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Meredith Could Redo "The View"

9/8/2006 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meredith VieiraAs she preps for her big debut on the "Today" show next Wednesday, Meredith Vieira says she could return to her old show "The View" – as a guest host – but that she hasn't had time to watch Rosie O'Donnell's first week in the seat she vacated.

What's more, Vieira says her producers on "Today" made their "biggest mistake" when they asked her to bring some "personality" to the show.

Vieira and her soon-to-be co-host Matt Lauer did a run-through yesterday of their show, and she told reporters afterwards that it would be a challenge for her to keep her famously sharp wit – which she could flex on "The View" with few repercussions – in check early in the mornings. "I want to be careful I don't go out there and just go," said Vieira. "That mouth -- I have to rein it in a little bit. On the other hand, they asked for personality. It was the biggest mistake they made."

Vieira added that she hasn't been invited back for a return engagement on "The View," according to the New York Post, but that it wouldn't be unreasonable for her to go back as a guest host, as Debbie Matenopoulos did recently. "I certainly continue to work for the Disney Corp because of ["Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"] and ['The View'] had Debbie come back once as a guest host, but I don't know," said Meredith.

Shanna Says She Was Totally Faithful to Travis

Responding to allegations by her ex-husband Travis Barker that she had cheated on him, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler tells People that she was never unfaithful, and that she's "past anger" – just sad and "very disappointed" that things didn't quite work out.

Moakler also says that she doesn't neglect her kids, as Barker also alleged, saying, "Contrary to what you've read, [my day] does not consist of me sleeping all day ... I never have a straight hour of sleep [because of her two young children]." And she explains what went wrong in her marriage to Barker: "The problem with my marriage is that I never felt like an equal. When I fall in love, I think I sacrifice a great deal of myself and my personality and my work."

Barker, for his part, stands by his earlier remarks, but "continues to love Shanna."

ABC Might Pull 9/11 Mini Altogether

The furor over ABC's miniseries "The Path to 9/11" has come to such a boil that, as Variety reports, the network may in fact yank the miniseries altogether. Loyalists of former President Bill Clinton are reportedly deeply upset at the portrayal of Clinton in the show, and have already demanded that changes be made.

One of the most controversial scenes involves former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger. In the original series, Berger declines to give the CIA authority to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden even though they know where he is. But, as certain lawmakers wrote to Disney chief Bob Iger, "This account has been expressly contradicted" by knowledgeable sources.

ABC has hinted that it was making changes but did not acknowledge the influence of outsiders.

Party Favors: Eddie Murphy Drops Price, Viacom Execs Get Nice Packages, Jacko Makes Secret Payment to Rowe

Actor Eddie Murphy has cut the price on his New Jersey mansion to the low, low sum of $22 million, says the New York Post's Braden Keil, after originally listing it for $30 million all the way back in December 2004. New Jersey's most expensive home may also be one of its gaudiest, says one broker, and has its own bowling alley and gym ... New Viacom honchos Phillipe Dauman and Tom Dooley will be handsomely rewarded as they take over the keys to the kingdom from Tom Freston, says the Hollywood Reporter. Dauman will get $2 million in salary, with a bonus of up to $7 million ... Sources cited by FOX News' Roger Friedman say that Michael Jackson made a payment of $100,000 to ex-wife Debbie Rowe to prevent a psychological evaluation in their ongoing custody case. He also officially paid her $60,000 earlier this week.

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No Avatar


#44. I would recommend remedial English for you since you somehow managed to miss the part where I said BUSH HAS MADE MISTAKES too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The point is that SO DID YOUR BOY CLINTON! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you lefties never want to be called on your shit.

How's "o'leilly" by the way. Spelling not your strong suit huh? Why don't you check with John Kerry. He likes "O'Reilly"!!!!!!

P.S. go ahead and keep sterotyping people you don't agree with (i.e. "we all own guns, live in trailer parks, and only do it one way").

We know you're trying to compensate for your "shortcomings". WHICH ARE MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2969 days ago


okay, Gayle, take another sip of your kool-aid. And I thought the cute "O'Leilly" comment would go over your head ... and it did! (cribnote: O'Reilly lies repeatedly -- Fox viewers were recently found to be the most misinformed of those who watch news programs -- so therefore he's "O'Leilly". Take a minute ... you'll get it)

Interesting that you didn't mention the 1993 bombings being Bush 1's fault or the fact that McVeigh was caught by Clinton. I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on that. And no thoughts on the fact that the bin Laden's were flown out of the country on 9/11? Didn't think so. Wouldn't want to puncuture that bubble now, would we.

And please share with us the mistakes you think Bush has made. I'd enjoy your take on things.

2969 days ago


you guys are all mixed up and oblivious to what is going on. It is not Clinton who is saying anything about the abc miniseries. It is a few people who were working for him at the time. They are mad because the movie has them saying things they claim they never said. If abc is going to make a movie about 9/11 and then show it on 9/11 it should be factual. There should be no dramatization of any kind. It is completely disrespectful to be adding untrue scenes to the movie just for dramatic purposes. It is not about is about getting it right or not doing it at all. I am so sick of all the bush lovers using the 9/11 victims as propaganda to try to make everyone think he is always in the right. Why don't you all go tap into some people's phone lines and then tell me about freedom and censorship. BUSH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2968 days ago


I am so sick of everyone putting their own political spin on 9-11. The only thing that should be shown on 9-11 is a memorial service for the victims and their families. Not some made for tv movie that is just a desperate attempt for ratings. Bush is nothing but a lying idiot. "fool me can't fool me again". The guy has the IQ of a third grader....and i am being generous!! I swear most of you right winged religious fanatics would vote for a chimpanzee for president as long as he said "god bless america" and was against gay marriage.

2967 days ago

A friend from Europe    

Let's not forget: Path to 9/11 is not the only inaccurate and misleading docudrama.
The movie United 93 is described as "meticulously researched" and "based on fact", but there is not any indication that the German passenger Christian Adams was indeed a coward and appeaser and tried to stop the American heroes from storming the cockpit as the movie shows. My take on this in the Atlantic Review: German 9/11 Victim Defamed in "United 93" Movie.

2967 days ago

A friend from Europe    

Here's the link: "German 9/11 Victim Defamed in 'United 93' Movie"

2967 days ago
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