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Leo -- No Smoking Cars, Just Smoking (Hot) Girls

9/11/2006 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you don't know much about Leonardo DiCaprio, you might wonder why this millionaire is getting out of a Honda.

But if you're a Leo-fanatic, you surely would know that as an avowed environmentalist, DiCaprio only drives electric or hybrid vehicles. In other words, Toyotas and Hondas, not Mercedes or Ferraris.

But cars aren't the only thing that create noxious fumes. When Leo dashed out of the nightclub Hyde, he took with him a girl in a white dress, who our cameras caught moments earlier puffing on a cigarette.

Leo won't tolerate a smoking auto, but his standards are evidently lower for blondes in short skirts. She may have been smoking, but she was also smokin' hot.


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Travis Bickle    


I think we all know that Leonardo Decapitated is bafoon. The environmentalist dates women in an industry (fashion) that don't take care of themselves, do drugs, drink, and have mental problems. And Leo got into what looks to be a Honda Accord Hybrid. It's a v-6 car that doesnt' get the mileage the EPA says it does. The engine is a LEV II rating and not the ULEV (ultra low emissione or PZEV partial zero emissions) which are the best ratings an engine can have. Thus that means Leo isn't driving a hybrid that has the lowest emissions.

But then again, the honda Accord Hybrid wasn't made to be a Green Car. It was Honda's way of saying, "we can create car with power while still getting decent mileage and be somewhat clean."

Leo is a decent actor but a moron of a person.

2930 days ago


Slow news day? Somebody call Geraldo and have him go in search of a story, here.

2930 days ago


EVERYONE knows that the left side of Hollywoods' motto is "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO"

Double standards are okay for the dems.

2930 days ago

the wife    

I agree with #2... You hit it right on....

2930 days ago


No sure how this became a conversation regarding ALL Democrats, but I hope that all three of you are quite aware of Mr. Dicaprio's humanitarian efforts befoe you start ripping him apart.

Not only is he an environmentalist - who donates time and money to various organizations, as well as being a trustee for NRDC - but Leo was one of the largest single contributors to the Tsunami disaster effort, as well as a very large contributor to victims of Katrina. Unfortunately it seems that political grandstanding seemed to get in your way of looking at him sincerely. And who cares who he is dating?

2930 days ago


hunh? The honda hybrid is at least a lot better than the SUVs and hummers a lot of other socalled activist actors ride - liek Brad pitt for instance - his "wife" angelina always rides in a big SUV.

That mystery blonde is his current girlfriend Israeli model Bar Refaeli by the way. She is unbelievably gorgeous in person. Saw her in NYC about 2 years at a fashion show.

2930 days ago


Leo's like so many of the self-righteous uber-rich environmentalists (e.g., Al Gore, Barbra Streisand). They want you to see them arriving in their hybrid cars, but don't show the huge mansion that consumes so much energy to heat and cool, or the private jets that suck up tons of aviation fuel to get them to wherever they've parked their little Priuses.

2929 days ago

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