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Jessica -- "I Wish I Was in Love"

9/10/2006 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson: Click to watchJessica just wants to be loved. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Nick Lachey's ex confesses she's ready for a serious relationship, telling the talk show host, "I wish I was in love, I need to be in love."

Though many men may feel inclined to disagree, Simpson admits she's not exactly ideal girlfriend material. "I think I'm too hard to be in love with, it ends up on the cover of every magazine. I scare people away."

Just last week Jessica made the cover of PEOPLE for her alleged romance with singer John Mayer -- something the she emphatically denied on "The View."

For a good laugh, also check out Simpson doing a dramatic reading of her new single, "A Public Affair," while Ellen does an interpretive dance.

The full interview airs on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Monday.


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Jessica let her success go to her head. The biggest mistake she made was destroying her relationship with Nick. I hope that Nick doesn't backslide and stay with a woman that appericates him for who he is. Jessica 15 minutes will be up if she doesn't ditch her father and lose her ego.


2934 days ago


She needs to dump her dad like her mother did. Grow up

2934 days ago

the wife    

Better tell big Daddy Joe to butt out of her personal life first.. I don't think he's helped her much in that department. Just ask Nick Lachey.....

2934 days ago


I totally agree, Nick was the BEST thing to happen to Jessica. Had it NOT been for her dad & the "fame" going to her head, I believe she & Nick would still be just as in love as they once was. Men don't want to follow in Nick's footsteps nor do they want to live with her dad Joe either.

2934 days ago


loudmouthed and hoarse. whiny and sad. the bob? not working. she just seems harsh. also, howwww can someone with all the access and resources in the world make such a horrible, horrible record?

2934 days ago


Jess wants to be in love? Oh please! She's in love with Papa joe!

2934 days ago


She hangs on among the stars and photograhers.. doing something, staying perked up with great hope she'll make the big time.. oh no.. wait, she has hit it according to her, just everyone is scared of her because of her famous greatness? Oh course this proves some people are so dense that light [truth]bends around them.

2934 days ago

Black Sheep    

Poor poor Jessica. All that nasty publicity. But appearing everywhere and going on any show that invites her. Move to Bahrain.

2934 days ago


You silly little girl had everything you say you want now, and you blew it. So you must now face the facts, you and your scary father ruined a good thing. Nick was the best thing for you and you wrecked it. So maybe you'll grow old alone and be the crazy old lady with a house full of cats.

2934 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

She is like the school girl who wants to hange with the big girls on campus but personality-stomach, etc. she does not have the guts. Jessica is no Paris Hilton-Lyndsay Lohan-Nicole Richie or even Olsen Twin. Jessica thinks some guy in Hollywood who is in like , oh, John Mayer will want her. These guys want to roll in bed and move on. Lyndsay , Pairs, Nicole also want just to have affairs ,short term and move on. Jessica cannot hang with these people.
Whoever said about guys looking at what Nick went through withJessca and her fahter ,will stay away. None of these guys are looking to be henpecked like Jessica had Nick and none of these guys are going t otake a back seat and do as Joe says excuse me!! These men are trying to further their careers. Ask Kevin Federline- the Britney baby maker.
Jessica does not realize she is not the only good looking 20 something girl out there in high heels.

2934 days ago


I sorta feel bad for her, she is so immature. Probably because nearly everything has always been done for her her entire life. I sure hope she is seeing a shrink, she needs one.... her reality is so very scewed. She has no concept of the real world, NONE.

2934 days ago


This picture of her reminds me of a drugged up, boozed up, washed up old hag. I don't know what happened to her!! This hairdo isn't working for her and she really needs to stop thinking that showing her chest at every given opportunity is what people want to see!!NOT!!

2934 days ago


I truly feel sorry for nick and jessica because she allowed other people (her dad) get involved with her relationship w/ nick and her career what she failed to realize was once she took her vows she belong to nick and his feelings should have been first and as far as her career like myself i have a career but my marriage and my children are more important and that is where she failed to understand she was a newlywed and she should have fought harder or work on her marriage instead of again letting Nick Lachey go again like she did before when she wanted to date other guys when is the poor girl going to realize that now that she is "Famous" any man she dates is only with her for the fame not her unlike Nick he loved her when she was not famous and that should have matter more than anything she says she wants to be in love or be loved she had that and she let it go because she made the choice to and now she is suffering all I can say to Jessica Simpson if you want to be in love or be loved you need to search your true feelings for Nick and try to win him back because unfortunately Vanessa is not right for him either she is just there for the fame as well she may come of like she isn't but she is I bet if you told him today you made a huge mistake in letting him go he may not say anything or take you in his arms right away but he will be listening he is a Scorpio and I know Scorpoio I am married to one i have been with him for 21 years and we accept the good with the bad so my dear jessica do not settle for anything less you had the best but you had the chance to make things work out now you have to get in there and fight for that man if you want to be loved because watching all his interviews he was madly in love with you this is your turn to make him want you for get about Adam,John, Dane or whoever is else there is your fans (especially this one ) believe you and Nick belong together despite you are divorced and he is seeing Vanessa and you are proclaiming not to want him I believe you do and once you realize that I hope it is not to late.

Take Care of Yorself,
Germaine (Florida)
I am your 1# fan

2934 days ago


BOO HOO--I wanna be in love. NONSENSE!! You blew it, toots--with Nick.

2934 days ago

shelley k    

you are right about the way she looks. It is close between druggy and trashy, she was always such a pretty girl. Now when you watch her talk it is weird to say the least. she gets her mouth all screwed up and rolls her eyes and talks like she has a mouth full of cotton. she definately looks like she is on something, well guess its better than her marilyn monroe voice where she thinks she is sooooo sexy. that is awful too. just sing girl!!!!!!!! in your normal voice, it used to be strong and beautiful, now the voice sounds like roger rabbits girlfriend.

2934 days ago
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