move out of that quaint little double wide you call home. Until then, you're just a pathetic, ignorant bushbot who's very good at parroting GOP talking points, but little else.

If Clinton is to blame for 9/11 (when bush had been in office for less than a year), then bush's Papa must be to blame for the 1993 bombings, yes? I mean, Clinton was in office for only a year when that happened, right? I know, honey, it's hard twisting these facts around that kool-aid saturated "brain" of yours, but try turning down o'leilly or limbaugh and it'll be easier ... perhaps.

And let's not forget, with McVeigh and the Kansas City bombings, that Clinton actually brough a terrorist to justice instead of arranging to have his family flown out of the country and to Saudi Arabia (the country actually behind the 9/11 attacks, just in case you didn't know) in a private jet on 9/11 like Little Lord Prissy Pants did with his business pals the bin Ladens.

Okay, you can go and have a doughnut now.

2968 days ago
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